Transitions Conversation 2

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This wave was initiated from here.

Hippocrates let the alarm signifying an incoming wave was waiting for him go off a few times before looking up from his research.

It was from Gabrielle Andrews. He sighed and answered it.

"I take it that you have a report for me?"

"I do Sir, and I am most perplexed by the happening here. I thought you would want to be appraised of these developments immediately."

Hippocrates' eyebrow rose a little as he switched on the visual option of the wave. It was a grainy picture, obviously taken from Gabrielle's CorPad. He made a mental note to find out who in the 'Verse could be in charge of doing a better job of development for a product and possibly giving him or her some real incentives for doing a job well, instead of half-assed.

One thing that was evident though. The expression on Gabrielle's face was interesting. She was confused. Confusion was something that he didn't think he ever saw on her face before.



"Just as you asked, I have been shadowing Octavius Roman and his... woman. I managed to acquire lodgings in the room next to theirs and have set up surveillance inside their room. Sir... What I saw... It was counter to his programming... To an extreme extent."

Hippocrates' eyebrows rose a little. Yes... This was certainly a development and a welcome one indeed, especially for a man who was so easily bored.


"Roman and his woman had sex, Sir."

Hippocrates snorted.

"So what... Such a desire is really not outside his programming. Really Gabrielle, you are worried about that?" he started, but she cut him off. Which really, really annoyed him. How presumptuous...

"No sir... It was how it happened. He... He waited until she gave permission for him to touch her. He didn't just take what he wanted without any regard for her. He waited for her to say yes to him.'

Hippocrates smiled a bit.

"I take it that there is more?"

"Yes Sir... He was rough at first, after all, he wasn't programmed to really care about anything but his assignments, but after they actually got on the bed, he actually let her... he let her... control him. She set the pace and had all the control."

Could this relationship be deeper than he thought?

"Sir, afterwards, they talked a bit about his past. I think he is planning on telling her. Maybe telling her everything. I am not sure how much he remembers, but if he is willing to share that with someone... It could be more problematic than things are turning out."

"There's more?"

"He asked her out on a date. They have been traveling for some time together and are obviously quite familiar with each other in a sexual way, but he actually asked her out on a date. Is that something he is supposed to be capable of? Could he love someone? Or at least have the desire for a deeper relationship other than the physical?"

"It seems possible, based on what we have observed so far. Though I agree, it is most, for the lack of a better word, amusing."

"Amusing sir?"

"Yes... I want to see this behavior you have witnessed."

She tapped out a few commands on her CorPad and he could see that the file was downloading at his location.

"And I want to see how deep this attraction is. Could it be simply physical or is there more..."

He thought for a moment.

"Seduce him, Gabrielle. If he succumbs to your advances, we will be able to tell if this is all a ruse on his part."

By her expression, he could tell that she seemed rfather pleased with this assignment.

"The fact that he might reveal to her anything about the program he was in is most bothersome. Watch her closely and report back if anything like this happens. While catching him has been difficult in the past, we can't really let the woman wandering around with the knowledge of the program in her head."

"Should I kill her sir?"

Hippocrates thought for a moment.

"No... She could be a useful tool when we bring him in. Perhaps she could be inducted into the program," he mused aloud. "But if she should talk in any manner, neutralized her."

"Yes Sir."

"And keep me appraised of your progress of your new directive."

"Yes, Sir!" Gabrielle returns here.

He then cut the wave and pushed start on the video feed she sent him. After a few seconds, he suck into his chair and his left hand absently began to record comments on a datapad. He too, was quite perplexed. Roman's behavior was significantly off his programming. Was this a new development? Or has this happened before?

"So Miss Kelker... What have you done to my killing machine?" he whispered.
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