Seiko Black Stargate SKZ329 Help!

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March 15th, 2017, 6:38 pm #1

I have a Seiko Black Stargate SKZ329 with bracelet that I just purchased and I desperately need 2 links for the bracelet. The bracelet is a 20mm wide black bracelet with deployment clasp and diver extension. PN on the bracelet is M0MT111M0 and PN on the Link is MOMT1MLK.

Has anyone got a couple links lying in a drawer they could let me have or buy? I am desperate as Seiko no longer has the links and I don't want to spend $80 for a new bracelet to chop up for just 2 links. My wrist is over 8" and the included extra links only served to tease me than help.

Anybody? Please?