Ansh Chakrabarti

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Your Name (aka your OOC persona): Rabbit

How did you hear about The 'Verse Online: Abbey brought me

Character Name: Ansh Chakrabarti

Ship Applying For: Revenge

Character Occupation: Engineer/Part-time shuttle pilot

Age (of the character): 25

Appearance: One wouldn't be inaccurate to describe Ansh as swarthy. If his name wasn't a dead giveaway, he is of Indian descent going back to ETW. He stands at 6' even and he isn't particularly bulky, per se, but he certainly carries himself with a quiet menace. His black hair is strategically messy, and his dark eyes are constantly scanning and almost never trusting. He dresses kinda like a gypsy, a hint at his past (which he never speaks of.) The only exceptions to this dress code are his heavy work boots and toolbelt. His hands and arms bear plenty of scars, some fresh, some much older.

Arjun Gupta

Attributes and Skills: Quite proficient with the repair of machinery, especially engines and control panels. Pretty strong and uses his strength and height to his advantage. Knows his way around a short-range shuttle, as well, having learned how to do it on an emergency basis on a past job. He can be charming when he wants to, which isn't often.

First Impression: Ansh is... an acquired taste. He can be acerbic and abrasive, but ultimately he's just honest. This can certainly rub people the wrong way, but he's not about to change for you or for anyone. The other thing about him is that he's a hard worker. This is a guy who clearly understands the value of getting the job done. When push comes to shove, he puts his head down and gets to work. He might complain about how things got so bad, and loudly, but he's reliable.

Under the Surface: Not much changes, honestly. Ansh is just as blunt with friends as he is with strangers. He might make a joke or two, but his sense of humor tends toward sarcasm rather than lightheartedness, so there's really not much of a break to be had with him. He is capable of having and keeping friends, he's done it before. He just keeps a small circle around him, of people who he knows he can trust. This is a man who has clearly been burned in the past, and he isn't looking for a repeat.

Deep Dark Self: Of course, this is all just a defense mechanism, because when it comes down to it, Ansh is just afraid. He has suffered so much loss in his life that his main goal, day-to-day, is to minimize the opportunities to get hurt again. He was never really a friendly sort of guy, but he used to desire connections with other people, and maybe he still does... but that desire is squashed down by his desire to shield himself from pain.

Public / Common History: Ansh was born on Persephone in the Eavesdown slums, to Jugdash and Lavanya Chakrabarti. There are no records of education, or anything, really, until an arrest for petty theft at the age of fifteen where his alias is listed as "Joe Tennis." You can almost see the sarcasm dripping off of the answer. Listed associates: Baba Yaga, Lucky Capistrano, Jack Rackham, and Anne Bonney, among others. After that, it goes blank again until 17, when he's listed as an apprentice mechanic aboard the Detroit, a light freighter. That's where the trail ends. He doesn't talk about it.

Unknown History: Ansh was only four years old when his parents were shanghaied and sold into slavery, leaving him with neighbors who didn't know much what to do with him. Sure, they fed him and such, but they mostly left him to his own devices. It suited him just fine, it turned out. He would take advantage of his largely absent guardians when he could, and stole anything he needed otherwise. It was at age 10 when he was caught stealing books from a girl with copper-colored hair. She leant him the books and brought him to the Mother of Orphans. From there, he honed his craft, getting into his fair share of scrapes due to his "free range" nature. He eventually became a rather reliable thief, and took to caring for the younger kids in the gang. However, when Baba and the others picked the wrong victim to con, Ansh was one of the first members of the gang to be targeted by the Boss's thugs. Seeing the writing on the wall, he stowed away on a freighter leaving quite immediately. After being discovered, rather than punish him, the ship's mechanic saw the value in the young man and taught him how to find honest work for the first time in his life. He traveled with the Detroit for seven years before she was decommissioned.

Secret History: Somewhere out there, Ansh's parents are still alive. So are most of the members of the gang. There's a chance they might cross paths one day, though how he reacts will likely be unpredictable. Certainly abrasive. But unpredictable.

Strengths: Fantastic work ethic. Skilled with the wrench turn. Pretty good with a shuttle. Survivor.

Weaknesses: Not fit for Public Relations work. Deep down, he's really just a scared kid. No formal education.
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