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(7/2/2018 9:46 PM) Asphodel: I have an excruciatingly painful cut in my mouth and it is so painful to smile, but it is worth it when I think about my worst acquaintances plummeting into hell

(On Seccy)
[2/15/2016 12:07:56 AM] Formal Ninety-two: He's unpredictable, erratic, and his decisions don't seem to be based on any logic that I can understand

(10/14/2016 6:39 PM) WhereWishesCome: the last time I talked to a girl was when I accidentally opened Siri
Peytral wrote:Lolis take priority over principles.
[+] Other quote stuff
[1:03:59 AM] hellfiresoul: If you don't transition from the serious, everything will get heavy and downer, even if the discussion is helpful
[1:04:17 AM] hellfiresoul: It's like a Disney movie
[1:04:37 AM] hellfiresoul: Without the candles dancing and singing, all the story is is a werewolf man abusing a woman he kidnapped

[1:10:46 AM] Raseren: I'm sure if it wasn't you Hoofs something would move you back and forth
[1:11:09 AM] hellfiresoul: I'm the teapot, short and stout
[1:11:25 AM] hellfiresoul: wait
[1:11:29 AM] hellfiresoul: The teapot was a woman
[1:11:31 AM] hellfiresoul: damnit

[January 02, 2014 10:55 AM] Hell: I for one save every piece I encounter because I know that porn is a scarce and valuable resource on the internet

[7:30:26 PM] Sadique: I think at this rate I may need to resume my plans to kill Slime. :U
[7:31:04 PM] Slimegunk: ...resume?

[8:50:26 PM] Boydgamesh: I'm sorry I haven't insulted many wrong opinions the past two days since I was doing other things
[8:50:29 PM] Boydgamesh: I'm making up for it now

[9:01:59 PM] Amydorka Lynname the Bad Idea Cont(r)act Being: It's the internet, and it's a game.
[9:02:06 PM] Amydorka Lynname the Bad Idea Cont(r)act Being: Of course it's super competitive.

[6:00:04 PM] Ras: necare check your priveledge
[6:00:18 PM] Necare: raw check your spelling
[6:00:22 PM] Necare: ?WOW
[6:00:24 PM] Necare: [radio edit]ING
[6:00:27 PM] Necare: WOW

[10:32:44 PM] Schrodinger's Leaf: so like... what, do you beat it when you're still half asleep or something and barely know what you're doing at the time?
[10:32:46 PM] HJ: absolutely

[2:58:15 AM] The Law: he ran away a couple of times but he always came back :((
[2:58:22 AM] The Law: im worried
[2:58:28 AM] The Law: maybe he got run over
[2:59:00 AM] Schrodinger's Leaf: inb4 he comes back for christmas
[2:59:21 AM] Necare: it's a [radio edit]ing Christmas miracle
[2:59:37 AM] The Law: that's my request to santa
[2:59:44 AM] The Law: pls bring amiti back

[2:44:46 AM] Schrodinger's Leaf: do you ever have moments where you just want to procrastinate by doing something, but you don't know what to procrastinate with because everything seems like it would take up more time than you have?
[2:46:03 AM] Brian Ross: That is my always.
[2:46:05 AM] Necare: You just described the core of my being
[2:50:16 AM] Brian Ross: We should start a club.
[2:50:20 AM] Brian Ross: Like, tomorrow or something.

[12:43:21 AM] Schrodinger's Leaf: when you start looking at mook pilot stats, you realize just how hypercompetent your team actually is
[12:44:19 AM] Peytral: what's the point of highly-trained soldiers if they can't get effortlessly beaten by high schoolers

[2:58:03 AM] HFS: 24 is as much as six fours and that's AWFUL because 4 is death and that's why nobody in anime is 24

[10:34:12 PM] Aaron: turning character into Va?scent
[10:34:19 PM] Raseren: NO
[10:34:20 PM] Raseren: GOD
[10:34:21 PM] Raseren: NO

Crash May 22 2015, 08:15 PM
Cyber bots ain't even close to danmaku, it was WarTech
Crash May 22 2015, 08:15 PM
It was from a top down perspective, like a shoot me up
Jackal May 23 2015, 01:57 PM
"like a shoot me up"
Artemis May 23 2015, 02:06 PM

[7:44:26 PM] HFS: well in the world of Madoka
[7:44:31 PM] HFS: it's survival of the flattest

[8:04:45 PM] HFS: blame anime
[8:04:59 PM] HFS: the camera adds ten pounds, the pencil shaves them off
[8:05:40 PM] Slimegunk: that would be the eraser actually
[8:05:59 PM] HFS: it's a metaphor you twonk[/i]
Peytral wrote:Symphogear was a mistake.
[+] Has anime gone too far?
Crash: the answer is "Yes."
leaf: wow crash. and here I thought NORMAL body pillows were bad
Skylin: What in the... yeah, my thoughts also, Leaf
Shads: whats with the hooves
Peytral: am I the only one not surprised at all
Artemis: hot