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Hippocrates watched as Dr. Rice maneuvered through the holoimage of the med bay on Darwin. He took stock of what was located in each place, no doubt noting what else he may need.

He could tell that he wasn't completely focused though. Rice was easy to read. He was angry about the change in his life, but he wouldn't be once he got settled in. A project like this? Once in a lifetime. He'd be stupid not to take it, even without the threat of bodily harm if he didn't.

”Looks like you’ve planned for everything,” ”If I think of anything else, I’ll swing by the hospital and ‘steal’ it.”

"No need to steal anything, Dr. Rice..." Hippocrates paused. "May I call you Puckett? That is your nickname correct?"

Hippocrates thought it was an odd name, but he really shouldn't talk. It's not like his was anywhere near normal.

"Just tell me and I will have anything you need sent to you immediately."

Then Puckett got down to the reason why he was reticent. Or at least one of the reasons.

”So,” ”I take it that you have some type of protective failsafe in place to keep me breathing while conducting my tests on your subject and Kelker. What’s to stop Roman from ripping my rutting head off the first time I come at him with a needle.”

Hippocrates shrugged.

"Gabrielle should be someone who could at least subdue him long enough for you to hide somewhere," Hippocrates didn't believe in sugar coating things, plus he was being sincere.

Then he raised his eyebrow at Puckett’s own form of sincerity.

”Of course if I come at Gabrielle with a ‘needle’…well, the actual context is vastly different.” ”In the latter case, the ‘needle’ is my penis,”

”Well, since you seem to have a fixation on my agent and your… needle, I am sure she will be quite impressed,” he said with amusement. ”I will be sure to tell her to investigate it thoroughly.”

Then he looked at his watch and sighed.

"As much as I am enjoying this banter with you, I have other things to attend to," he said as he picked up a CorPad and sent some information off to Pickett's. "Go pack your things. Transportation to your dwelling and onward have been arranged. I sent you information on where you will be need to be. You will be expected."

He leveled a cold stare at Pickett.

"Don't make me regret choosing you, dong ma?" he warned, his intention very clear. He had already warned him of what could happen should he refuse.

Then with the wave of a hand, Dr. Pickett Rice was dismissed. A guard stepped through the door like he was psychic and waved him out.
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Dr. Pickett Rice is free to arrive at Darwin at any time.