Songs From Up Here!

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Songs From Up Here! - the music of Northern Ontario by local artists Billie Nelson, Frank Williams, Aaron Young, more!

Goldfield Road, south of Geraldton, isn't called Goldfield Road because of all the gold in them thar hills! It was once Canada's country music Mecca, with performers coming from as far away as Jellicoe and Longlac!

This CD harkens back to a simpler time, when life in Northern Ontario was cold, a little warmer, and then cold again! But the music was hot! Old timers will never forget the Grand Cold Opry located south of what is now Hwy 11 and Goldfield Rd.

Nashville songwriters would travel here to mine the work of the North's greatest singers and songwriters. And what a list it was.

Billie Nelson
Aaron Young
Frank Williams Sr. and Jr.
Brown Ed Jim
The Louver Bros
Loretta Lynda
Harry Lee Lewis
Donnie Milsap
Tim Reeves

Who can forget these classic northern songs that were pilfered and rewritten into the greatest country songs of daze gone by.

Who Will Buy My Mammaries - Billie Nelson (native of Longlac)
Hello Stalls - Aaron Young (Terrace Bay boy)
Cold, Cold Farts - Frank Williams
Whole Lotta Snakin' (Goin' on) Harry Lee Lewis
Live Hard, Love Fast, Die Young - Aaron Young
She'll Have to Go - Tim Reeves (Geraldton's own)

Moose Nuggets Records, in cooperation with the Foundation for Foundation Training and the Upper Canada Musication Society is proud to present,

Songs From Up Here!

A collection of music we'll never hear again.

Normally, a cool-ection of music this special would only be sold in specialty stores in places like Moronto or Hennessey, at outrageous prices. And of course, they'd charge you an arm and a leg for it. But rather than chop off the limb of a loved one, you can get this incredible collection of almost 9 songs for an amazingly low price. That's right! I'll bet you never thought a bargain like this would ever come along in your lifetime!

But wait, there's more!

Order now and get Songs of the Boreal - a six hour collection of sounds recorded in the boreal forests of Northern Ontario near Geraldton.

Featured - water running, wind blowing, rain falling, coyotes and wolves howling, chainsaws, campfires crackling, frogs croaking, more!

All this included at one low, low price! With all this, these CDs won't last long. People from southern Ontario will be climbing over each other to order, but we're not allowing anyone south of Parry Sound to order.

The rest of you, order now*!

Special Announcement!

Wailin' Jennings
Bobbie Bear
Frank Snow

Will be signing copies in Terrace Bay soon! Your CD will be autographed for free!

*This is a limited time offer and contains no small parts which might harm children. No user serviceable parts inside. Warranty void where prohibited. Contains no asbestos.