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The lesson here is Mercury sucks
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Kalos Korsakoff: If you can't enjoy food, we won't get along. It's perfectly possible to eat a Baconator and not become a [radio edit]ing whale.
Boydgamesh: I'm pretty honored to be declared inappropriate for Japanese children
[+] Quote Factory
Phoenix: Ah, light. Meeting the land like how a newborn is brought to the world.
Amethyst: Through a woman, very messy, and screaming, possibly over the length of two or three days at worse?
Artemis: I read that as 'the zelda sex bot of your dreams' and did a double take
Raven the Obsidian: If that were real I'd get it in a heartbeat.
Delfeir wrote:[Delfeir] 26 video game series, 130 questions, no items, Fox only, Final Destination.
Bliss: Confusion is just a pit-stop on the way to gay.
Deadbeard: Asphy lives in DC, I think. So luckily the closest I'll ever get to her is playing Fallout
Spella: Erik is sleeping with Draco. Thus, she gives him the questions in advance, so he can wiki them and thusly make us all look slow. However, he drops a few of them so that it's not given away.
Erik, Nintendo-Meister: Tsunderia is where Jackal comes from >_>
Jacob says (on Gehenna): Breathing the air is probably Lethael to non-Lunarians
Fluff: Balrog Farts WISH they were as cool as Satty's death growl.
Boyd: Jackal, I can make a fool of myself in any forum.
Adnarel: Whatever, Deadbeard, Britons don't believe in traveling more than 20 minutes to go anywhere.
Chrono Ivan: Sundancer is like the sun, she has a retinue of planets who orbit her ceaselessly
Effex: Now you have vigorous sex with that corpse until you die, dammit!
Crash: Adna Manning - the younger, less successful brother of Peyton and Eli
Peytral: My god, I'm becoming Kyuuzai's replacement.
UltaFlame: HEAR HIS RAWR. It goes something like 'GLOR-WHEE-GLOR-WHEE' and is more like the sound a pig makes than an actual roar.
Kyuuzai: Our fandom is quite the messed up one.
Prince Kris: Shaco was like an enemy champ fast food restaurant.
Va?scent: The snoutbox is ground zero for Temple Project updates.
[8/8/2011 8:17:11 PM] Fiendlady Z: The last church we went to gave us our ticket to hell already, signed by the pastor and everything. I've got it framed in my room.
Sunny-chan: Swearing in a church is generally considered a no-no, right? I don't know why that confused me... x_x
Peytral: I am literally perspiring with hatred right now. Like, if you put each drop of sweat under a microscope, they'd have purple hair, be wielding a crossbow, and yelling angrily about stuff that doesn't matter.