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*bsb* work in progress, step after this is pdf, then next after add pictures for beta release *bsb*

Black hunger; would allow skaven models to charge 3d6 but take d3 mortal wounds

Lead from the back; smaller skaven heros, 7 wounds, with at least two units within three inches that contain at least five models and no enemy models within three of the hero, may not be targetted with shooting.

Clanrats gains expendable from shadespire warscroll, count as battleline for any clan and gain that clan's keyword, note this does not include nurgle keyword.

plague monks count as battleline for skaven. Can mix blades and twin blades in units

Masterclan allowed to use their command abilities even if not general, if they're the general they can use two, dont count as allies for points quota.
Screaming bell, Double six lets you summon a verminlord or choose a lesser result.

Eshin triad, May buy upto three assassins for one hero slot

Rat swarms gain pestilence keyword and can spawn in hero phase for reserve points,
4+ to be placed 1" away, even if this puts them within 3" of enemy models.

Priest with censer gains poisonus fumes, pcb gain 6+ save

warlord new command trait (gnaw gnaw becomes standard ability)
-Fiendish ambush ; from spire of dawn battalion for d3 skaven units (roll before game, place hero phase in your turn, count as one drop for purposes of deployment)

Warpseer gains two more command abilities. . Hes a plotting, unsure what yet.

Weapon teams min 1 max 5..

clawpacks become battalions again or allegiance abilities as we play with them.
Verminlords and hellpit battalions for skaven keyword for army list building but not during game..
Then just need to add magic items from last army book like skalm and the Fellblade.
And magic banners for monks and stormvermin??

(skaven) New playtest items, expanding after coreset finished (skaven)
Banner of the under empire, banner (stormvermin, monks)
2d6* attacks with profile 2+/5+/-/1 on units within 3 inches before the start of combat phase
*doubles cause d3 mortal wounds to friendly unit within range, still roll to hit unless banner is slain

Jar of Skalm, artifact
2+ heals d3+1 wounds (roll of 1 instead deals d3 mortal wounds and destroys jar)

No over there, trait
May redeploy d3 skaven units before first turn

He watches us, skaven battalion
{{ verminlord, screaming bell, 2+ grey seers }}
Lucky rats: Anytime a 13 comes up for number of attacks, hits, wounds or saves required, you may regain d3 wounds to one hero in battalion
Horned magic: +1 to cast for each grey seer within 13 inches of caster