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1/32 Scalextric Power Pack Question

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We're running an old analog 1/32 Scalextric layout. The old classic-style track power packs are 19 volts output.

But the new ones that came with a current set we got at Christmas are 15 volts output. And my son's 1/32 Scalextric START Star Wars set is 12 volt output.

Is it it safe to run the newer Scalextric and SlotIt cars, or the much lower START cars on the higher output 19 volt power?

Just don't want to go burning out the new cars. We could put track adapters in to the layout to connect the lower output power pack to be safe.

Any advice?


- Jim

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I'm "NO-Electronics Expert"...
But "I" would go with the "12 Volt" Power-Supply...
Safest-Bet, Especially "IF" the cars are "Lighted" or Other such Options....

Check the Motors, You may get Lucky with some "Nomenclatures" printed on them..
Also check the Fine-Print in the booklets that come w/ the sets..
They Usually state "Warnings" on this & other items, Buried in the fine-print ..

Better "SAFE" than "SORRY"....

Bubba (The Senile) 123 (Most Eldon 1/32 are rated for 6-Volts)....

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It is too bad that I did not see this post sooner. The voltage ratings of set type power supplies should be taken with a grain of salt. Since they have a low amp rating and are not regulated the voltage that the cars will see will be a lot lower than the nameplate voltage. Besides the voltage rating there is also a VA rating, that would be the same as a watt rating. If you know how many amps the cars use you can estimate what the voltage would be. If you had a 12 VA power supply and you had two cars on the track using a total or 0.5 amps you could expect to see about 14 volts. That number is based on actual measurements of a power supply rated for 20 volts. Two power supplies with somewhat different voltage ratings could deliver the same voltage with cars running. This info probably has come a little late, but if you run the cars for a few dozen laps without the motors getting hot you are good to go.