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Hey guys and dolls!

I wanted to take a second and talk about code tags and their importance on TLA. Though they may seem like something small they actually do help us staff here. They help us to easily and quickly update lists such as face claims, abilities and so forth. We don't have to go and hit edit for everyone that posts but rather copy and paste so we can move along to the next claim request. Please use code tags when you see that the topic your posting in requires it. The staff team has been instructed to delete anyone that doesn't post using the code tags when it's required.

Every topic that requires them has this warning in red letters to better stand out.


For an example when your posting a face claim your post should look exactly like this:

Code: Select all

[b]Michael Trevino[/b] - James Potter
The code box surrounds your claim and also shows the coding for the updating staff member to add on to the list quickly and accurately.

Also make sure that when your filling out a form that your not deleting part of the premade form. If you want to make sure it's going to show up correctly hit the preview button at the bottom of your post box before adding your code tag. Once you've previewed it add in the code tags so that the staff can again update the topic accurately.

How do you add code tags? Simple you place [*CODE] at the start of your post and at the end you close it with [*/CODE] Please note that you have to remove both the asterisks or it won't show up right.

That was all I really had to talk about (: so thank you for reading this and helping us while we help you! ^_^
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