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I have seen many people failing in creating their own detritus, but here's a little help from me.

I have been experimenting a lot ever since i have my 3 fails in a row to raise triops,

Basically i just pick up dried leaves fallen from the tree and soak them in my old aquarium water for half a day or so, this allows the algae cyst to grow on the dead leaves. After that you dry them up and store them in a dry container. They work like the Triops eggs.
FYI, i got this information from

I have a 2 1/2 inches long "processed" leaf in my clam shrimp tank ever since the beginning and it have been 15 days, non of them seems to be dead so i can probably assume that this method works very well.

I'm also experimenting this method on my new batch of Triops, the new hatch-ling are about to reach day 3 and it's still growing well. I will update again soon to let everybody know if it works for Triops.

Too much talking i guess, here is the steps to creating a simple detritus:
1) Pick up dead dried leaves.
2) Wash them.
3) Soak them in old aquarium water for half a day.
4) Dry them up and they are ready to be used.*

* I recommend you to start putting your dried leaf in your hatching dish one day before you put your eggs in so as to allow the algae to grow.

Hope this is helpful, I cannot guarantee it will work for everybody; but well, it works for my clam shrimps.

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Hello thank you. I did the following: I bought coconut bark compressed and shoaked it for 1 hour in my aquarium water. after that I dried it up in the sun. will that work? cause after reading your text I am not sure