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[+] Unlimited Ninja Steve Works
I am the die of my game
D&D is my body and Soviet Russia is my blood
I have suffered over a thousand deaths
Known to monocles, yet known to trollfaces
Have withstood trials to achieve many levels
Yet, these hands will never roll d20s
So as I pray, Unlimited Ninja Steve Works
[+] Quotes
Chatroom Antics wrote:[Kyuu] Also, Awkward romantic plot.
[Chrono Ivan] Is there any other kind in Japan? :awe:
[El Steve-o] Is there any other kind?
[Bryan] :awe:
[El Steve-o] ninja'd
[Bryan] The ninja was Ninja'd
[Chrono Ivan] Irony'd
[Chrono Ivan] ninja'd!
[Bryan] XD
[El Steve-o] Oh wow lawl
[Kyuu] Guess what Japan also has, Steve? Ninjas!
[Kyuu] Oh, nvm, ninja'd
Sbox wrote:Gwydd: Recently I've been struck by Draco's Brian God.
Skype wrote:Chrono Ivan: I'll bet he's a pile of secrets, but isn't miserable.
Chrono Ivan: That's probably why.
Chrono Ivan: ...omg that also explains how satty's not a man!
Snoutbawks wrote:Dracobolt: What did he do?
Tsugi-tan: He posted his genitals down there.
Skype wrote:Hinoa: TM? Transformice?
Hinoa: [radio edit] THAT, AND YOU
Draco: Yes please!
Draco: 8D
Skype wrote:Stevelord: Temple!Meteor = FFVII Meteor
Stevelord: :trollface:
Chrono Ivan: that meteor was lame
Chrono Ivan: it got beaten by Holy
Chrono Ivan: that's like saying the Temple meteor can only be beaten by Saturos
Skype wrote:Effex: PETA would play nothing but Neutral Evil Druids.
Shadow Milotic wrote:Bye Steve! Have fun at churc-...I can't write that with a straight face.
Necare wrote:Killian Selestin: Also your wine and lasagna is poisoned.
Ninja Stave: I'm immune
Killian Selestin: I didn't say what I poisoned it with.
Ninja Stave: Doesn't matter.
Killian Selestin: I poisoned it with bigoted Christianity
Ninja Stave: I am immune to ALL of the poi-oooooh you BASTARD!
Killian Selestin: :3
Ninja Stave explodes.
Skype wrote:[3:05:29 AM] HFS - Sky Whale: [radio edit]ing hell
[3:05:46 AM] Ninja Steve: dammit HFS leave Hell alone
[3:06:02 AM] HFS - Sky Whale: I came before hell damnit
Tan wrote:yea, for this can is my flesh, and this beverage is my blood
and as such, I shall cannibalise myself, for this is a thign that must be done, amen.
Gilgamesh wrote:The main problem with this is the fact that since the computer thinks it's still connected to the internet like how Steve thinks Iowa is still connected to the United States
Satty wrote:I can't read
Chrono wrote:'What a piece of work are lesbians! How noble in love, how infinite in grace! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an Angel! In apprenehnsion how like goddesses! The great beauty of this world! The paragon of relationships!'