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So first of I would like to give some thanks. Thanks to Mork for proofreading this (he made over 500 comments on the draft I sent him), you can see his handiwork in the fact that there are commas and punctuation throughout. :P Thanks to Scriv for giving me a way to name the many Clans and Skaven I had to name (hit the keyboard randomly till you get something that works) and for coming up with the name Chasmdeep for the river. Additional thanks goes out to all the people who I bounced ideas of via MSN and showed small portion of this to. That being (in no particular order) Ratty, Nihilus, Matik, Ark, Will, Beo, Mork Scriv and I'm sure many more who's names I can’t think of because it's half twelve at night.

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this little project a reality. Really, I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. Now what actually is this? Simple, it's Black Chasm, the Skaven hold located in Orcal Mountains. I couldn’t find any fluff on it so I decided to create it. I have been working on this on and off since October 2011 if anyone wants to know how long-term this has been, now onto the actual thing itself.

Black Chasm

General Description

Built inside a massive cavern that stretches across a vast area, Black Chasm is unique amongst Skaven holds in that it has a relatively small tunnel network. Most of the city consists of free-standing buildings within the one great cavern. Making a mockery of a human city with its design, Black Chasm is built on either side of Chasmdeep, the river that flows though much of the Orcal Mountains, with the only building that reaches anywhere near the top of the massively high cavern being the Dread Tower, home of Black Chasm’s fearsome dual Councils.

The Map

The Clans

Clan Pestilens (seven lower council seats, one upper) (area 122)

Clan Gual (six lower council seats, one upper) (major Warlord Clan which controls the area around the tower along with a large industrial area) (areas 2 and 25)

Clan Huverb (six lower council seats, one upper) (major Warlord Clan with holdings across the city, including ½ of the toll roads into the mines, the Under-River Tunnel, ¼ of the dock space and the main gate) (areas 13, 20, 54, 57 and 98)

Clan Skryre (five lower council seats, one upper) (currently is in control of The Dome) (areas 11 and 128)

Clan Eshin (four lower council seats) (area 50)

Clan Tzarlik (four lower council seats) (main docks Clan controlling ¾ of the dock space and ½ of the warehouse space) (areas 55 and 109)

Clan Darfun (three lower council seats) (largest mining Clan and controls the majority of the main mining area) (area 16)

Clan Moulder (three lower council seats) (area 61)

Clan Vittrin (three lower council seats) (controls the southern access tunnel along with Vittrin Lake) (areas 116 and 125)

Clan Worrlk (three lower council seats) (Areas 106, 107 and 108)

Clan Mors (two lower council seats) (area 84)

Clan Nakber (two lower council seats) (major farming Clan that controls most of the Putrid Fields) (area 113)

Clan Neckstriper (two lower council seats) (areas 32 and 33)

Clan Scarburk (two lower council seats) (controls ½ of the warehouse space) (area 110)

Clan Yaknith (two lower council seats) (control ½ of the toll roads into the mines) (area 15)

Clan Yetterspawn (two lower council seats) (areas 95 and 96)

Clan Agmeth (one lower council seat) (area 89)

Clan Amerenx (one lower council seat) (area 72)

Clan Argmark (one lower council seat) (area 5)

Clan Bakfur (one lower council seat) (area 3)

Clan Beefpaw (one lower council seat) (area 49)

Clan Brokroon (one lower council seat) (area 47)

Clan Captio (area 100)

Clan Cexfell (one lower council seat) (member of the Great Sextuple) (area 31)

Clan Corles (one lower council seat) (area 42)

Clan Cpmrox (one lower council seat) (area 51)

Clan Daggermik (one lower council seat) (area 67)

Clan Denthin (one lower council seat) (area 91)

Clan Determine (one lower council seat) (area 83)

Clan Drifle (one lower council seat) (area 75)

Clan Drinkgth (one lower council seat) (area 60)

Clan Emith (one lower council seat) (area 85)

Clan Empath (one lower council seat) (area 77)

Clan Engith (one lower council seat) (area 52)

Clan Enth (one lower council seat) (area 44)

Clan Ertrul (one lower council seat) (area 36)

Clan Fangcrusher (one lower council seat) (area 114)

Clan Farnull (one lower council seat) (area 7)

Clan Fenwell (one lower council seat) (area 68)

Clan Fetterwretch (one lower council seat) (area 120)

Clan Freknell (one lower council seat) (area 70)

Clan Frinth (one lower council seat) (area 76)

Clan Grafmon (one lower council seat) (area 39)

Clan Granmenth (one lower council seat) (area 46)

Clan Grimthen (one lower council seat) (area 112)

Clan Grum (one lower council seat) (area 8)

Clan Hextail (one lower council seat) (area 10)

Clan Hutterbar (one lower council seat) (area 34)

Clan Imzex (one lower council seat) (area 37)

Clan Ipnath (one lower council seat) (area 90)

Clan Ixtress (one lower council seat) (area 43)

Clan Iugo (one lower council seat) (area 63)

Clan Iuwgn (one lower council seat) (area 45)

Clan Kernith (one lower council seat) (member of the Great Sextuple) (area 29)

Clan Krosk (one lower council seat) (area 21)

Clan Magrith (one lower council seat) (area 58)

Clan Mell (one lower council seat) (area 62)

Clan Melrik (one lower council seat) (area 78)

Clan Menth (one lower council seat) (area 121)

Clan Metail (one lower council seat) (area 80)

Clan Molior (one lower council seat) (area 104)

Clan Murd (one lower council seat) (area 22)

Clan Nagith (one lower council seat) (area 4)

Clan Nellfrek (one lower council seat) (area 74)

Clan Northmanni (one lower council seat) (area 65)

Clan Ocril (one lower council seat) (area 38)

Clan Oglith (one lower council seat) (area 69)

Clan Opus (one lower council seat) (area 66)

Clan Orgwrath (one lower council seat) (area 116)

Clan Penrath (one lower council seat) (area 111)

Clan Pikrix (one lower council seat) (area 35)

Clan Pixmite (one lower council seat) (area 86)

Clan Plastdor (one lower council seat) (area 40)

Clan Qouwbt (one lower council seat) (area 48)

Clan Quietus (one lower council seat) (area 97)

Clan Quizneth (one lower council seat) (area 59)

Clan Quinfang (one lower council seat) (area 6)

Clan Quingrath (one lower council seat) (area 53)

Clan Qumix (one lower council seat) (area 94)

Clan Reek (one lower council seat) (area 14)

Clan Regtex (one lower council seat) (area 73)

Clan Rentlax (one lower council seat) (area 88)

Clan Rictus (one lower council seat) (lacks actually holding but has a position on the lower council due to its position of power within Skavendom)

Clan Roculder (one lower council seat) (area 81)

Clan Sarkgrin (one lower council seat) (area 56)

Clan Scav (one lower council seat) (area 118)

Clan Scurvy (one lower council seat) (lacks actual holdings but has a seat on the council due to its control over much of the underground rivers that carry Black Chasm’s trade)

Clan Shirrk (one lower council seat) (member of the Great Sextuple) (area 26)

Clan Skreeme (one lower council seat) (area 24)

Clan Skroof (one lower council seat) (area 9)

Clan Skuff (one lower council seat) (area 17)

Clan Smeil (one lower council seat) (member of the Great Sextuple) (area 27)

Clan Snarkel (one lower council seat) (area 18)

Clan Snek (one lower council seat) (area 105)

Clan Swarzik (one lower council seat) (area 119)

Clan Trabsnat (one lower council seat) (area 87)

Clan Tranipth (one lower council seat) (area 99)

Clan Uatdj (member of Great Sextuple) (area 28)

Clan Vars (one lower council seat) (area 23)

Clan Veni (one lower council seat) (area 79)

Clan Vrieks (one lower council seat) (area 12)

Clan Wakrar (one lower council seat) (area 93)

Clan Weatherwhip (one lower council seat) (area 64)

Clan Wegrath splinter sector one (area 101)

Clan Wegrath splinter sector two (area 102)

Clan Wegrath splinter sector three (area 103)

Clan Weltfur (one lower council seat) (area 41)

Clan Withmaw (one lower council seat) (area 71)

Clan Wixmel (one lower council seat) (member of the Great Sextuple) (area 30)

Clan Wrak (one lower council seat) (area 82)

Clan Ykavan (one lower council seat) (area 117)

Clan Zurr (one lower council seat) (area 19)

The Councils

Lower Council

The lower council is made up of representatives from each Clan able to hold a definable territory within Black Chasm (and a few that don’t). This means that it boasts over one hundred members and is almost completely unable to get anything done.
All members of the lower council use the title Warlord (unless they have a different one),even though few of them actually command the amount of troops that would normally be needed before one could claim the title of Warlord.
Grey Seer Terrorfur (independent Grey Seer and leader of the council)

Disciple Fargazer (servant of Grey Seer Terrorfur)

Disciple Cazmirth (servant of Grey Seer Terrorfur)

Plague Master Tapus (leader of Clan Pestilens within Black Chasm)

Sheppard Depox (Clan Pestilens)

Plague Captain Haskrik (Clan Pestilens)

Master of the Guard Gnawil (Clan Pestilens)

Master of Filth Leishmania (Clan Pestilens)

Plague Priest Buski (Clan Pestilens)

Plague Priest Tunga (Clan Pestilens)

Guardian of the Dread Tower, Master of the Smithies, High Councillor Tafinali (leader of Clan Gual)

Iron Master Remth (Clan Gual)

Smith Chief Iogloth (Clan Gual)

Fanglord Brenmak (Clan Gual)

Chieftain Azmrekin (Clan Gual)

Chieftain Legwreth (Clan Gual)

Lord of Trade, Guardian of the Mines, Master of the Depth, High Councillor Huverb (leader of Clan Huverb)

Gatekeeper Lockmaw (Clan Huverb)

Dock Lord Ipfloat (Clan Huverb)

Tunnel Master Dramigger (Clan Huverb)

Setter of the Tolls Yetteripple (Clan Huverb)

Chieftain Seektraw (Clan Huverb)

Warlock Mecpaw (leader of Clan Skryre within the city)

Dome Master Pretnez (Clan Skryre)

Warlock Aquolmin (Clan Skryre)

Warlock Enz (Clan Skryre)

Engineer Tutterfull (Clan Skryre)

Grand Assassin Verminsnatch, Ex-Emissary of Clan Skarr, Bringer of Death, Blessed Servant of the Horned Rat and Death Marshal of Clan Eshin (master of Clan Eshin’s holdings within Black Chasm)

Assassin Yackor (Clan Eshin)

Assassin Nifawn (Clan Eshin)

Assassin Niz (Clan Eshin)

Lord of Chasmdeep, Shipmaster Tzarlik (leader of Clan Tzarlik)

Dockmaster Redvenom (Clan Tzarlik)

Captain Quale (Clan Tzarlik)

Shipwright Wetright (Clan Tzarlik)

Slavemaster Skirslik (leader of Clan Darfun)

Gold Lord Snepit (Clan Darfun)

Chieftain Quolmeth (Clan Darfun)

Controller of Beasts, Lord of Monsters, Almighty Packlord Gnawbite (leader of Clan Moulder within Black Chasm)

Master of Rats Taknawer (Clan Moulder)

Master Moulder Flelder (Clan Moulder)

Ruler of the Lake, Master of Food, Lord of the Tunnel, Warlord Vittrin (leader of Clan Vittrin)

Captain Dremquol (Clan Vittrin)

Master of the Passage, Chieftain Swimmet (Clan Vittrin)

Warlord Egnith (leader of Clan Worrlk)

Chieftain Wol (Clan Worrlk)

Engineer Drum (Clan Worrlk)

Fort Master Stealtail (leader of Clan Mors holding in Black Chasm)

Cheiftain Guardmor (Clan Mors)

Swamp Lord Swipraw (leader of Clan Nakber)

Corn Master Weatly (Clan Nakber)

Warlord Pron (leader of Clan Neckstripper)

Marshal Axerip (Clan Neckstripper)

Warlord Stockmace (leader of Clan Scarburk)

Stockmaster Teatnes (Clan Scarburk)

Tollmaster Lakberk (leader of Clan Yaknith)

Packmaster Sniff (Clan Yaknith)

Warlord Engrax (leader of Clan Yetterspawn)

Fangleader Dwinmell (Clan Yetterspawn)

Warlord Agmeth (leader of Clan Agmeth)

Warlord Amerenx (leader of Clan Amerenx)

Warlord Brutmux (leader of Clan Argmark)

Warlord Strinx (leader of Clan Bakfur)

Warlord Squin (leader of Clan Beefpaw)

Construction Master Colleam (leader of Clan Brokroon)

Warlord Vrinx (leader of Clan Cexfell)

Warlord Cranz (leader of Clan Cpmrox)

Warlord Daggermik (leader of Clan Daggermik)

Warlord Tellmin (leader of Clan Denthin)

Warlord Determine (leader of Clan Determine)

Master Architect Palrin (leader of Clan Drifle)

Leather Master Whipsdel (leader of Clan Drinkgth)

Warlord Emith (leader of Clan Emith)

Warlord Yuon (leader of Clan Empath)

Warlord Engreth (leader of Clan Engith)

Warlord Enth (leader of Clan Enth)

Warlord Grimth (leader of Clan Ertrul)

Warlord Fang (leader of Clan Fangcrusher)

Warlord Farnull (leader of Clan Farnull)

Warlord Fenwell (leader of Clan Fenwell)

Bishop Fett (leader of Clan Fetterwretch)

Warlord Frek (leader of Clan Freknell)

Rexscroll the scholarly (leader of Clan Frinth)

Warlord Graf (leader of Clan Grafmon)

Warlord Femtrith (leader of Clan Granmenth)

Warlord Kuninelf (leader of Clan Grimthen)

Warlord Kriff (leader of Clan Grum)

Warlord Rexper (leader of Clan Hextail)

Warlord Gritch (leader of Clan Hutterbar)

Warlord Imz (leader of Clan Imzex)

Warlord Fendez (leader of Clan Ipnath)

Warlord Qonth (leader of Clan Ixtress)

Warlord Iugo (leader of Clan Iugo)

Fangleader Fenth (on behalf of the leader of Clan Iuwgn)

Warlord Srik (leader of Clan Kernith)

Warlord Krosh (leader of Clan Krosk)

Warlord Mag (leader of Clan Magrith)

Fangleader Rim, Yex, Snimex, Quotroll, Aplin or Fonel (alternating seat holders for Clan Mell)

Warlord Dregnil (leader of Clan Melrik)

Warlord Meth (leader of Clan Menth)

Warlord Met (leader of Clan Metail)

Warlord Ore (leader of Clan Molior)

Tavern Master Freewheel (leader of Clan Murd)

Warlord Faxtell (leader of Clan Nagith)

Warlord Nell (leader of Clan Nellfrek)

Warlord Nem (leader of Clan Northmanni)

Warlord Drimz (leader of Clan Ocril)

Warlord Og (leader of Clan Oglith)

Warlord Opus (leader of Clan Opus)

Warlord Wram (leader of Clan Orgwrath)

Warlord Pent (leader of Clan Penrath)

Warlord Yerinth (leader of Clan Pikrix)

Warlord Pixmite (leader of Clan Pixmite)

Warlord Fernth (leader of Clan Plastdor)

Warlord Quon (leader of Clan Qouwbt)

Warlord Swiss (leader of Clan Quietus)

Warlord Quixneth (leader of Clan Quizneth)

Warlord Quin (leader of Clan Quinfang)

Warlord Trimth (leader of Clan Quingrath)

Warlord Qumix (leader of Clan Qumix)

Warlord Rank (leader of Clan Reek)

Warlord Equizreth (leader of Clan Regtex)

Warlord Rentlax (leader of Clan Rentlax)

Chieftain Taxmar (representative of Clan Rictus)

Warlord Richen (leader of Clan Roculder)

Warlord Sar (leader of Clan Sarkgrin)

Warlord Scav (leader of Clan Scav)

Captain Retterspred (representative of Clan Scurvy)

Warlord Elmin (leader of Clan Shirrk)

Warlord Frin (leader of Clan Skreeme)

Warlord Skroof (leader of Clan Skroof)

Warlord Rik (leader of Clan Skuff)

Master of Arms, Warlord Quickerfreek (leader of Clan Smeil)

Warlord Kel (leader of Clan Snarkel)

Warlord Snek (leader of Clan Snek)

Warlord Naru (leader of Clan Swarzik)

Warlord Elinth (leader of Clan Trabsnat)

Warlord Spry (leader of Clan Tranipth)

Shadow Master Uad (leader of Clan Uatdj)

Warlord Vars (leader of Clan Vars)

Doge Silevo (leader of Clan Veni)

Warlord Vrieks (leader of Clan Vrieks)

Warlord Wakrar (leader of Clan Wakrar)

The Director (leader of Clan Weatherwhip)

Warlord Grom (leader of Clan Weltfur)

Warlord Withmaw (leader of Clan Withmaw)

Warlord Frinx (leader of Clan Wixmel)

Warlord Wrak (leader of Clan Wrak)

Warlord Frimkth (leader of Clan Ykavan)

Warlord Zurr (leader of Clan Zurr)

Upper Council

Consisting of the leader of those few Clans able to gather five seats on the lower council the upper council still has trouble making decisions due to the fact that any Clan able to become powerful enough to get a seat will almost invariably be actively working against the holders of the other seats.
Grey Seer Terrorfur (Independent Grey Seer and leader the council)

Plague Master Tapus (Leader of Clan Pestilens within Black Chasm)

Guardian of the Dread Tower, Master of the Smithies, High Councillor Tafinali (Leader of Clan Gual)

Lord of Trade, Guardian of the Mines, Master of the Depth, High Councillor Huverb (Leader of Clan Huverb)

Warlock Mecpaw (Leader of Clan Skryre within the city)

Figures of Importance

Black Chasm has many important figures. Some are members of one (or both) of the city’s councils, some rule Clans, and some don’t even live within the hold. In the end it doesn’t matter, for they and those that follow them have an impact on what happens within Black Chasm.

Grey Seer Terrorfur:
As the chair of both the upper and lower councils, Grey Seer Terrorfur is the public face of Black Chasm. This means that when those outside of Black Chasm look for someone to bribe they most often come to him. However, every advantage has a disadvantage, and if something goes wrong than the Grey Seer is the first in line for blame. Still, as an adept politician he has mastered the art of passing blame off to others. During upper council sessions the sly rat appears to cast his vote via the roll of Warpstone dice; however, this is simply a clever ruse to grant him deniability if he were to be accused of bias towards any particular Clan.
With his power consolidated and his Disciples Fargazer and Cazmirth fighting for his praise, the Seer has turned his attention elsewhere. Thanks to an ‘arrangement’ with Clan Pestilens he is considered to be the only rat in Black Chasm able to interpret the Horned Rat’s will. That position, however, is threatened both by the sudden appearance of ‘The Learned One’ and the occasional ‘surprise’ visit by the neighbouring Grey Seer, Grey Seer Skrit.

Plague Master Tapus:
As ruler of the largest single Clan in Black Chasm and one of the largest Clan Pestilens holdings outside of the Southlands, Plague Master Tapus enjoys a lap of luxury that is envied by every Skaven in Black Chasm, yet still he wants more. Having reached an ‘arrangement’ with Grey Seer Terrorfur, Tapus looks now to expand his holdings. At the top of his agenda is discovering what the cause behind the unusually high amount of ‘accidents’ in those sectors he has an interest in is. Then he will eliminate the cause and move onto phase two: eliminating the pest that is Grey Seer Skirit

Guardian of the Dread Tower, Master of the Smithies, High Councillor Tafinali: Tafinali has seen the ascension of Clan Mors and has hopes that Black Chasm can grow to a position to rival the City of Pillars. To take over Black Chasm he needs to hold back the opposition while chipping away at their power bases. For now Eshin, Moulder and Skryre are of little worry. With Eshin and Skryre busy fighting each other and Moulder facing three rivals just for the position of being the seventh most powerful Clan, the Warlord’s focus is instead of Clan Pestilens. Plague Master Tapus is obviously out to take control of Black Chasm, and so far the only way that Tafinali has devised to stop the Plague Master is via an alliance with Clan Huverb. Between the two of them they can block the motions of Tapus even when Grey Seer Terrorfur is supporting them.

Lord of Trade, Guardian of the Mines, Master of the Depth, High Councillor Huverb:
The precarious alliance with Clan Gual means that Clan Huverb can focus its might on dealing with Clan Pestilens. With control of the Under-River Tunnel, the plan is now to establish a foothold in southern Black Chasm from which to monitor and counter to actions of Clan Pestilens. Still, Warlord Huverb did not gain his position by pursuing only one goal, and he has a myriad of agents out there trying to keep the other Greater Clans down, drive Clan Yaknith out of business so the toll roads to the mines fall completely under his control, discover if there is any truth to the rumours about the Dread Passage, keep Clans Tzarlik and Vittrin fighting, and discover if there is truth to the suggestion that the enigma that is Grey Seer Skirit holds a grudge against Clan Pestilens.

Warlock Mecpaw:
The Dome, the blasted Dome is the focus of almost all of Warlock Mecpaw’s attention, or at least that’s what everyone thinks. When not distracted by the constant switching of control of the Dome, Warlock Mecpaw is busy arranging for his other schemes to come to fruition, the downfall of Clan Pestilens being the main one. If Clan Pestilens falls there will be a power vacuum that Mecpaw plans for Clan Skryre to fill. He just needs to keep everyone else looking the other way long enough for everything to move into position. That and actually discover what it is that resides inside the Dome; not that Mecpaw would ever admit to anyone that he doesn’t know.

Grand Assassin Verminsnatch, Ex-Emissary of Clan Skarr, Bringer of Death, Blessed Servant of the Horned Rat and Death Marshal of Clan Eshin: Control and safety are the focus of the newly appointed Death Marshal. The death of his predecessor means Verminsnatch is in the golden hour of his rule, with underlings suddenly having to switch their plans from being against Darfur to against Verminsatch. His subordinates need to re- plan their personal schemes means that the Grand Assassin can focus fully on his other goals. The old goals of advancement and gaining more power left by Darkfur are effectively running on autopilot while Verminsnatch deals with new problems, maintains alliances and deals with the constant appearance of Grey Seer Skirit. The wicked old Seer appears unwilling to let Verminsnatch forget that he is where he is today thanks to him, and that if he wants to stay where he is than he needs to occasionally ‘help’ Skirit with his own schemes.

Lord of Chasmdeep, Shipmaster Tzarlik:
With four seats on the lower council, Shipmaster Tzarlik is closer than ever to reaching the Upper Council. All he needs to do is overrun Clan Scarburk; how difficult could that be? Things, however, are never that simple; Scarburk is being protected by at least one other Clan, the Shipmaster having finally decided that instead of wasting resources working who it is; that is financing his enemies’ survival, he will simply assume everyone is chipping in. After all, he’s probably right. Still, even while focusing on gaining full control of Black Chasm’s warehouses, the Warlord knows he has to keep his rivals down; Eshin and Skryre can keep each other occupied, so Tzarlik’s main worry is that Warlord Vittrin will find a way to get around using the Tzarlik docks. If such an occurrence were to happen, it would spell catastrophe for Clan Tzarlik, as they would need to take control of the remaining warehouses just to keep his current bench of seats on the lower council.

Slavemaster Skirslik:
With his holding isolated from the rest of Black Chasm, Skirslik has managed to keep out of council politics; unlike everyone else he can actually expand his powerbase without hurting another Skaven. While this may be less fun, it’s much safer. All Skirslik has to do is ensure he doesn’t get toppled from the inside, keep the toll roads from being under any one Clan’s control and keep on digging. The bigger the mines get the more power that Skirslik will have, and all he has to do is preserve the status quo. With Skryre too busy fighting Eshin and Moulder too small,l the Slavemaster doesn’t even have to worry about anyone else stating up a new section of mines. After all, it took generation to dig the ones he controls by hand. As long as there is a steady supply of slaves to dig precious stones from the earth, Slavemaster Skirslik is more than happy to sit back and let the other powers fight amongst themselves.

Controller of Beasts, Lord of Monsters, Almighty Packlord Gnawbite:
“Moulder isn’t weak, Moulder isn’t weak”; the phrase that Packlord Gnawbite repeats to himself on an almost daily basis, perhaps hoping that if he says it often enough it will become true. With three other Clans jockeying for the position of seventh strongest Clan, Moulder just doesn’t have the strength it needs to make a big difference in Black Chasm politics. In the end he needs more money; if Hell Pit would just send him enough Master Moulders he could make a difference. Still, Packlord Verminkin appears to ignoring his pleas for help. Perhaps if there is something in the Dread Passage it might convince his higher-ups that Gnawbite is worth investing in. While that plan forms, the Packlord will have to content himself with making what contribution he can to preventing complete Pestilens dominance of Black Chasm.

Ruler of the Lake, Master of Food, Lord of the Tunnel, Warlord Vittrin:
“Power-mad decisional egomaniac” is commonly agreed to be the best way to describe Warlord Vittrin. While most Warlords name their Clans after themselves, few have the ego to also name a geographical feature after himself as well, yet Lake Vitttrin stands as a testament to the Warlord’s ever-growing ego. If he had his way, the southern gateway would be named after him as well, and only the relative saneness of Chieftain Swimmet has prevented this occurrence. When he isn’t busy naming things after himself, Vittrin is working on his plans to cut Clan Tzarlik off from as much business as possible. The plans for connecting Lake Vittrin to the rest of Black Chasm are constantly being reviewed and reworked; sure Captain Dreamqul said something about “earthquakes, geological shifts, depth breaks, height differentials” and “waterfalls,” but all the Ruler of the Lake got out of that was that “The Snout of Vittrin” would be a great name for a waterfall.

Warlord Egnith: Warlord Egnith has taken his inspiration from a brief sighting of a fearsome Dragon Turtle. After watching the creature hunker down then spring forth and incinerate its enemy in a blazing storm of fire, the ratman has known how he will take control of Black Chasm. Clan Amerenx stands as testament to what happens when Skaven lack a strong leader; Warlord Egnith’s plan is follow the man-thing saying of “remove the head and the body will fall”. If he can take out each of his rival Warlords, then their Clans should descend into civil war long enough for him to gobble up a small patch of land from each of them. With his ‘doomsday machine’ once more warming up, Egnith is ready to take out yet another rival; he just needs to decide which one is the most pressing concern.

Grey Seer Skirit: Grey Seer Skirit doesn’t actually live in Black Chasm; his presence however is strongly felt by the hold’s many inhabitants. Whatever it is that the Grey Seer does outside of the city, when he comes inside he is always looking for something, and Grey Seer Skirit always finds what he is after. His reputation has Grey Seer Skirit as responsible for the rise of many of Black Chasm’s Clans, the fall of many more and the death of several of the hold’s most important leaders. How much is rumour and how much is truth is anyone’s guess; what is known is that both Grey Seer Terrorfur and Plague Master Tapus want Skirit dead, and that anyone with the skill to avoid death at the hands of such powerful individuals must have access to fearsome powers himself.

The Learned One:
Perhaps the least known famous Skaven in Black Chasm, the Learned One is a walking contradiction, claiming to be a representative of the Horned Rat’s priesthood while standing in direct opposition of Grey Seer Terrorfur’s declaration that as a Grey Seer, he is the one true authority on religious matters. With one Clan already under his belt, the Learned One is obviously out to establish a powerbase of religious fanaticism within Black Chasm. What he intends to do then is anyone’s guess, but just the suggestion that someone else could be speaking the will of the Horned Rat has got Grey Seer Terrorfur calling in every favour he is owed, even those owed to him by the Skavenblight Inquisition.

Guildmaster Yemrin:
The Free Zone is what makes Black Chasm unique amongst Skaven holds. Only Skavenblight has a bigger population of free rats. Many such Skaven need jobs to maintain their independent lifestyles, after all while freedom is nice, it’s quite a shock to suddenly be responsible for everything to do with your life. That’s where Guildmaster Yemrin steps in. Having made contact with almost all the big employers in the Free Zone, the Guildmaster ensures that those Skaven who pay their dues to the ‘Black Chasm Workers’ Guild’ are almost always able to find some kind of work. If one wants to make friends in the Free Zone, then Yemrin is one of the best places to start, as he wields more influence than many of the city’s Warlords.

Fangtaker Empteth:
The first thing that one learns as an independent Skaven is that staying safe is not easy. Even with the establishment of the Free Zone, it’s not easy to avoid dying a short brutal death at the hands of a rat out to make a quick token. Having realised this, Fangtaker Empteth runs what he has dubbed the ‘Black Chasm Protection Force’. For a small fee Empteth will have the roving Stormvermin patrols under his command pass your residence and ‘detain’ any ‘criminals’ they encounter. He’s even expanded into the field of investigation; apparently a Skaven is much less likely to commit a ‘crime’ if they know they will be hunted down afterwards. While certainly not the only private police force in the Free Zone, the Protection Force is both the largest and the best run. They’ve even purchased a collection of cells from Chief Jailer Uolgoth; after all if every criminal was executed people would stop committing crimes. It is much better to incarcerate them for a short period and then let them back out.

Chief Jailer Uolgoth: While not a Warlord, Chief Jailer Uolgoth certainly lives like one (by Black Chasm standards). The two prisons that he manages are used by Skaven both inside Black Chasm and nearby to hold anyone they need kept alive but secure. Man-thing knights, beard-thing engineers, elf-thing princelings, green-thing war bosses, and Skaven chieftains all share cells next to each other until their ‘sentence’ is up or their incarcerator stops paying. While he is bound to hold any captives the councils send him, Uolgoth gets so few that most of the space is used for private incarcerations. A few enterprising Skaven have even taken to using the cells to protect themselves from assassination, the prisons are that secure.
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Map Key

1: “Free Zone” The Free Zone contains not only the main market district but also a wide variety of other buildings. As the only area of any size within Black Chasm not claimed by a Clan (beyond those areas under the direct control of the Black Chasm Council), it is here that the city’s resident “Free” Skaven live. Not bound to any particular Clan, these Skaven operate completely independently, running their own stalls, mining crews, bodyguards, sects, debt collecting agencies, and a variety of other hair-rained projects.

2: “Gual Industrial District” Outside of the Skryre sector of the city, the Gual industrial district is the most heavily industrialised part of Black Chasm. Buildings have gaps between them just large enough for a cart to squeeze though. The ceiling above the sector is blackened from the constant pall of smoke that is belched forth by the infernal factories.

3: “Clan Bakfur District” With the Free Zone to the north and the Gual Industrial District to the east, Clan Bakfur survives by virtue of Warlord Strinx having a contact list that rivals that of Clan Eshin. Able to get orders of anything and everything delivered to his district in record time Strinx acts as the supplier for many of the free sector’s shops, not to mention the lucrative contract he has recently signed with Clan Gual.

4: Clan Nagith District” Built against the northern wall of Black Chasm, the Nagith district holds Clan Nagith, who are constantly rumoured to be trying to dig a secret tunnel into the mines. Whether such rumours are true or not none can tell. However, it is well knows that Warlord Faxtell deeply coverts the income generated by the two sectors that control access to the mines.

5: “Clan Argmark District” With almost half its border running against the Free Zone, Clan Argmark relies on brute muscle to keep itself alive. Many of the Clan’s best Stormvermin are hired out to enterprising merchants within the Free Zone to act as guards. Local mercenary groups within the Free Zone are known to attack Argmark guards on sight as a way to eliminate the competition.

6: “Clan Quinfang District” Sharing a border with Clan Nagith, the main focus of Warlord Quin’s desire to expand is westward. The rumours of Nagith diggers having broken into the mines have made the Warlord double his efforts to conquer his neighbour.

7: “Clan Farnull District” Clan Farnull is a Clan in decline. Under constant pressure from its neighbours to the east, it is all Warlord Farnull can do the keep them at bay. What little resources that are not used for the Clan’s physical defences are spent to keep the Clan’s western neighbours from attacking.

8: “Clan Grum District”
While Clan Grum is at open war with its western neighbour, Warlord Kriff is determined to avoid a second front opening up with Clan Skuff. To this end his focus has not been on the relatively weak southern border, but instead on the northern portion that also borders Clan Skuff. The chieftains are constantly told to separate Clan Skuff and Farnull so as to prevent anyone else getting a share of the spoils.

9: “Clan Skroof District” Surrounded on all sides by powerful neighbours Clan Skroof has no room to expand into. To deal with this problem, Warlord Skroof has begun channelling the Clan’s resources elsewhere. By befriending a selection of independent Skaven within the Free Zone he intends to march his army though this neutral territory and take Clan Farnull from behind.

10: “The Skryre Gateway” Acting as a buffer between the Clan Skryre Sector and the rest of Black Chasm, the Skryre gateway is actually independent of Clan Skryre. Warlord Rexper is fiercely independent and states that the shipments he receives from Clan Skryre have nothing to do with his sector’s incredibly tight security against spies attempting to pass though.

11: “Skryre Sector” Dug deep into the cavern wall, Clan Skryre’s holdings are tirelessly patrolled by guards protecting against spies. Despite being quite small when compared to the Skryre sectors in other Skaven holds of a similar size, Chief Warlock Mecpaw is determined to wield the kind of influence here that Skryre does in other holds and tries to use his Clan’s easy access to The Dome to do this.

12: “Clan Vrieks District” Warlord Vrieks has a much better standard of living than a Warlord of his standing should have. A few years ago, the Clan’s diggers accidentally found themselves perilously close to the border with Skrye territory. Instead of halting operations as their Warlord had promised, the enterprising diggers kept going. The leader of the group went on to (after the rest of the team had died in mysterious circumstances) become the Clan’s Warlord after striking a deal with an Eshin assassin who needed access to the Skryre sector. Since his rise to the position of Warlord, Vrieks has kept the tunnel a closely guarded secret. He allows only those willing to pay masses of token passage through the tunnel and into the Skryre sector.

13: “Lower Toll Roads” Controlled by Clan Huverb, the toll roads run strait from the main cavern to the mines. Any traffic wishing to pass though must pay a steep toll or find themselves on the wrong side of the deadly Huverb Stormvermin.

14: “Clan Reek District” Clan Reek used to own the upper toll road. They were driven out when Warlord Lakberk’s predecessor raised an army. Since then the Clan has been scheming to regain its lost glory and punish those who have kept it from them.

15: “Upper Toll Roads” Controlled by Clan Yaknith and its Warlord Lakberk, the upper toll roads are patrolled just as fiercely as the lower ones. Sniffer rats from Clan Moulder constantly check all the traffic for hidden goods.

16: “Black Chasm Mines” Dug mostly by hand due to the lack of a strong Moulder or Skryre presence, the mines that branch out from Black Chasm are mostly controlled by Clan Darfun, whose Warlord, Slavemaster Skirslik, is constantly trying to play Clans Huverb and Yaknith against each other so as to lower the price of the tolls.

17: “Clan Skuff District” Busy with two border wars, Clan Skuff is unable to properly exploit the weakness of Clan Farnull. The constant skirmishes and backstabbing (more often literal than figurative) with its two neighbours keeps the best the Clan has to offer busy. Warlord Rik knows that if he is to establish a foothold in Clan Farnull’s territory he has to do it before he is cut off by Clan Grum.

18: “Clan Snarkel District” Despite constant warfare with both its northern neighbours, Clan Snarkel does surprisingly well. With its western and southern borders secure, the Clan has begun building up an excess of troops. Warlord Kel is forced maintain the constant switching of alliances between Zurr and Skuff due to the constant backstabbing. His latest plan is to build up a strike force big enough to knock one of the Clans out of the fight long enough for him to eliminate the other one.

19: “Clan Zurr District” Warlord Zurr is one of the oddest Skaven in Black Chasm. With a surprisingly keen mind, he has realised that there is no way to break the deadlock between himself, Clan Snarkel and Clan Skuff militarily. His revolutionary idea is to establish an alliance with one of the Clans and stick to it. Such an idea may well catch his chosen enemy by surprise and allow him and his ally to crush them.

20: “The Great Gateway” Acting as the main entrance to Black Chasm, it is though the Great Gateway that most of the hold’s traffic flows. The tunnel itself is actually blocked by a massive wall that stretches the whole way across. The many gates in the wall act as a way to regulate (and place tolls upon) the traffic that passes though Clan Huverb’s territory.

21: “Clan Krosk District” Warlord Krosh is a Warlord with high ambitions. He has spent years making his Clan look small and unworthy of attention. The Warlord’s plan is one for the long term. By establishing a web of alliances, friends, lies and informants, he intends to gain a place on the Upper Council. The idea stems from his knowledge of how difficult it is to gain such a position though normal means. Once all his pawns are in place, the ambitious Warlord plans to seize control of the Dread Tower while the Upper Council are in session. By holding the assembled leaders to ransom he plans to gain his seat and become powerful enough to avoid serious reprisal attacks.

22: “Clan Murd District” Unlike a normal clan, Clan Murd makes its fortune not with solders but via the assortment of boarding houses within its territory, merchants passing though the Great Gateway need somewhere to stay and Murd provides. The Clan is, however, only able to count on the newer merchants to stay with them. The more experienced ones head for the Free Zone where they can get better services for lower prices.

23: “Clan Vars District” Clan Vars is lead by a determined Warlord. Warlord Vars’ lands were once under the control of Clan Skreeme. After breaking away, Warlord Vars has become obsessed with seeing the end of Clan Skreeme’s leader. Warlord Frin wisely fears for his life.

24: “Clan Skreeme District”
Lead by Warlord Frin, Clan Skreeme has seen better days. While the war with Clan Vars is not going horribly, it could go better. Several of the chieftains have become tired of a conflict that gains them nothing. Having recently discovered that Warlord Vars’ hatred is not for their Clan but just for their leader, they are considering staging a coup and sending the unfortunate Warlord across the border.

25: “The Dread Tower” Home to the Black Chasm Council, the Tower is the grandest building in the entire city. A poor mockery of the shattered tower in Skavenblight, it holds not only the chambers for the Upper and Lower Councils’ but also the city’s archives and the personal accommodations for Grey Seer Terrorfur and his many disciples. The area directly outside the tower is controlled by Clan Gual, and they use control of this territory to exert great influence.

26: “Clan Shirrk District” As part of the Great Sextuple, Clan Shrrik is able to act with much greater force than its size would suggest. When the six Warlords are able to agree on a course of action (a scarily common occurrence), their combined forces are able to wreak havoc. Instead of following the normal course of conquering land, the Warlords plan to draw Clans into their grouping one by one. Originally the Great Quadruple, they have already expanded and continue to do so at an even faster rate than before. As one of the founding members, Clan Shrirk wields more power than the newer members.

27: “Clan Smeil District” As part of the Great Sextuple, Clan Smeil is able to act with much greater force than its size would suggest. When the six Warlords are able to agree on a course of action (a scarily common occurrence), their combined forces are able to wreak havoc. Instead of following the normal course of conquering land, the Warlords plan to draw Clans into their grouping one by one. Originally the Great Quadruple, they have already expanded and continue to do so at an even faster rate than before. As one of the founding members, Clan Smeil was able to negotiate the position of Master of Arms for its Warlord.

28: “Clan Uatdj District”
As part of the Great Sextuple, Clan Uatdj is able to act with much greater force than its size would suggest. When the six Warlords are able to agree on a course of action (a scarily common occurrence), their combined forces are able to wreak havoc. Instead of following the normal course of conquering land, the Warlords plan to draw Clans into their grouping one by one. Originally the Great Quadruple, they have already expanded and continue to do so at an even faster rate than before. As one of the founding members, Clan Uatdj has become the supplier of assassins and saboteurs for the Sextuple.

29: “Clan Kernith District”
As part of the Great Sextuple, Clan Kernith is able to act with much greater force than its size would suggest. When the six Warlords are able to agree on a course of action (a scarily common occurrence), their combined forces are able to wreak havoc. Instead of following the normal course of conquering land, the Warlords plan to draw Clans into their grouping one by one. Originally the Great Quadruple, they have already expanded and continue to do so at an even faster rate than before. As one of the founding members, Clan Kernith was given the duty of patrolling the shared border. While this has given them ample opportunity for treachery, Warlord Srik knows that he would not survive such an incident.

30: “Clan Wixmel District”
As part of the Great Sextuple, Clan Wixmel is able to act with much greater force than its size would suggest. When the six Warlords are able to agree on a course of action (a scarily common occurrence), their combined forces are able to wreak havoc. Instead of following the normal course of conquering land, the Warlords plan to draw Clans into their grouping one by one. Originally the Great Quadruple, they have already expanded and continue to do so at an even faster rate than before. Having put up a much stronger fight than expected by the original four members, much of Clan Wixmel’s territory is still ravaged. Now that he is not the newest member, Warlord Frinx hopes to use resources from the recently conquered lands of Clan Cexfell to rebuild his Clan’s territory.

31: “Clan Cexfell District” As part of the Great Sextuple, Clan Cexfell is able to act with much greater force than its size would suggest. When the six Warlords are able to agree on a course of action (a scarily common occurrence), their combined forces are able to wreak havoc. Instead of following the normal course of conquering land, the Warlords plan to draw Clans into their grouping one by one. Originally the Great Quadruple, they have already expanded and continue to do so at an even faster rate than before. As the most recent member to join the Sextuple, Clan Cexfell is currently housing most of the Sextuple’s troops. Warlord Cexfell built a mass of barracks before his eventual defeat, and the most opulent of them is being occupied by his replacement, Warlord Vrinx.

32: “First Clan Neckstripper District”
Warlord Pron Neckstripper is unsure of his future. While the fall of Clan Cexfell was pleasing to Warlord Pron (the death of Warlord Cexfell being especially so), it cost him his last bastion of defence against the Quadruple. While other Clans are willing to fund his war, only Cexfell was willing to actually fight. Having received a letter inviting him to join the Sextuple and make it a Septuple. He is considering the offer simple as a way to stay alive.

33: “Second Clan Neckstripper District”
Simply an extension of Clan Neckstripper’s holdings, the second district holds little of special value. Its main use is as a housing area for the Clan’s troops, who are under the command of Marshal Axerip.

34: “Clan Hutterbar District”
Situated in the middle of Black Chasm, Clan Hutterbar has little in the way of natural resources to exploit. Instead, Warlord Gritch has tasked his many underlings with providing skilled labour. As the largest single supplier of Skavenbrew, Clan Hutterbar is able to hire enough mercenaries to keep its breweries safe from all but the most expert intrusion attempts.

35: “Clan Pikrix District” Lying to the south of Clan Gual’s territory, the lands of Clan Pikrix are mostly devoted to the creation of basic industrial implements. Providing many of the carts and wagons that haul the latest selection of Gual weaponry to its destination, the rats of Clan Pikrix are able to support themselves surprisingly well. Warlord Yerinth has begun to use some of the profits made to fund Clan Neckstripper and its fight against the Great Sextuple. After all, it would not do him any good to have an expansionist neighbour in his backyard.

36: “Clan Ertrul District” Clan Ertul relies almost completely on small groups of mercenaries hired from the Free Zone for security. By selling most of their young, the Clan is able to not only fund its security requirements, but Warlord Grimth is able to avoid any strong local Skaven rising to a position close to his own.

37: “Clan Imzex District”
Small and tightly packed, Clan Imzex knows it will not last long. This is possibly the major factor in why the Clan is seeing such a high rate of desertion. Warlord Imz has begun to consider joining with Clan Ocril; after all the alliance only needs to last long enough for him to rip out Warlord Drimz’s throat.

38: “Clan Ocril District” Small and tightly packed, Clan Ocril knows it will not last long. This is possibly the major factor in why the Clan is seeing such a high rate of desertion. Warlord Drimz has begun to consider joining with Clan Imzex; after all the alliance only needs to last long enough for him to rip out Warlord Imzz’s throat.

39: “Clan Grafmon District”
Clan Grafmon is a Clan with only one mission: to beat Clan Enth to stealing the Gromil mine from Clan Weltfur.

40: “Clan Plastdor District” Clan Pastdor mines. Not too far and not to deep, but they mine, up and up. Warlord Fernth may well have a plan, for the long tunnels going straight up seem to lack much in the way of practical use.

41: “Clan Weltfur District” Clan Welfur relies on a small vein of Gromil for its wealth. Recent negotiations with Clan Skryre have meant that new tools for digging out the Gromil are on the way. Warlord Drimx simply needs to survive until this equipment arrives.

42: “Clan Corles District” Clan Corles is a Clan in civil war, with both Warlord Renmirth and Warlord Quinwrath claiming to be on control. Until one side emerges dominant, the Clan’s seat on the lower council remains empty.

43: “Clan Ixtress District”
With most of its neighbours busy with civil wars on disputes over mining rights, Clan Inxtress has begun to leave the borders with everyone but Clan Granmenth empty. The transfer of forces has been slow but is now almost complete. Soon Warlord Qonth will conquer Clan Granmenth and have a second seat on the Lower Council.

44: “Clan Enth District”
Having little in the way of usable materials locally available, Warlord Enth has decided that a migration is in order. He plans to uproot the entire Clan and launch a full scale invasion of Clan Weltfur’s territory. He just needs to wait until Clan Grafmon is busy.

45: “Clan Iuwgn District”
Clan Iuwgn is officially the domain of Warlord Iuwgn. However, due to his constant fear of assassination (on a level beyond even normal Skaven paranoia), all orders are carried out by Fangleader Fenth. The Fangleader even attends meeting of the lower council for his master.

46: “Clan Granmenth District”
Clan Granmenth is a Clan lacking in informants. Without any reliable way to predict the moves of his many enemies, Warlord Femtrith has been forced to rely on information purchased from Clan Eshin. With Grand Assassin Verminsnatch suddenly demanding even more tokens for each piece of information, Warlord Fremtrith is starting to worry.

47: “Clan Brokroon District” Clan Brokroon acts as the main constructors of buildings in western Black Chasm. They build some of the strongest and most blast resistant buildings in the city.

48: “Clan Qouwbt District”
Clan Qouwbt is ruled by one of the oddest Skaven in Black Chasm. What makes Warlord Quon so strange is that he has befriended a fellow Warlord. He hasn't done so in the typical Skaven fashion of planning to stab him at the first opportunity, but has instead developed an actual friendship with Warlord Squin, similar to the kind that exists among man-things.

49: “Clan Beefpaw District”
Warlord Squin rules his Clan with an iron fist. Dealing with any and all traitors in a brutal fashion means that all members of his Clan fear him. The one Skaven that doesn’t fear him is Warlord Quon. This is due to the two Warlords having formed a friendship. Almost unheard of in Skaven politics, such a thing does seem to have its advantages...

50: “Clan Eshin Sector”
Dug into the walls of Black Chasm as if by a monstrous worm, the Eshin sector is a mystery to all but a few of Black Chasm’s inhabitants. Snaking though the walls of Black Chasm, the Eshin tunnels grant the Clan not only their own small port but a second exit into the main cavern and a way to attempt to seize the Dome. The newly risen Grand Assassin Verminsnatch has much less influence than Eshin normally posesses in holds of Black Chasm’s size, yet what influence he posses he wields with deadly precision.

51: “Clan Cpmrox District” Allied with the mighty Clan Gual, Clan Cpmrox provides information to its ally. In exchange, Warlord Cranz receives a discounted price on weapons produced within Clan Gual’s forges.

52: “Clan Engith District” Warlord Engreth is in the unique and highly dangerous position of blackmailing Clan Eshin. The secret tunnel by which Grand Assassin Verminsnatch dispatches many of his agents is not as secret as he would like. Having built one of the most secure burrows in all of Black Chasm, Warlord Engreth has no fear of Eshin assassins and as such is paid handsomely to keep quiet about the tunnel.

53: “Clan Quingrath District” Possessing only a narrow worthless strip of Chasmdeep, Clan Quingrath holds little in the way of power. This annoys the Clan’s Warlord greatly, and he has plans to change things. Warlord Trimth has been negotiating with Clan Scurvy to provide exclusive docking facilities. With the deal signed, all he now needs in to build a dock, or seize one.

54: “Huverb Docks” Despite being only a quarter of the docks that stretch along the Chasmdeep, Clan Huverb is still able to use its small amount of dock space as leverage against Clan Tzarlik.

55: “Northern Tzarlik Docks” Built on the north side of Chasmdeep, the docks are managed for Clan Tzarlik by Dockmaster Redvenom, who has a fierce rivalry with the nearby Huverb docks and is routinely accused of attempting to sabotage the other Clan’s mooring points.

56: “Clan Sarkgrin District” Clan Sarkgrin is a Clan built on jealously. Unable to construct its own docks due to the terrain, the Clan has instead set its sights on the nearby Under-River Tunnel. While for now Clan Huverb maintains too strong a guard, Warlord Sar is a patient Skaven and has troops in position to secure the tunnel mouth the moment the Clan Huverb sets its guard slip.

57: “The Under-River Tunnel” Reputed to have been dug by an almighty Feed Maw, the tunnel passes under Chasmdeep and is used by Clan Huverb to compete with Clan Tzarlik. Despite the high cost for using the tunnel, it still sees heavy traffic from both individual Skaven who wish to avoid taking the Tzarlik ferry and those Clans that do not want to trust dockrats with whatever they wish to transport.

58: “Clan Magrith Holdings”
Clan Magrith is a Clan at war. Ever since the charismatic Warlord Quinxneth declared himself ruler of his own little Clan, Warlord Mag has been attempting to crush the rebel upstart. Sadly for him, Clan Quizneth has enough Warptokens to hire a sizable force of mercenaries. Warlord Mag is currently exploring alternate means of conquest via both Clan Eshin and others.

59: “Clan Quizneth Outcrop”
Having previously belonged to Clan Magrith, the outcrop declared itself separate under the leadership of Warlord Quixneth. Despite being situated in what should be barren and worthless territory, Clan Quizneth has extensive enough coffers to hire mercenaries to protect it against Margrith’s attempts to recapture the outcrop. Rumours persist that this income comes from a secret dock that Quizneth operates, yet Warlord Quizneth fervently denies any such claims, insisting that he simply has a way with money.

60: “Clan Drinkgth District”
The small area of Black Chasm under the control of Clan Drinkgth is perhaps the worst smelling outside of the Pestilent Stronghold. Specialising in leatherworks, Clan Drikgath has a massive array of furnaces and tanneries working nonstop to meet the demand of their biggest customer, Clan Moulder.

61: “Wall of Beasts”
The Wall of Beasts is the home of Clan Moulder’s small gathering of packmasters. Dug into the wall of Black Chasm, the tunnels lack anywhere near the depth or size of the holdings of Eshin and Skryre, and this is something that irks Packlord Gnawbite greatly. Gnawbite only maintains the Clan’s three seats on the lower council though a steady stream of sniffer rat sales to Clan Yaknit, something that angers Clan Huverb to no end.

62: “Clan Mell District” Clan Mell doesn’t actually have a name. It is still called Clan Mell despite Warlord Mell having been dead for a long time. The problem is that he was never truly replaced. Instead, the six most powerful Stormvermin run the Clan as a council and take turns sitting in the Clan’s seat on the lower council.

63: “Clan Iugo District”
Warlord Iugo is in a precarious position. After taking control of the Clan, he spent a sizable amount of time installing and training a selection of handpicked chieftains to maintain order. Unluckily for him, the chieftains have since realised that they are not going to be gaining any new land any time soon and as such have turned on him. The question is no longer if Warlord Iugo will be overthrown, but who will lead the coup?

64: “Clan Weatherwhip District”
Specialised beyond even normal Skaven levels in the trade of humanoid flesh, Clan Weathership is not named after its leader, who goes only by ‘Director’, but instead after the item that sees the most use by the Clan’s many slave drivers (the origin of the word Weatherwhip however remains a mystery).
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65: “Clan Northmanni District” There is nothing remarkable about Clan Northmanni. Absolutely nothing makes the Clan stand out from the seething mass of other Clans throughout the UnderEmpire. It’s almost enough to make one suspicious...

66: “Clan Opus District” Warlord Opus runs a mercenary Clan unlike other mercenary Clans. His Clan specialises in hiring themselves out not to fight, but to work. Clan Opus’ specialised work gangs can be found across Black Chasm doing jobs that other Clans wish to outsource.

67: “Clan Daggermik District”
Warlord Daggermik has managed to secure himself from most external danger. With all his neighbours busy elsewhere, he has had the time to build up a strong military. Most strangely he even has a small navy ready to go, despite lacking access to Chasmdeep. Once he picks which of the dock areas he will conquer, the Warlord will give the order for his troops to move in.

68: “Clan Fenwell District”
Warlord Fenwell knows that Warlord Engreth is hiding something. Whatever it is obviously the reason that the upstart Warlord is able to hold black Fenwell’s soldiers despite never appearing on the battlefield. Still, with time he remains certain that he will take Fenwell’s land and discover whatever it is that keeps the Warlord in such good supply of Warptokens.

69: “Clan Oglith District” Holding a position far from Clan Pestilens it is not surprising that the Clan was quickly offered the chance to act as an informed for Clan Pestilens on the happenings in the area. Warlord Og has a deep mistrust of all deeply religious Skaven, whether they be Pestilens or Grey Seers. Still as long as he gets paid he’s work for anyone.

70: “Clan Freknell District” Clan Freknell was recently one with Clan Nellfrek (under the name Clan Drim). However, after the older Warlord died the two most powerful chieftains, Chieftain Frek and Chieftain Nell, decided that instead of fighting each other they would split the land in two. Warlord Frek is still getting used to the job, so for now he isn’t planning to expand.

71: “Clan Withmaw District” The war-torn lands of Clan Amerenx do not make good neighbours. Sadly for him, Warlord Withmaw was almost defeated by Warlord Drim before he died and as such Clan Withmaw lacks the capability to subjugate, never mind conquer, the lands of his anarchistic neighbour. As such, he has been pushing for a council-backed intervention where multiple Clans would supply troops to deal with the chaos in Black Chasm’s heart.

72: “Clan Amerenx District” Clan Amerenx has almost completely ceased to exist. While Warlord Amerenx is recognised as the representative of this area on the council, he controls little more than a few streets. The lands of Clan Amerenx are in complete chaos. With over a dozen different ‘Warlords’ claiming to control the land, most of Black Chasm’s inhabitants give the area a wide berth.

73: “Clan Regtex District” Warlord Equizreth is a rat with a mission. After almost drowning in a vat of Skavenbrew, he has since declared that such foul drinks are poisoning the minds of loyal Skaven are the reason behind the lack of Ascension. Despite making no sense at all, he has kept his Clan in order and now marches to war against Clan Hutterbar.

74: “Clan Nellfrek District” After the demise of Warlord Drim, his Clan was split between the two most powerful chieftains. Warlord Nell remains on none-murderous terms with Warlord Frek, and as such is looking to expand into other areas, such as those of Clan Denthin.

75: “Clan Drifle District” Clan Drifle are some of the few true builders in Black Chasm. As Black Chasm mirrors a human city in so many respects, it makes sense that it would need a devoted corps of architects to build and maintain all the free standing structures. Clan Drifle has managed to defeat almost all competition by receiving the approval of the Upper Council (in the only agreements that the Upper Council made that year) to oversee the maintenance of the Council Buildings that are dotted across Black Chasm.

76: “Clan Frinth District”
Clan Frinth are devout followers of the Learned One. The Learned One is an enigmatic individual who has thus far proved able to elude all attempts to discover who and what he is. Grey Seer Terrorfur is convinced that the Learned One is a rival Grey Seer who wants his position. As such, he has been using his position as head of the city’s councils to great effect in his hunt for the Learned One.

77: “Clan Empath District” Having advanced as far as it can, Clan Empath is now securing its new conquests. Still knowing that a counterattack is inevitable, Warlord Yuon has been having agents hired from Clan Eshin ensure that the most tactically inept leaders possible come to power in Clan Melrik.

78: “Clan Melrik District”
Clan Melrik has spent so long retreating that it’s on its fourth Warlord. Still, Warlord Dregnil has a foolproof plan to push back Clan Empath. The details may elude the new Warlord, but he is certain that it will work.

79: “Clan Veni District” Specialising in trade and sales, Clan Veni is attempting to make itself the merchant hub of East Black Chasm. Clan Veni, in fact, hopes to become rich enough to purchase extra land from the surrounding Clan, avoiding costly and destructive wars.

80: “Clan Metail District”
With only a small area of land, Clan Metail is looking to expand, especially because of how it makes its money. The Clan relies on breeding and slaughtering heards of Rat-Cattle that its Warlord purchased from Clan Moulder. With only a small area to graze them, Warlord Met is looking hungrily at the territory of Clan Wrak.

81: “Clan Roculder District” As the largest group of miners in the area, Clan Roculder trades not in gems and other metals but instead in high quality stone and other building materials that it then has Clans Brokroon and Molior bid for.

82: “Clan Wrak District”
Having seen the success of Clan Opus, Warlord Wrak decided to try and imitate them. Now he sends out his Clanrats to compete against those of Warlord Opus. How long before the rivalry turns violent is anyone’s guess, but the smart money is on not very long.

83: “Clan Determine district” Warlord Determine leads only a small Clan. Still, he is determined to make them rich via his latest ingenious scheme. Clan Determine will establish itself as a power in Black Chasm by connecting Vittrin Lake with the rest of Black Chasm. Someone will surely reward the ambitious Warlord for all the work he is putting into the scheme.

84: “Clan Mors Enclave”
Despite lacking any true presence within Black Chasm, Clan Mors maintains a trio of small forts within the city. This enclave lacks any kind of production or source of income, yet is kept in place my Clan Mors year after year so as to enable them to exert their influence on the city through the two Lower Council seats they are able to claim.

85: “Clan Emith District” Warlord Emith has devoted almost all the resources of his Clan to the service of Clan Mors. The Warlords’ plan is that if he impresses the superiors of Clan Mors enough with his blatant begging they may offer his a position that would allow him to leave Black Chasm.

86: “Clan Pixmite District” Despite having perhaps the least threatening name of any Skaven Warlord, Pixmite is a schemer. Having been building up his forces since Warlord Fumix died under ‘mysterious circumstances’, the treacherous Skaven is now finalising an alliance with Warlord Elinth to take joint control over the Great Gateway.

87: “Clan Trabsnat District” The leader of Clan Trabsnat, Warlord Elinth has found himself with a perfect opportunity for advancement. Having been approached by Warlord Pixmite for an alliance to take the Great Gateway, the Warlord is waiting for the alliance to be finalised before telling everything to the closest Clan Huverb representative that he can find.

88: “Clan Rentlax District”
Warlord Rentlax sees himself as a genius. With Clan Skryre holding a much weaker position than is normal for them, the cunning Warlord intends to build himself and his Clan up as someone who can challenge Skryre dominance in the Warpstone-based technology department. Unluckily for him, the Great Sextuple have been launching raids into his territory with Skryre equipment. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to openly announce that he would be producing more Warpmuskets then Clan Skryre by the end of the year...

89: “Clan Agmeth District”
Warlord Agmeth has been busy with regular Warlordy things for so long that he’s forgotten to look beyond his borders. Now that he does look beyond his rather large territory he sees that the Great Sextuple is getting rather larger than he is comfortable with.

90: “Clan Ipnath District” As one of the most centrally placed Clans it did not take long for Clan Ipnath to find its niche. As the main messenger clan, Clan Ipnath are more than happy to see Clan Skryre failing to grow, for if they start producing a reliable amount of Farsqueaks than Warlord Fendez will be out of business.

91: “Clan Denthin District” Placed at the entrance to the Dread Passage, Clan Denthin charges a high toll on anyone foolish enough to try and enter. There is, however, no toll for those coming out. This is due to the fact that anyone who can survive passing though the Dread Passage is likely to be more than capable of killing any toll collectors.

92: “The Dread Passage”
Unclaimed and almost completely uninhabited, the Dread Passage has a dark feel to it. Rumoured to be the remains of a bunker built when Clan Skryre tested the Doom Hemisphere (an event that may or may not have actually happened) the passage is agreed upon by almost all the Clans to be more trouble than it’s worth and has thus become the favourite haunt of many small robber groups. However, rumours persist that something much worse than common thieves lies within the passage.

93: “Clan Wakrar District” Situated at the far end of the Dread Passage, Clan Wakrar does not imitate its northern neighbour and charge a toll. Instead, Warlord Wakrar is slowly working to build up a specialised team that can capture whatever is it that lives in the Dread Passage. Then he intends to sell the ‘creature’ on the open markets and flee to Skavenblight richer than ever.

94: “Clan Qumix District” As a rather simple leader, Warlord Qumix can be forgiven for drawing a completely illogical conclusion. He has convinced himself that as Clan Moudler’s holding are build against the cliff face, and that is why they are able to make and sell so many beasts. Following this theory, he has decided that if he bases his Clan’s important operations within the outer edge of the Dread Passage he too will be able to produce a mass of deadly beast that could rival Clan Moulder’s.

95: “First Clan Yetterspawn District”
Clan Yetterswapn is a surprisingly long-lived Clan. Despite having gone though over a dozen Warlords since its conquest of the territory of neighbouring Clan Fernx, the Clan has neither expanded or shrunk since then. Being big enough to stop attacks by neighbours but small enough to avoid the attention of the larger Clans, Clan Yetterspawn has achieved a happy medium where they need not worry observably about invasion.

96: “Second Clan Yetterspawn District” The remains of Clan Fernx where completely destroyed when Clan Yetterspawn took over. While rumours persist that part of Clan Fernx’s treasury still remains hidden in the district, Warlord Engrax has dismissed such suggestions as foolish.

97: “Clan Quietus District” Having nothing of real value, Clan Quietus has had to find another use for its buildings. After some expert diplomatic work by Warlord Swiss, several warring Clans decided to use his territory as a meeting point. Since then word has gone out that if one uses the territory of Clan Quietus to negotiate, one has a much lower chance of being assassinated during the negotiations.

98: “Central Clan Huverb District” Placed in the middle of Black Chasm, the central Huverb district contains little of actual worth. The Clan keeps it simply to keep an eye on things and as a central place from which to manage the Clan’s many territories.

99: “Clan Tranipth District”
Situated close to the middle of Black Chasm, Clan Tranipth acts as a supplier for finely crafted items that cannot be produced in bulk. Spyglasses, books, high quality furniture and much more flows from the Tranipth workshops.

100: “Clan Captio District” Originally just an outpost of Black Chasm’s council, Clan Capito has become semi-autonomous. Still, it holds a large prison in which the council holds any captives (Skaven or otherwise) that they feel are best kept alive. Around the prison has grown up an entire district that is ruled by Chief Jailer Uolgoth. Despite having built a second prison that holds prisoners for other Clans, the Chief Jailer has yet to declare himself outside the control of the Upper Council and claim a seat on the lower council.

101: “Clan Wegrath Splinter Sector One” Clan Wegrath was one of Black Chasm’s largest. On par with Clan Moulder for influence, the Clan looked to be poised to seize a fourth seat on the lower council. Sadly, in a cruel stroke of fate Warlord Wegrath perished when one of the buildings he was in was struck by a miniature earthquake and it collapsed. Since then his three surviving chieftains have been fighting over who will take control over the clan. Chieftain Emith holds the western section and is continuously pushing to seize the central streets that were Warlord Wegrath’s power base from Chieftain Quopmeth.

102: “Clan Wegrath Splinter Sector Two” Clan Wegrath was one of Black Chasm’s largest. On par with Clan Moulder for influence, the Clan looked to be poised to seize a fourth seat on the lower council. Sadly, in a cruel stroke of fate Warlord Wegrath perished when one of the buildings he was in was struck by a miniature earthquake and it collapsed. Since then his three surviving chieftains have been fighting over who will take control over the clan. Chieftain Quopmeth has managed to temporarily secure the central streets for himself. Sadly, he cannot move there to solidify his claim until the forces of Chieftain Emith have been pushed further back.

103: “Clan Wegrath Splinter Sector Three” Clan Wegrath was one of Black Chasm’s largest. On par with Clan Moulder for influence, the Clan looked to be poised to seize a fourth seat on the lower council. Sadly, in a cruel stroke of fate Warlord Wegrath perished when one of the buildings he was in was struck by a miniature earthquake and it collapsed. Since then his three surviving chieftains have been fighting over who will take control over the clan. Chieftain Fokgik has considered withdrawing completely from the mini civil war. With enough territory under his control to comfortably claim a seat on the lower council, he is unsure as to whether or not it is worth continuing to fight. Still, the allure of the two additional seats is strong indeed.

104: “Clan Molior District”
Placed more easterly than their Brokoon rivals, Clan Molior has so far only had to compete for materials and not for work. Still, with both Clans growing this can only last for so long.

105: “Clan Snek District” Unlike the other Warlords that are attempting to rival the Greater Clans situated within Black Chasm, Warlord Snek has not been stupid enough to announce what he is doing publicly. In fact, his only rival for the title of most boring and uninteresting clan in Black Chasm is Clan Northmanni. Still, while publicly his Clan is of no interes,t Warlord Snek is trying to build up a network of contacts and agents to rival that of Verminsnatch. Scarily, he is actually succeeding.

106: “First Clan Worrlk District” Clan Worrlk stand strong, as it tied with four other Clans for the position of Black Chasm’s seventh most powerful Clan. Still, that in itself is an improvement on how things were before when Clan Wegrath was poised to launch an attack via the territories of Clans Snek and Molior. Now Warlord Egnith just needs to eliminate the rest of the competition.

107: “Second Clan Worrlk District” It is within the second district that Clan Worrlk’s secret weapon is kept. Purchased at a massive price straight from the Skryre furnaces of Skavenblight, herein lies the means by which Warlord Egnith plans to dispose of the other three-seated Warlords.

108: “Third Clan Worrlk District”
As the northern edge of Clan Worrlk’s territory, it is though the third district that much of the information and Warptokens flow. Warlord Egnith funnels much of the money received from his northern territory into secret projects.

109: “Clan Tzarlik Lands” Consisting of the half of the docks that lay on the southern side of Chasmdeep and half of the warehouses used to store incoming good,s the lands of Clan Tzarlik are extensive. Even though most of the hold’s trade comes in via the two main tunnels, Clan Tzarlik are able to exert enough influence to get them four seats on the lower council. Shipmaster Tzarlik’s plans to seize the remaining half of the warehouses and thus gain a seat on the upper council are well known and the reason for ever increasing levels of paranoia from the leadership within Clan Scarburk.

110: “Clan Scarburk Warehouses” Clan Scarburk’s control of its lands is precarious at best. Continued raids by unknown forces are only kept at bay only by troops funded from a secret source. The warehouses are normally used by those who do not want Clan Tzarlik poking though their goods and thus gives Clan Scarburk enough influence to possess two seats upon the Lower Council.

111: “Clan Penrath District”
Seated between the Under-River Tunnel, the docks, the warehouses and the Putrid Fields, Clan Penrath is able to know much of the happenings in the southern portion of Black Chasm. Almost all of this information is immediately sold to Clan Eshin. However, with Clan Eshin now led by the previously unknown Verminsnatch, relations have become strained. If this is just a temporary hiccup remains to be seen.

112: “Clan Grimthen District” Tucked into the corner, Clan Grimthen is able to maintain its security without too high costs. This allows the Clan to send out spies to the rest of Black Chasm’s southern portion. Any information gained is then sold on the open market. Warlord Kuninelf’s most common customers are Clans Moulder and Gual. However, other Clans do occasionally purchase information so as to check their own sources’ reliability.

113: “The Putrid Fields”
Under the almost complete control of Clan Nakber, the fields are used as a farming area to provide food for Black Chasm’s many inhabitants. While not contributing massively to the hold’s food stores, the fields provide enough food to give Clan Nakber a second seat on the lower council.

114: “Clan Fangcrusher District”
The recent expansion of Clan Ykavan has worried Warlord Fang greatly, greatly enough that he has begun to ask his Skryre backers for additional support. Weather or not Warlock Mecpaw decides to provide remains to be seen.

115: “Southern Gateway”
Acting as the marker for Black Chasm’s southern border, the Southern Gateway sees nowhere near as much traffic as its northern companion. It still however, sees a moderate flow of goods and provides Clan Vittrin with not only toll money, but also an extra seat on the lower council.

116: “Clan Orgwrath District” Filled with drinking dens and other areas of ill repute, the lands of Clan Orgwrath are the favoured haunt of the few independent Skaven in southern Black Chasm. While they don’t charge a toll per se, Clan Orgwrath do receive discounts on goods that arrive though the Southern Gateway due to the protection they give to baggage travelling though their lands.

117: “Clan Ykavan District” Clan Ykavan is on the ascendance. Having recently absorbed the shattered remains of Clan Pronmith, Warlord Frimkth has set his sights on his neighbours. Knowing that unless he continues to expand he will fal,l the ambitious Warlord plans to build up a suitable treasury then cut and run before his Clan is overwhelmed as all others that lack suitable backing do.

118: “Clan Scav District”
Having realised that so far from the (surprisingly) stabilising influence of the Dread Tower they need allies, Clan Scav wasted no time in finding some. Acting as moat guards for Clan Pestilens and occasionally guiding ferries across (or if instructed to, to the bottom off) the Rotting Moat. Rewarded not just with tokens and the occasional deployment of troops, Clan Scav also has the fishing rights to the Rotting Moat. No one is entirely sure what could live in such an environment, but going by Warlord Scav’s collection of monstrous heads, nothing friendly.

119: “Clan Swarzik District”
Despite being almost as far as one can get from Black Chasm’s centre as possible, Clan Swarzik play possibly the greatest role of any in the hold’s administration. Having managed to avoid either declaring war or having one declared upon them, Clan Swarzik is possibly the most stable Clan around. As such, they mint much of Black Chasm’s money, turning the raw Warpstone into tokens via a process that only Warlord Narul understands.

120: “Clan Fetterwretch District” Considered by anyone with an opinion to be mere pawns of Clan Pestilens, Clan Fetterwretch is ignored and despised. This, however is just what Bishop Fett wants. Despite many offers to merge completely into Clan Pestilens, the honorary bishop remains fiercely independent despite the ever increasing amount of integration between his Clan that that of Black Chasm’s most dangerous Clan. This is due to his plan. Bishop Fett hopes to gain the personal trust of Plague Master Tapus, and once he has it, he intends to eliminate the Pestilens leadership and seize their lands from the inside.

121: “Clan Menth District” Surrounded by either powerful neighbours or Clans closely aligned with the hold’s most powerful, Clan Menth is feeling the squeeze. Unable to curry favour with Clan Pestilens due to Bishop Fett’s willingness to do almost anything to please them, Clan Menth are forced to defend themselves. With his territorial integrity compromised, Warlord Meth has begun to resort to tactics that would make a Warlock Engineer go “that’s a bit crazy”. The includes bombing his own burrow, sending half the Clan’s breeders into the Rotting Moat, attempting to have a stolen dwarf gyrocopter crashed into the Under-River Tunnel, and more.

122: “Pestilent Stronghold” As the largest and most prosperous sector within the city, the Pestilent Stronghold is not only a formidable fortress but also a great source of income. With The Rotting Moat keeping away all but the most determined spies, Clan Pestilens is able to operate in almost complete secrecy. The already extensive size of the holding has been expanded upon by numerous slave gangs and has provided Clan Pestilens with access to their own private stretch of Chasmdeep. While their Chasmdeep section lacks the dock workings of the main part of the river, it does enable them to conduct an ever increasing amount of their water-based operations away from the prying eyes of other Clans.

123: “Chasmdeep”
Running from high up in the massive Orcal mountains, Chasmdeep is a river that passes though many different places both before and after Black Chasm. Strikingly clean until reaching Black Chasm, the river is quickly filled with pollutants by the uncaring Skaven. This has resulted in most of the river life further down being killed, and only a few dangerous monsters being left. Deprived of smaller fish to eat, these creatures have worked their way to the section of Chasmdeep that passes though Black Chasm, and now lay in wait for any unwary Skaven that might tumble into the water.

124: “Southern Tunnel”
Winding south, the southern tunnel eventually leads all the way back to Skavenblight. Despite this, it sees a relatively low amount of traffic. This is due to the fact that anyone wishing to trade with Black Chasm normally aims to come in via the northern tunnel so as to avoid having to risk crossing Chasmdeep.

125: “Vittrin Lake” Renamed after its discovery by the then-Chieftain Vittrin, the lake is feed by Chasmdeep from further up and thus contains clean water and an abundance of fish. Used by Clan Vittrin as a way to gather massive amounts of food (that are then sold on in Black Chasm’s markets), the lake and the food it provides have enabled the now-Warlord Vittrin to add a third seat on the lower council to his collection. Many Skaven whisper that Vittrin is negotiating with Clan Moulder to create a tunnel directly from the main cavern to the lake. Such a project would enable Vittrin to cut Clan Tzarlik out of the food chain and not only reduce their power, but rapidly increase his.

126: “Northern Tunnel”
Acting as the main portal for outsiders to enter Black Chasm, the tunnel is kept in good condition by Clan Huverb and sees almost all of the hold’s trade pass through it. Much of this trade flows from the northern holds such as Under-Altdorf, Red Rock and Under-Marienburg.

127: The Outer Run”
Surrounding the Dome, the Outer Run is a desolate place. Filled with beats both magical and not, no Skaven dares to enter the area unless part of a large force. The only traffic consists of troops marching to either defend or attack The Dome.

128: “The Dome” Build by unknown hands, The Dome is hotly contested by the two Clans that are able to reach it. As a fortress it is badly placed, yet both Clan Skryre and Clan Eshin continue to fight bitter battles for control of it. Dozens of rumours about what is within The Dome circulate throughout Black Chasm ;some say it contains an ancient elven Waystone, others claim that a Warpstone mine operates under the Dome’s cover and, some simply say that it is a Dwarven tomb filled with weapons from a bygone age. What is certain is that no one knows for sure what lies under The Dome’s roof. Regardless of what is inside, control of The Dome enables the ruling Clan to claim a critical fifth seat on the Lower Council, along with a much desired seat on the Upper Council. Currently Clan Skryre controls The Dome, but how long this will last is unknown, as the forces of Clan Eshin are already at the door.


This is where links to any stories that tie into my greater Black Chasm narrative will go. That includes my collection of tales about both Verminsnatch and Grey Seer Skirit.
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Patrolrat Snrim: On the Upper Toll Roads, Snrim and his patrol have an encounter. 07/06/13

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The Wall: Grey Seer Snapeye watches from Skavenblight as Terrorfur eliminates a rival to his position. 15/5/12
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Had the same problem with a TTRPG I ran quite a while back that was very NPC heavy. I found the Seventh Sanctum after some searching on the web. It's a compilation of random name generators in various styles/genres. Quite a useful tool, IMHO. Maybe it will help you with a next project.