May 30th Court Hearing Regarding Alvina Jewell Robbins Burgin - IMPORTANT INFO!

May 30th Court Hearing Regarding Alvina Jewell Robbins Burgin - IMPORTANT INFO!

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Update to Alvina Jewell Robbins Burgin Probate Case May 30th hearing …

As I had mentioned to all at an earlier date that I would update everyone after the hearing. With the 3 hour travel time to and from the Court, previous commitments of our time for things scheduled yesterday – this is the first opportunity to sit down and type things up for you … It is quite busy right now, I am sorry for the delay in getting this out.

This will be a very short condensed version of what took place at the hearing and what we need to do as Investors to see a return on our investment … I will place an actual word by word version of what happened in the Courtroom for everyone when I get the copies from the Court Next Week. It was quite interesting!

The hearing was about the Petition that I filed with the Court earlier in the Month of May asking for several things to happen on behalf of the Investors. If you need to be refreshed with this Petition information, it is posted on this forum. Taking a minute and by re-reading the Petition that was filed with the Court this will help answer the questions you might come across as viewing this information.

We were the first case that the Judge heard for Probate. The Judge called us up to the front of her bench. It was myself, Angela Carter, William Miles Arvin Jr. (Mercer’s Attorney) and Robert Mercer.

The Judge stated that she has not time to study the Petition File with the Court as the Clerk filed it directly to the Case File and not given her a copy to her office and that she would like me to go through the filing for everyone to hear as she studied the document. I went through the filing and covered the asking the court for information to be turned over reference “Proposed Settlements” that Jewell had turned down, information regarding Offshore Accounts in the Cayman Islands, Protection of our records as Sale & Assignment Holders and Supervised Administration of the Estate by the Court.

Mercer’s Attorney lashed out that I had no standing or right to be in this courtroom or to file any petition. While he was running his mouth, I had handed the Judge some paperwork proving that we were investors and provided information about an active Investigation from the DFI that Jewell’s daughters were still selling shares, taking donations and love offerings from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia Florida to name a few. The Judge did inform Mr. Arvin that I had every right to be there and file my petition and stated that we were creditors of Jewell’s Estate! The Judge found that this information was very interesting and was going to be looking into.

I addressed the Judge, Your Honor, I have sent Mr. Mercer two letters since the beginning of the year to address these issues. In that letter I have given him my name, address, phone number and e-mail address and he has failed to contact me to resolve these issues. So it comes down to filing a Petition with the Court and being here today. WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY, WE ARE A GROUP OF INVESTORS THAT GAVE JEWELL ROBBINS OVER SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS TO WORK ON THIS AND WE CAN’T EVEN GET A RETURN PHONE CALL OR INVESTOR UPDATES THAT ARE TRUTHFUL OR ACCURATE. IT IS SORRY THAT IT HAS TO COME TO THIS!

The Judge then turned to Angela Carter, Jewell’s daughter (the person in charge of her Estate – Mercer must report to her) and asked, Mr. Monahan has claimed that your mother had received an Settlement Offer to settle on of these Estates for billions of dollars, are you aware of such and offer? Angela replied, YES YOUR HONOR I AM. The Judge asked her where the settlement offer was and she replied, I HAVE IT WITH ME TODAY YOUR HONOR RIGHT HERE IN THIS PAPERWORK IN MY HAND.

The Judge then asked if she had any knowledge of Jewell setting up accounts offshore in the Cayman Islands and she replied that she no had knowledge of this and that she had only moved back to Kentucky and never really worked in her mother’s office. I told the Judge that Larry Williams had worked with Jewell before going out on his own and he stated to a Certified Public Account that Jewell had Millions Dollars in the Cayman Island. The Judge then took Larry Williams name and address.

The Judge then asked her about the CD’s with the Investors Personal Information and the actual paperwork for our assignments. She stated that she had a storage unit that she paid $238.00 per month that contained 39 large file cabinets with cases and cases of records stacked on top. She told the Judge that I am on disability and that is a large payment each month and I am thinking about shredding all those documents to get rid of the monthly payment. She then said that her sister Norma has records stored in her garage and that Mercer also has cases of assignments at his house (which he denied that he had any investor’s information in his possession). She said that several people have copies of the disc, Mercer, Williams, House many of her family.

Mercer then lashed out I want to know who these people are that have seen this Settlement Agreement. I demand that you tell us who these people are! I replied to the Judge, your honor I would be happy to tell the court who these people are and willing testify that they have knowledge that Jewell had a Settlement Offer for BILLIONS of dollars that she turned down before her death because she did not like the five percent that she was limited to has her portion. But before I share their names with the court I ask the court to have Mr. Mercer answer our questions UNDER OATH, right here this day. The Judge said, I haven’t sworn in anyone as of yet, Mr. Mercer raise your right hand (She sworn him in right there).

The Judge then asked Mercer if he had worked on any settlement with Jewell and he replied that he only got his authority from the court just recently and he NEVER has worked on ANY SETTLEMENT AT ANYTIME WITH NO ONE. He said I have just started working on the case and THE ATTORNEYS HAVE THE PROOF OF WHAT WE ARE OWED. I stepped in and stated your Honor Mr. Mercer has been running Jewell deal since April of 2009 when she entered into a Plenary Power of Attorney to take care of her affairs, has been working on a court case in Texas with two or three law firms. Mr. Mercer cannot stand here and state that he has talked to no one about anything, IT IS IN THE COURT RECORD ALREADY, IN THE CODICIL THAT HE WAS ISSUED HER PLENARY POWER OF ATTORNEY AND TOOK CARE OF HER BUSINESS AFFAIRS AND SHE EXTENDED THAT FROM THE GRAVE WITH HER CODICAL ISSUED WITH HER WILL. The Judge looked at the will and saw I was correct. I told the Judge, this PROOF that these attorneys have is what we want turned over to the court!!!

Mercer then stated that Jewell never went to the Cayman Islands that she did not have a Passport, I interrupted him and stated I did not say Jewell went to the Cayman Islands, I said you went with Bill her husband (who never showed up in court). Mercer said I never set up any accounts for Jewell. The Judge asked Mr. Mercer, have you ever traveled to the Cayman Islands? He replied that he has traveled to the Cayman Islands many, many, many times working for the Government, not for Jewell. I asked since you have stated you worked with a U.S. Government Agency what Agency have you worked for? Did you work for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)? Mercer’s Attorney spoke up, Yes Mr. Mercer worked for the CIA, with many years of dedicated service to his country. It is only his experience and connections that are going to help bring this out, you ought to be happy he has this kind of experience. Mercer then confirmed that he worked for the CIA. Interesting don’t you think?

Mr. Mercer said that he never saw that settlement agreement and his attorney asked me if Jewell had signed or approved the offer. I replied, she did not like the five percent that they offer her for her portion of the funds, she rejected it placing her needs before the investors. The attorney said that this agreement should not be entered into the court because Jewell never signed it. I told the Judge, Robert Mercer stated to the Court in his Inventory filing that Jewell’s Estate would be worth BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND THIS AGREEMENT WAS INPORTANT TO THE INVESTORS PROVING THAT THERE WAS MONIES TO BE TURNED OVER!!!

The Judge then asked Angela Carter for the Settlement Agreement. She handed over the paperwork in her hand and it was NOT the Settlement Agreement, it was the paperwork where she was called to the hearing to appear. Then things go real strange, she acted stupid, like she was in lau lau land, like she was spaced out and not there. She said I do not know where that paperwork is your honor. You know I am on a lot of medication right now and have been very sick. I don’t know where it is I thought I had it. The Judge could believe it!

The Judge communicated that since Jewell sold the Sale & Assignments as an Individual that the contracts / assignments are only valid through Jewell’s Estate. NO MATTER WHERE ANY MONIES, ROYALITES, FINDERS FEES AND THE LIKE COME FROM (i.e. A GOVERNMENT AGENCY, THE STATE OF TEXAS, A BANK, AN OIL COMPANY) ALL OF IT WILL COME FROM AND BE PAID THROUGH ALVINA JEWELL ROBBINS BURGIN’S ESTATE once things were worked out and come together. Kentucky Law is what I have to follow and everyone who has invested needs to file a claim with the Probate court. I will tell you exactly how to file a claim. INFORMATION LISTED BELOW!!!

The Judge then started telling us what she was going to do and what we need to do.

The Judge is ordering that the information “proof / settlement agreement” is turned over to the court.

The Judge is ordering that the records both Paper & CD’s are to be “SECURED” and paper records at one location and the Court will look into this. All the paperwork that Angela has, Mercer has, Norma has, and the CD’s that Don House, Larry Williams, Robert Mercer and all the others have are to be secured. NO RECORDS MAY BE SHREDDED, THROWN AWAY OR DESTROYED!!!

The Judge is ordering that all Angela Carter & Robert Mercers activities be reported to the Court on a pre-scheduled basis and that those reports are given to US at the same time the Court receives them.



To file a claim it will be very simple … A HAND WRITTEN CLAIM IS ACCEPTED!

Take a piece of paper …

Place the date on it …

The address it to … Jessamine District Court – 107 N. Main Street – Nicholasville KY 40356

Reference to: Alvina Jewell Robbins Burgin’s Estate – Case Number 12-P-00302

I am filing a Claim against Case 12-P-00302 and requesting my Return on Investment for any funds collected in Jewell’s Estate regarding monies, royalties, and / or finder’s fee or any other consideration regarding my Sale & Assignments now or anytime in the future.

I have purchased XXX of Assignment (s) for James A Meaders on this date (s).

I have purchased XXX of Assignment (s) for W. R. Meadows on this date (s).

The Copies of my Assignments are on file with Alvina Jewell Robbins Burgin’s Estate currently being held by Angela Carter – Estate Representative.

My Address, City, State, and Zip Code is: XXXXXXXXXX
My Phone Number is: (XXX) XXX-XXX


Sign Your Name

REMEMBER IT HAS TO BE IN THE COURT BY JUNE 13TH ... Place it in the enevelope put a stamp on it and mail it ...

Give this information to every investor that you know and get your claim filed!!!

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