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ToK: Caedo Quod Cura
Bowz: Jackal, you haven't made sense since you said cheese pizza was italian
[+] Quotes
Lemu: Sex is a lot like Golden Sun. You use your natural powers, your weapons are howling, Garet is there.
Shadow: And yet another failed attempt at being sigged. Sigh.
Sveta, on Imagine Babyz: The babies on the box cover stare into my soul when I look for games in electronic stores.
Boyd: And now I laugh at you, for this topic has become the mustard on the delicious bread of Sacra's infidelity!
Mireia: But... plot wise, yeah, Himi could have been replaced with an item.
real.boyd: I can't believe adnarel made a "why don't more people like this anime" post
real.boyd: my head hurts
[+] Meanwhile, in the Chatroom...
[Adnarel] Are you reading the "Promised Land" RP that Werebarret and I are doing?
[Moose] Nope, sorry D: I'll go take a look
[Adnarel] So far, we've blown up tanks and helicopters, crashed cop cars, started a forest fire, and had sex with twins.
[Moose] oh wow
[Moose] But anyway, what do you do in the RP?
[Moose] dohohoho
Tyger! Tyger! burning bright,
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?