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[+] Backloggery thing
wrote:Chrono Ivan: Her internal organs boiled out of her eye sockets like a high school science fair volcano.
wrote:Souled Soulless(Ulta): OH I KNOW PEYTRAL IS AWESOME.
wrote:Chrono Ivan: The Phrase "Nasty, Brutish and short" best describes what: A) Hobbes' view of man in nature B) Grim Reapist C) Sex with Grim Reapist
wrote:Megaman is kind of like Astro Boy. Without the anal fixation.
wrote:Terri: I'm not ignoring you, Sundancer. I just made out with you!
wrote:I'm happy for you, God, and I'mma let you finish, but Sega had the best Genesis of all time. Of all time.
wrote:Artemis: Besides, everyone knows Luna sucks balls at night.
wrote:Jackal: *is Chun-Li*
Miral Nocturne says
oh god the ESRB
Every time I think of the ESRB
I think of this really prude old woman with her spectacles on her nose
And she's like
"Is that buttocks? Tsk tsk..."
And scratches something down on a clipboard
wrote:Saturos: I am perpetually like Freiza
Saturos: fighting at 10% of my power level
Silvandorf wrote:actually she's 14, I don't see the problem
Boydgamesh wrote:who cares if she's only 13
Silvandorf wrote:cause drugs are the best
wrote:[4:37:45 PM] Aaron: Solbowz has taste