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Arthur M. Lewis, 89, a decorated World War II veteran, was working at his
jewelry business around 3 p.m. when a man with a gun entered the store.
Lewis quickly grabbed the .38-caliber handgun he was carrying in his pocket.
The would-be robber exchanged gun fire with Lewis before fleeing the scene.
He was later found at a local hospital suffering from six gunshot wounds.
After being treated, the assailant was arrested and now faces charges of
armed robbery, felon in possession of a rearm, aggravated battery with a
deadly weapon and armed burglary. Lewis’ left arm was grazed by a bullet,
but he was otherwise unscathed.
(The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach, FL, 8/26/14)

Barbara Haley, 52, awoke to the sound of her barking dog around 2:40 a.m.
She went to investigate and noticed a few items out of place, but when she
did not see anyone, she returned to bed. Then, after a loud crash, she discovered
an intruder had taken refuge in her bedroom closet. She retrieved her rearm and
issued the verbal warning, “Don’t move!” before calling 911. She then pointed
her .45-caliber handgun and kept the 24-year-old suspect at bay for 30 minutes
until police arrived.
(Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE, 9/3/14)

Kim and Jim Fee, owners of Rob’s Quick Stop, were suspicious when a young
man wearing a black bandanna over his face entered the store around 9:15 a.m.
With rearm in hand, the masked robber rounded the counter and headed for
the cash register. Jim immediately drew his .380-caliber handgun and aimed at
the assailant. Surprised to nd a pistol aimed back at him, the suspect fled.
The suspect is reportedly still at large, and no injuries were sustained during
the incident.
(Kitsap Sun, Bremerton, WA, 8/22/14)

Shortly after 9 p.m., a gas station clerk exchanged gun re with three masked,
armed robbers using the firearm he legally carried, thus protecting a co-worker
from harm. The clerk sustained injuries to the hip and leg that were determined
to be non life-threatening. Two of the 20-year-old suspects were taken to the
hospital and later died. The third suspect is reportedly still being sought by police,
who are investigating other convenience store robberies in the area.
(The Repository, Canton, OH, 9/14/14)

Despite having a protective order against him, Brandy Moreno’s ex-boyfriend
shattered a glass door and entered her home just before 4 a.m. He attacked
Moreno and stabbed her. Moreno’s 11-year-old daughter, Jayda, was home at
the time of the incident. When she witnessed the attack, Jayda retrieved a
handgun and fired twice. The ex-boyfriend fled the home, but was found just
a few blocks away. Both he and Moreno were taken to a local hospital in serious
condition. Their current conditions are reportedly unknown. “I think she’s a hero,
” Moreno’s neighbor, Carolyn Marsee, said of Jayda’s actions.
(The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK, 9/25/14)

When a 20-year-old suspect entered a convenience store, confronted the
owner and attempted to pistol whip him, the would-be victim retrieved his
own gun, called 911 and kept the suspect inside the store until police could
arrive. The suspect was arraigned on charges of armed robbery, and assault
and battery with a dangerous weapon.
(Cape Cod Times, Cape Cod, MA 9/12/14)

James Jackson, a 73-year-old Air Force veteran, was at home with his wife and
grandson when he heard the sound of a picture window breaking. He armed
himself with his Taurus .380 ACP handgun and investigated the noise.
Encoutering a strange man inside his home, he fired a single round at the
29-year-old intruder. After being treated at the hospital for a bullet wound, the
suspect was upgraded to fair condition. Reportedly the suspect has not yet been
charged. Neither Jackson nor his family were harmed.
(Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE, 8/27/14)

In the early morning hours, a woman called 911 to report that a man had broken
into her home. She confronted the intruder with a firearm causing him to flee
before the police could arrive. Police are linking the event to other break-ins
in the neighborhood and a suspect is being sought. The resident was not injured.
(Foster’s Daily Democrat, Dover, NH, 9/10/14)

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