Guests and Validating Members - PLEASE READ !

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NOTE: Due to recent spam and server attack problems, we validate all applications via your email reply. This means a forum administrator does a manual check before you are validated and can post on the forum. If your email address, user name or IP address is suspect and is listed on a public spammer database, you will not be validated. We suggest that you use your ISPs email address, not a Gmail or Hotmail account. If you are not getting in, please drop us a line, explain who you are.

Due to this extra process, your access to the forums may be delayed by a few hours to a few days, after your registration. We validate accounts as they come in, granted….we are not always monitoring it constantly, so it may be a day or so before we realize you have applied. You membership cannot be approved until you respond to the survey.

You can always send an email to if you think your registration is not proceeding fast enough. Explain who you are and your interest in joining the forum.

Guests are only allowed to view certain areas of the forums. Sorry, but that is the way it is. Access to all of the forum is available only to members........

ALL MEMBERS that have been approved: To see all of the forums you HAVE TO BE SIGNED IN.
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