Migration Announcement and News!

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August 6th, 2018, 3:49 pm #1

"Migration Announcements & News"

Everyone, I have been informed that the Zetaboard platform we have become so used to will at some point cease to exist. ALL of the Zeta boards will be migrated to Tapatalk forums.......Tapatalk is basically a large online forum hosting company that connects people (like us) to over 100,000 forums worldwide. Over the years we've seen all the major slot boards go through a retrofit, either by choice or necessity. We've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The first point is, this was not a choice. Basically poop happens. Second point is that we do realize that change like this kinda sucks, but the new platform seems very similarly patterned to this one, stuff will be where it should be, and it will all be ok. There will likely be a glitch here and there, but we'll do our best to help anyone who needs a hand.

When the real migration happens, http://w11.zetaboards.com/The_Slot_Lodge/index/ will automatically redirect to the Tapatalk version and people will be able to log in at the Tapatalk version with the same login they used at the Zetaboards version. The zetaboards version will not be seen anymore and all posting will happen at the Tapatalk version.

If anyones's browser stalls at the redirection, please check the browser settings for redirection refusal and temporarily disable it. Alternately you should be able to copy/paste the refused Tapatalk address into a new tab and enter from there. Be sure to save the new URL of the forums as I am not sure how long the redirection will be operating. I will also send all of the members an email to notify them of the change after the migration happens. I realize that everyone does not check in here every day.

The Official ZetaBoards-Tapatalk conversion has been running for almost 3 weeks now. As of today, they have welcomed a little over 4000 ZetaBoards forums to call Tapatalk their new home. When we become one of them, you will notice the updated features of the board. If not, we want to make sure you are not surprised when the migration happens and to give everyone some idea of what’s coming our way in the next couple of weeks.