Fiction Rules and Guidelines

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October 30th, 2009, 5:26 pm #1

Hello there, and welcome to the Skaven Fan Fiction and Fluff forum! In order to facilitate your writing and reading experience here, I offer several rules and guidelines to you:

1. Please remember that this is meant to be a family friendly forum, meant for (almost) all ages. Please refrain from including sexually explicit scenes in your stories. If you must include sex, please keep it implied, and nothing more. Romance is fine, but not sex. ;)

2. In the same vein as above, please also refrain from excessive graphic violence. Violence is, of course, perfectly fine, being as this is a forum about a wargame, but we ask that you keep extremely graphic violence off the site. An example of graphic violence would be a very detailed description of a torture scene and the pain that the victim is experiencing. There are ways to get the message across without being overly graphic. Be tasteful. :)

3. If you have written stories that are sexually explicit or contain graphic violence, do not post them offsite and then link to them. Honestly, it is really no better than just posting them here - it's a one-click difference.

4. When posting titles, please use proper capitalization and make it relevant to the story - if your piece is about an assassination, then don't title it "PINK ELEPHANTS IN SKIRTS DANCING ON THE CASTLE WALLS!!!!!"

5. Use proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization. Refrain from using netspeak. It is not fun to read, is not literature-worthy, and simply looks sloppy. Try to use good English when writing.

6. Wherever possible, don't post very short, paragraph-long pieces of fluff. Try to expand them into something larger and more worthwhile. Not only will it make it more interesting, but it will improve your writing skills! If you are writing a series, and each piece is a small piece, try to see if you can combine some of them into fewer, longer threads.

7. It is acceptable (not supported or encouraged) to double post if you are organizing your stories one after the other, but try not to do this every few seconds. This does not make it okay to double post comments on a story, though. There is a mutate button.

8. If you are asked to not reply in a thread by the original poster, for purposes of organizing their fluff, please respect their request.

9. Please do not bump your pieces by posting responses to them. It is rude. Just because there are no comments on your piece does not mean it has not been read. At the very least, the forum's moderators have read them.

10. If you wish to organize your fluff into one post with links to each tale in the series, post this topic in the "Campaign Story Lists" forum - that is what it is for.

11. When responding to stories here, please add something to the topic. Simply saying that the story was great is not really adding much. Perhaps comment on what exactly you liked, or even offer constructive criticism (this does not mean be rude or direspectful - flaming and trolling is forbidden). On the same note, please do not take criticism personally.

Now go forth, write, be creative, and conquer!