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In June, they will. But after last year, things have changed... ... .hi7bePlNO
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wrote:John Sexton quotes the Buzzfeed retrospective and adds his own commentary.
wrote:On June 14, 2017, James Hodgkinson tried to kill Republican members of Congress as their baseball practice broke up. Today, just one month shy of the one year anniversary of that date, Buzzfeed has published a look back that morning which contains some striking detail....

Ultimately, the FBI refused to say the shooter had a political motive, though it's clear to everyone who was on the field that day that he did [quoting Buzzfeed, linked in the tweet at the top of the post]:
wrote:The FBI briefed the players on their findings in the fall of last year. Several members were shocked they wouldn't call the shooting politically motivated. Palmer ended up leaving after about a half hour.
"I think most people were really upset," Palmer says. "I think I may have been the first one that really called them out, and then after I did everybody kind of piled on. I guess everybody was upset. Everybody knew that what they were saying was a crock. The guy had a list. He came there to shoot Republicans."

He thinks they "misrepresented what happened because of concerns over the political fallout."

"I felt like they blew it off."

"They said, 'So essentially this was suicide by cop.' And we’re like, 'Only?' And I can tell you, I can buy that from what I saw at the end, where he walked out openly shooting," Wenstrup says. "But let’s not kid ourselves here. You look at his website. He hates Republicans. He had the names of six Republicans in his pocket. He had -- his social media is full of it. He camped out there for two months planning this, to kill Republicans. Did he hope to die at the end? Maybe."
Sexton comments:

The FBI's failure to label it what it obviously was is one reason the story dropped out of the news so quickly.

Which is why they refused to tell the truth about it.

The FBI employs a trick to not call terrorism terrorism.

Whenever an Islamist kills people, the FBI is quick to say that there do not appear to be "any overseas connections," and therefore, refuse to label the attack "terrorism."

But note: There is no requirement of "overseas connections" in terrorism. Terrorism is simply violence or threat of violence carried out to terrorize a population to effect a political purpose.

If a White Supremacist group attacks a black church, does the FBI say, "Well, we could find no overseas connections, so it's not terrorism?"

Of course not. This made-up requirement of an "overseas connection" is used by the FBI only in the case of Islamist terrorist attacks so they can lie about the purpose and motivation of attack.

This appears nowhere in the law defining "terrorism" nor in the common understanding the term. It's a made-up requirement so that the FBI can pretend away certain crimes they wish to make go away -- much like the FBI made up the "intent" requirement of the Espionage Act to specifically absolve Hillary.

The organization has been turned away from the mission of Justice and now exists almost entirely to serve as the Armed Wing of the Democrat Party.
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