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Your Name (aka your OOC persona): Joe

How did you hear about The 'Verse Online: Rabbit pulled me outta a hat.

Character Name: John Rackham (goes by Calico Jack)

Ship Applying For: None just yet…

Character Occupation: Con artist and Security Consultant

Age (of the character): 27

Appearance: Dark curly hair, brown eyes under hooded brows, and a thick beard would give Jack a more aggressive look, if it weren’t for the easy smile that seemingly perpetually graced his face, making his eyes squint regularly. As much as he might wish to, he just doesn’t have a menacing face.

His manner of dress changes with the job, obviously, but during his off time he tends towards comfy rather than pretty. Jeans, t-shirts, and a dark overcoat is his normal attire, his outfits usually ended in heavy work boots. He bears the scars of rough living, but not so much as you’d notice. A stab wound in his side, a pinky that doesn’t quite bend the way it used to, and a small scar on the tip of his right ear where a bullet got close enough to whisper “hello” as it passed by.

Aidan Turner

Attributes and Skills: Well, he's very pretty. He knows how to leverage that, and is an intuitive coversationalist. He's handy in a fight, and can drink most folks under the table, though those events don't always occur in that order. His specialty is convincing people to do what he wants, and he's very good at it.

First Impression: Jack is a handsome devil, and isn’t afraid to use it to his advantage. Literally tall, dark, and handsome, he exudes confidence. He’ll talk to anyone, and anybody watching can tell he’s got a soft spot for the ladies, be they 8 or 80.

Under the Surface: Fairly even keeled, as all con artists have to be. He’s good at hiding his emotions, though he has to blow off the excess steam that builds up every once in a while, which usually comes in the form of excessive drinking. He’s not a blackout drunk, except for when he is.

Deep Dark Self: He’s got a thing against love. Or at least, serious relationships. Love is all well and good for some folks in the ’Verse, and he might even want that someday, but for now, he’s sworn off romantic relationships. Physical ones are just fine, but no attachments. He’s got abandonment issues (Thanks a lot, Anne), and so he tries to keep to himself, mostly.

Public / Common History: Jack is a “legitimate business man”, in the sense that this is what he tells himself. True, he does jobs, mostly legal, and gets paid for them, but there are also less than legal jobs that cross his path from time to time. He mostly works for banks and high tech security firms and the like, breaking in to test their security systems for weaknesses. He did some of this type of work for the Alliance when he was younger, but the records of who he is and where he comes from seem to begin there.

Unknown History: After reinventing himself as “Calico Jack”, and a few weeks of "work", he managed to find himself some decent accommodations, and met a group of children about his age, led by an enigmatic woman named Baba Yaga. He was grudgingly (at first) accepted into the group, where he met the young woman that would become his first love.

Anne Bonney.

The duo became fast friends, and even faster partners. They were naturals, working together to con tourists and off-worlders alike out of their hard earned (or in some cases ill-gotten) money. The gang started making enough money to get noticed by other more powerful folks (specifically the Boss, who essentially ran Eavesdown), and things went South.

With the Boss out for blood, Anne and Baba left, with nary a word to anyone in the group, but with their disappearance, the quick thinking Jack put the pieces together and made arrangements to keep everyone else safe.

Stuck with a group of kids, barely old enough to take care of himself, he did what he had to do, and began working for the Tong that had tried to wipe out the gang as a "security consultant". He worked off the insult to the Tong by teaching the lower level members of the gang to pick out cons and scams, endearing him to several members (though not earning any less animosity for Anne and Baba) in the process. They used their contacts to hook him up with his own business, and he became a free agent, working where he could find it.

He worked for the Alliance for a spell, which sent him all over the 'Verse, and eventually found himselfback in contact with the Sister from Sihnon who'd helped him through the death of his parents.

And the good Sister led him back to the young woman he'd lost so many years ago…

Secret History: Born on Londinium to a fairly well to do set of parents, John Rackham was raised to be the perfect gentleman at any ball he deigned to attend. All the ins and outs of Alliance high society were laid out before him from a very early age, and he was expected to marry into even more money than his family already had. Sure, he was well educated, but his parents were less concerned with his grades and eventual taking over of the family business than they were with his progression towards being a proper suitor for rich young ladies.

John’s father was a businessman who, along with his brother, specialized in brokering large scale deals between up and coming medical technology firms and hospitals throughout the ‘Verse. He traveled a fair bit, but loved his son and worked hard to provide for his wants and needs.

When John was thirteen, his father decided to retire. As the end of the school year approached, he and his wife picked a vacation spot on Sihnon, and sent their son tickets to join them as soon as his summer break began.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

The Rackhams’ flight crashed en route, and John arrived on Sihnon, only to be informed of their death. Heartbroken and alone on a strange world, he enlisted the help of the local ministry, (and a certain severe nun) in setting up transportation both for himself and what remained of his parents back home. He returned to Londinium, under the care of his uncle.

He inherited his father’s share of the family business, small consolation for losing both parents. His uncle, though, was a greedy and terrible man. He decided that John’s cousins were better suited to owning the family business alone, and so he had John sent away “to boarding school”, in order to let the poor lad get a fresh start.

This turned out to be the Eavesdown Docks.

Alone, penniless, and without the skills to survive on his own, for several days he went without food, until he discovered his ability to act.

He acted with his words, with his face, his eyes, his tone of voice. He acted, and people actually bought it. For once, the years of training to always say the right thing, and telling people what they want to hear came in handy. He found that he could, if he put himself to the task, talk people right out of their money.

Strengths: Jack is good at reading people, and then telling them what they want to hear. He’s an accomplished liar, and is knowledgeable in the areas of manipulation and cons. He is a capable fighter, and though he dislikes the use of guns, he knows how to shoot one.

Weaknesses: Emotionally, he can be fragile, and is prone to distrustfulness and pessimism. He does feel guilt for those he’s conned, and his handlers in the Alliance tend to play upon that guilt to make him turn on people that were once close to him, leaving him sad and and alone, which thus makes the guilt worse, resulting in a never ending cycle of isolation. He’s prone to blackout drinking from time to time, during which he has no memory of the previous evening’s events.
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