Don't panic guys pls read...

Don't panic guys pls read...


May 1st, 2017, 9:09 pm #1

Sorry forgot some things.

My "Fans" book, if it ever gets published, will be totally anonymous. It is based on about 25 of my favorite musicians rock and otherwise. I have also researched facebook, blogs, interviews, youtubes, the rest of social media and everything else I could find to make it an interesting read.

No one will be able to figure out who is who, I promise.

I didn't mean for this to seem like it is just about REB and you guys, sorry about that :)

If there is no interest in the book, maybe I will just do a blog.

My dad, as I said before is a lawyer so I run ALL my stuff past him. He is still sharp as a tack thank God and works on a volunteer basis 8 hours a week downtown for people who cannot afford legal help, nothing criminal, just wills and stuff like that.

I am blowing sweet warm Florida winds your way.

I am truly blessed and am passing it along :)



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