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Tears of Sanctuary

By Bassik and Blood Vixen.

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The Complete Works of SneakyRodent

Chronologically Listed

The Storm of Chaos

Following the introduction of Grey Seer Skritchit and Clan Virulus; their actions during the Storm of Chaos, leading up to the detonation of the Doom Hemisphere. Plus a story of how Skritchit and Clan Virulus came to be, including none other than Deathmaster Mik!

Clan Virulus at Fort Schippel
Clan Virulus reaches Middenheim
The Winged Rat
Defending the Ulricsberg - link currently broken
End of the Storm - the Final Battle
Rats in the Basement
Poisoned Origins - The Virilus/Virulus Tale


The Skaven Civil War

The start of the Civil War. The forming of the faction known as the Claws of the Horned One. The epic missions into the twisted evil that was the Ulricsberg, and the introduction of other Clan Virulus rats that would become a couple of Special Projects for good measure.

Destination : Ulricsberg
Final Preparations
Out of the Darkness
Pressing Matters
Return to the Shadows
A Bitter Taste
An Assassin for Hire
The Price of Betrayal
Avatar of the Horned One

[color=990000]The Dark Beneath the Worlds[/color]

[color=990000]Written by Rattsu and SneakyRodent[/color]

Skritchit and Rattsu....two leaders destined to come to war, but first came the efforts of diplomacy then betrayal. Not forgetting the wench rustling......but what dwells in the furthermost deeps of the Ulricsberg?

Chapter 1: Discoveries and Problems
Chapter 2: Desperate Measures
Chapter 3: Paws in the Dark
Chapter 4: War of the Words
Chapter 5: A Long Journey Home
Chapter 6: Some Good News at Last
Chapter 7: Things Unknown
Chapter 8: Undertow
Chapter 9: Deals with the Damned

[color=990000]War in the Ulricsberg
~Book 2 of the Dark Beneath the Worlds Cycle.~

Written by Rattsu, SneakyRodent, Antherak_173, Warlord Wynnar, Father Squee[/color]

The apocalypse that was the Ulricberg Crusade. Led by Skritchit, the Claws of the Horned One made war on Rattsu the Black and Clan Hissvin. Total war comes to the mountain, and a final duel of leaders that would deceide all......

Chapter 1: First Strike
Chapter 2: War Inside the Mountain
Chapter 3: Allies From Below
Chapter 4: A Meeting of Leaders
Chapter 5: Taking a Stand
Chapter 6: Omens
Chapter 7: Down. Down the Slippery Slope
Chapter 8: Return to the Mountain
Chapter 9: Collision Course
Chapter 10: Once More into the Breach
Chapter 11: Bloodbath
Chapter 12: Four Paths
Chapter 13: Mystery
Chapter 14: Interlude
Chapter 15: One Last Obstacle
Chapter 16: Within Striking Distance
Chapter 17: No retreat, No surrender
Chapter 18: At the mouth of the beast.
Chapter 19: The Trap
Chapter 20: Rat Hunt
Chapter 21: The Beginning of the End
Chapter 22: All Things Must End
Chapter 23: Too-Too Late...
Chapter 24: One week ago...
Chapter 25: Cold Hate, Warm Blood
Chapter 26: The Escape
Chapter 27: Showdown
Epilogue 1: An Epilogue to a Crusade
Epilogue 2: Choices
Epilogue 3: Endings

[color=990000]Plummeting to New Depths[/color]
[color=990000]~Book 3 of the The Dark Beneath the Worlds Cycle~[/color]

[color=990000]Written by SneakyRodent, Rattsu, Warlord Wynnar, Ratphink, Grey Seer White Paw and Daemonic Badger[/color]

The Ulricsberg has a new leader. But now Grey Seer Skritchit, with a little help, stumbles upon a find of immense potential. And is the Skaven Seer all he appears to be?

Chapter 1: Of Things to Come
Chapter 2: Things Best Left Buried
Chapter 3: In the Nick of Time
Chapter 4: What Price the Ulricsberg?
Chapter 5: All Our Yesterdays
Chapter 6: Back in the Present

The Civil War begins to draw to a close. But Skritchit believes the Horned One himself has shown the Seer the path he and his Clan must follow. But it is in a totally unexpected direction.......

Allies come and Allies go...
Siege of the Three Cities
Destiny Calling Part I
Destiny Calling Part II
Destiny Calling Part III
Destiny Calling Part IV
Destiny Calling Part V
Blast From the Past Part I

The Nemesis Crown

Rumours abound of a powerful magical artifact lost within the Empire. As races send their armies in search of it, shadowy figures watch from the shadows....

Journey's Beginning
Pieces in Motion
Past Deeds, Future Plans
A Visit to Egondorf
The Lesser of Two Evils
Grey Seer Skritchit
Lord of the Ulricsberg
Clan Virulus
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The complete works of SneakyRodent can be found here
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The Legion of the Twisted Claw
Bodacious' fictions for the Hour of the Wolf campaign at

In the alternate timeline of the chronicles of the dark empire (as featured in the campaigns), a humble river rat rises up to lead one of the largest and most succesful skaven warhosts to ever plunder the olde world. Follow Vaskit's journey from marshes of the empire to skavenblight, to the world's edge mountains, back to skavenblight and back to the mountains again; as well as his path from a nervous warband leader plucked from his boat, to a city-conquering, terror-inspiring Master Moulder.

Chapter I: Mission Briefing
Chapter II: Battle Momentum
Intermission: Fun With Moulding
Chapter III: Scry
Chapter IV: Back To The Mountains
Chapter V: Inheritance

Accompanying Fictions:
The Hour of the Rat by The 13th Master, scrivener, GutterRunner, Bodacious and Master of Lecai
Inheritance - The Rise of the Desert Rats by FatherSquee
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Holy War

Volume One; A Cultist in Praag

The first Volume in my stand-alone series (Provisionally titled "Holy War".)
Underneath the man-thing city of Praag lies Clan Mortis. As winter draws close, The Prophet, a figure shrouded in mystery, begins preaching the word of the Dark Gods. Intrigue, betrayal and zealotry all conspire to bring together a titanic clash between orthodoxy and heresy. There can only be one winner...

Prologue; Fairy-Tales
Chapter One; Heresies
Chapter Two; The Game Begins
Chapter Three; "The Road to Damnation..."
Chapter Four; The Pieces are in Place
Chapter Five; The Life-Cycle of a Warlord
Chapter Six; Eye of the Storm
Chapter Seven; The Battle for Praag - Part One
Chapter Eight; The Battle for Praag - Part Two
Chapter Nine; Aftermath
Epilogue; Stirrings

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September 11th, 2013, 10:56 pm #26

The (mostly) Complete Works of Ratty Gnawtail

Ratty's Rats (the tale of Clan Nihizk) *WiP*
In Jekro Tkull's Workshop
In Seer Gnawtail's Burrow
Crisis? What Crisis?
A (not so) Modest Proposal
A Scent of Victory?
Herkter's Folly
The Prisoner
Plans of the Past
A Riotous Assembly
From Albion He Came
In the Lair of Parson Nithineak
The Battle for the Workshop

Animosity 6: The saga of Whizz-Bang. (It is strongly recommended to read this and this.)

Why is a Skaven like a Man-thing Desk?
Part 1 and Part 2: From the Wastes and Rewards
Part 3: A Question of Nonsense
Part 4: A Touch of Madness?
Part 5: A Memory?
Part 6: The Folly of Weirdrak
Part 7: Reflections in the Dark
Part 8: A Touch of Insanity?
Part 9: Frekrell
Part 10: Some Enchanted evening you may meet a stranger...
Part 11: Never More
Part 12: Something Stirs
Part 13 (part one) : Nobody Expects the Skavenblight Inquisition!
Part 13 (part two) : The Final Fight and Epilogue
Bonus: The lost/unfinished tales of Whizz-Bang

The Shadow Games: The adventures of Natgrub Da Magnificent. (It is strongly recommended to read The saga of Whizz-Bang first.)

Only Fools and Goblins
Part 1: The Prospect of Profit
Part 2: Aquiring Goods
Part 3: Attack of the Stunties
Part 4: Failure
Part 5: The Quest of Drekki Ironhelm
Part 6: A Riotous Assembly
Part 7: Oh no! Not him again!
Part 8: Whuzz-Bing
Part 9 and Part 10: During th.. and Epilogue

The Invasion of Marienburg II: The path of Jiào hún. (It is recommended that the original Invasion of Marienburg is read first.)

More Machine Than Rat
Part 1: We can rebuild him! We have the technology!
Part 2: The sorrow of Guòqù, Mùqián, and Wèilái
Part 3: The forgotten burrow
Part 4: Messages on the walls
Part 5 and Ending (part 1) : Bloodied visions and the End of the path
Ending (part 2) : Ironfur's notes
Ending (part 3) : We can rebuild him...

Sentinels of the Shadows: The Revenge of Fyr-Claw

Pop Goes the Weasel!
Intro: Servant of Skryre
Part 1 and Part 2: The march begins and Akrizrek's Tale
Part 3: Lost on the Surface
Part 4: The Doom of Saltsqueak
Part 5 and Part 6: Malthkus and Akrizrek's Fear
Part 7: The Oilzik
Parts 8-11: The trial of Akrizrek
Part 12: The Fyr glows brighter

Three Rats in a Boat: Ratty's take on a great book.

Three Rats in a Boat *Unfinished*

Animosity 6.5: The Death Saga of Zrkktz the Slimy or The Colour of Disease.
Introduction: The awakening.
Part 1 (turn 3): The desert.
Part 2 (turn 4): The flesh is weak.
Part 3 (turn 5): Bitetail.
Part 4 (turn 6): The Grim Squeaker.
Part 5 (turn 7): Bitetail's reward.
Part 6 (turn 8): A ghost in the dust.
Part 7 (turn 9): Nithineak.
Part 8 (Epilogue part 1): The colour returns.
Part 9 (Epilogue part 2): Glory or doom.
Part 10 (Epilogue part 3): R’ttig’wtil.

The Death of Whizz-Bang. (It is strongly recommended to read at least The saga of Whizz-Bang first.) *Unfinished*
Part 1: The Circle of Twelve
Part 2: Shadows and Death

Animosity 6.6: A Crisis of Faith.
Introduction: A room separated from reality.
Part 1: Only a dream...
Part 2: The escape plan.
Part 3: The humble rodent and the great savage wolf.
Part 4: A whisper in the wind.
Part 4.5 Bonus: Nibtrik.
Part 5: Unknown voices.
Part 6: A memory?
Part 7: Preparation.
Part 8: The visitor.
Part 8.5 Bonus: The passing of the Twelfth Crescent.
Part 9: The small white rat.
Part 10 (turn 11): Fool.
Part 11 (turn 12): The life of a candle.
Part 12 (Finale part 1): Freedom calls and old ghosts return.
Part 13 (Finale part 2): New plans, old plans, and the eternity of the stars.

After the Ascension: Dark Tales of the Future
Alone Amongst the Ruins
Lost Treasures

The Rat and the Bull *WiP*
Part One: Of back plates and flasks
Part Two: Mizzreek

The First Civil War: The Rise of Vriznk *WiP*
Part One: Before the gate of Retz Threepaw
Part Two: The War Council of Five
Part Three: Whispers of the Dead
Part Four: A Tide of Green

Among the Dust (Joint AoS fluff, featuring Bounty Huntress Felrix Brightfur) *Ongoing*
Part One - By Ratty Gnawtail/Y'ttar Scaletail
Part Two - By Bowser
Part Three - By Spawning of Bob
Part Four - By Ratty Gnawtail/Y'ttar Scaletail
Part Five - By Spawning of Bob

The Tekris and Gribble Show (Moulder Pitfighters Season 4) *Ongoing*
Part One: Dear Mizzreek
Part Two: Sweet Dreams
Part Three: Brrx
Part Four: Another Night in the Pub
Part 4.5: Brrx's Workshop
Part Five: Amongst the Narkil Flowers
Part 5.5: Gribble's Day Out
Intermission: History
Part Six: Time Runs
Intermission part two: R'ttig
Part 6.5: Herkter
Part Seven: After the Fight
Part 7.5: Skretz's Threads
Part 7.5.5: Greenie
Part Eight: 113th
Part 8.5: Past Lives
Part Nine: Pekrone
Part 9.5: Ironfur's Order
Part Ten: The Book
Part Eleven: Felrix
Part 11.5: Mizzreek and Herkter
Part Twelve: Of Opium, Dreams, and Time
Part 12.5: Where's Ironfur?
Part 12.5.5: Barred
Part Thirteen: When...
Part Fourteen: Of Cloaks and Sleepers
Part 14.5: B.R.XX
Intermission: Tkull's Message (1)
Part Fifteen: A Talk with Tkull
Part 15.5: Bark and Wine
Part Sixteen: The Mask
Part 16.5: The Mason
Part Seventeen: The Fyr Burns Again
Part 17.5: The R'ttig and Gribble Show
Part 17.5.5: Saltbeak
Part Eighteen: Felrix Hates Riddles
Part Nineteen: Mrs Farley
Part 19.5: In Another Reality
Part 19.5.5: Felrix's Promise
Part Twenty: Revelations
Part Twenty One: Daemons
Part 21.5: For Those That Are Forgotten
Part 22: The Sleeper Moves
Part 22.5: Splintertail's Sense and Sensibility
Part Twenty Three: How do you solve a problem like Brighfur?
Part 23.5: The Break