Location Great Britain
Name Vectolk the Flesh-Crafter
Interests Hmm, let's think. To begin with, I thoroughly enjoy painting and playing AoS and 40k, whilst occasionally dipping my toes in 30k only to sell what I have and get some more AoS ;) I also enjoy roleplaying games, two of my favourites being Call of Cthulu and The Dresden Files. When not playing the aformentioned options I like to sit at my laptop and waste my time on here and social media, as well as several games (these include Dawn of War, Rome Total War II and Mount and Blade Warband). I do a bit of commission painting but am not the fastest, so I'm going to put that on hold to focus on my own stuff for a while
Clan name Clan Warpklaw
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Chinese Proverb wrote:He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. He who does not is a fool forever.