US Supreme Court legalises sports betting

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The US Supreme Court has made a landmark ruling that could allow states across the country to legalise sports betting.

It has endorsed a 2014 state ruling in New Jersey which permits sports betting in casinos and at horse racing tracks.

The court also struck down a 1992 federal law banning sports gambling.

The news sent the share prices of gambling stocks in the US and UK surging, including Britain's William Hill and Paddy Power.

Several major US sports bodies had opposed the move, including the National Basketball Association.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association said it was a threat to the "integrity of athletic competition".

I don't have any problem with this. Sports betting is commonplace here in the UK, and it's rare that it causes any issues.

Indeed, the only one I remember was this quirkily British scandal about a pie consumed during the match - and even that wasn't anything to do with the sport :lol: !
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I have no problems with this.