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Your Name (aka your OOC persona): Just Joe
How did you hear about The 'Verse Online: Rabbit and Abbey
Character Name: Petra "Abigail Adams"Holmes
Ship Applying For: Chicago II
Character Occupation: Close-Up Magician/Sleight-of-Hand Artist
Age (of the character): 25
Appearance: Standing tall, Abigail Adams glides through any space she travels through. Not one to slink or necessarily strut, she covers ground with long strides, a hold over from keeping up with her father when she was young. Thin and pale, her red hair and bright blue eyes only accentuate her lack of a tan, which suits her fine, as most of her work clothes are black anyway, and high contrast draws the eye. An easy smile and a tendency to hold hard eye contact with those she speaks with works in her favor, keeping the gaze off of her hands, which are always moving. She tends to always have something occupying her fingers, whether it's a bit of twine that she's tying into knots, or a deck of cards that she absentmindedly shuffles. Her on duty clothing tends to be towards the black tie end of the spectrum, with tuxedo jackets custom fit with hidden pockets all about. When she's not on duty, she tends towards loose clothing, still preferring to have the option of hiding things should she need it.

Played by Rose Leslie

Attributes and Skills: The thing that Abigail is best at...well, you'll just have to wait and see. The thing she's most well known for, is her ability to make things appear and disappear, move, change, and seemingly do impossible things with her hands.

Or at least, you think she does.

In reality, she's a gifted sleight-of-hand artist. Close up magic, card and object manipulation, and a bit of juggling, should the situation call for it. A natural conversationalist with twinkly bright blue eyes, she seems to have been born for some sort of stage performance, but it's not entirely natural talent. She works hard for her skills, and learned the art of presentation from her mother.

Her hand eye coordination is very good, so she's a natural marksman, but only when she's calm. She'll dazzle you with gunplay, spinning and tossing pistols all about her person, but get her all a flutter and her shots are like as not to go wide.

First Impression: Abigail has a flair for the dramatic. She's not necessarily fussy about her appearance, but she dresses for impact more often than not. Perception being what it is in her life, she knows how to draw the eye, and presents herself in ways that keep your eyes where she wants them, whether it's with an incongruous sash indicating Lordhood here, or a pretty floral bonnet there. Friendly and seemingly open, she's a natural conversationalist, and seems to prefer to be the center of attention.
Under the Surface: She's indeed friendly, and always willing to help out where it's needed. She has a hard time saying no to her true friends in need, even when it'll put her in harm's way or make her life harder than it needs to be. While she loves her family, she's decided that family is who you make of it, and once you’re in, she's as loyal as they come.
Deep Dark Self: Her tendency to keep the focus on herself is something she can’t really help. As the oldest child with a sibling 9 months younger, she craves the attention. She'd much rather have you focused on what she's saying than what she’s doing or thinking. The secretive nature of her work has bled over into most parts of her personality, and so she's intensely private with her thoughts and feelings, preferring to keep them to herself and only offer surface perceptions to all but those closest to her. It’s her way of keeping people at arm's distance, even while holding them close.
Public / Common History: Daughter to a career Alliance officer and a Companion turned nursing administrator in a major hospital, Petra Holmes was raised in a comfortable setting on Sihnon. She and her brother were educated in private schools and she was a surprisingly well received drama student, but chose to forgo a scholarship to one of the finer theater schools in the 'Verse in order to travel and as she put it "get to know the 'Verse in a more real way". She traveled a bit, and within the first three months had landed herself in the pokey on some Rim moon after hustling the sheriff's son out of his pay at a card table. Her father bailed her out, and used his connections with the military (and an imploring speech by her godfather, a Shepherd) to make the jail time turn into probation, but didn't even try to wipe the record, believing instead that she should face the consequences of her actions. She seemed to learn her lesson, cone herself a stage name to keep any further shenanigans away from hurting her family, and turned her skills towards more legitimate pursuits, working as a security consultant for a casino, watching the pits, but never allowed to gamble.

At least, not in the place she works…

Unknown History: When she's bored, she gets into trouble. Her skills make her an excellent pickpocket, and she's a master (or mistress) of misdirection. She doesn't do it for personal gain, and the items she steals she makes sure to leave in the lost and found, since she's not hurting for money. She's not a big fan of alcohol, mostly because of her parents’ low tolerance and high responsibility jobs. She's never been in love, and only briefly toyed with dating. She's yet to find anyone that really sparks her interest, but she’s still open to the idea of being in a relationship.
Secret History: Her godfather, a Shepherd of the less strict variety, is her biological father. He and her mother met on Sihnon where she was training to be a companion, and shared a single night, the day before her mother met the man who raised her. None of the parties involved know for sure, and only her mother suspects the truth, given that she takes after her mother in looks, save for the merry twinkle in her eyes.

She isn't aware of it, but she's made enemies in her past. People have lost money to her skills. A group of professional gamblers that had been running schemes on Londinuim got a little too big for their britches, and overstretched their capabilities. She caught them running a con a few years into her career, saving her employer millions of credits, and since they’ve been banned from pretty much every established gambling hall on the Core worlds, they’ve dedicated themselves to her ruin.
Strengths: A personality specifically crafted (by herself and her mentors) to be inviting and open, she's a natural people person, and not in the "I’m a people person" kind of way you get in job interviews. She's a natural conversationalist, and a master of misdirection, so people tend to just go with the flow around her, and she guides conversations and interactions in directions that she wants to go.
Weaknesses: Boredom is her worst enemy, as she tends to get into trouble. She’s got a bit of a superiority complex, and so she tends to see herself as a "better than" when it comes to most people. She has a tendency to look for the angles in any given relationship, the best way that she can get over on people, and this leads to a very small actual social circle. She’s got co-workers and acquaintances galore, but very few actual friends.
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