New Merchandise from RebCo. - Mr. Potato Reb!


April 9th, 2018, 12:50 am #1

Coming Soon!!!

Mr. Potato Reb

Ever wanted your own personal, poseable, styleable, accessorizeable Reb??? Of course you have! And soon, YOU CAN. What's your fancy? Old style permed hair, or modern straight. Ibanez, Suhr, or other guitar? Take your pick! Shaved face, goatee, or beard? Whatever you want! Jeans, leather chaps, both? And, for the frisky ladies, assless chaps! Accessorize to your heart's desire. There's no limits! This is your Mr. Potato Reb! He'll always be rocking, FOR YOU!* Act now. Pre-orders are being taken at your local grocery store's produce department NOW. Just as for your Mr. Potato Reb by name. Don't delay!*

*Due to the organic nature of Mr. Potato Reb, your Reb may vary. There will be no Mr. Potato Reb returns due to bruising, dimpling, pitting, emanating liquids, or odors. RebCo. does not condone the use of Mr. Potato Reb as a weapon, door stop, or sex toy. Leaving your Mr. Potato Reb in a moist environment may result in unwanted sprouting. Quantities may also be limited due to an impending potato famine. Your personal results may vary.

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