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This is the first NHL draft for hockey players born in the 2000s, and I actually knew of the fathers of a number of these players. I feel old. :'(


First of all, there are a number of potential second-generation NHLers here.

- 4th-overall pick Brady Tkachuk seems pretty likely to make the NHL and follow in the footsteps of super-talented (but often dirty) father Keith Tkachuk, who spent the best years of his career in the Winnipeg Jets/Phoenix Coyotes franchise (he also played for St. Louis and very briefly for Atlanta).
- 32nd-overall pick Mattias Samuelsson is son of Swedish defender Kjell Samuelsson, who won a Stanley Cup with Pittsburgh in 1992, but he has chosen to represent the USA.
- 35th-overall pick Jesse Ylönen, on the other hand, will represent father Juha's country of Finland even though he was born in Arizona (considering he was 2 when he moved back to Finland). Juha Ylönen had played primarily for Phoenix in his NHL career.
- 42nd-overall pick Jack Drury is the son of Ted Drury - who was himself drafted 42nd in 1989 and played largely 4th-line roles in his 8-season NHL career - and the nephew of much-better-known Chris Drury, who won a Stanley Cup with Colorado and later served as team captain for Buffalo and the New York Rangers
- 47th-overall pick Kody Clark is the son of former first-overall pick and beloved two-way player Wendel Clark, who spent the bulk of his career with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
- 63rd-overall pick Jack McBain's dad is Andrew McBain, a former first-round pick of Winnipeg in 1983 who struggled to live up to expectations, barring a couple of decent years in the mid-80s.
- 68th-overall pick Tyler Madden is another son of a Stanley Cup winner, as his dad John Madden (not to be confused with the gridiron football colour commentator :P ) won three Stanley Cups (twice with New Jersey and once with Chicago) as well as the Frank J. Selke Trophy for the league's best defensive forward (2001).
- 70th-overall pick Jacob Ragnarsson is the son of former San Jose Shark Marcus Ragnarsson. Born in 1999, he was 5 when his father returned to Sweden.
- 93rd-overall pick Riley Sutter, should he play in the NHL, would become the tenth to play in the NHL from that family. His dad Ron, uncles Daryl, Duane, Brian, Brent, and Rich, and cousins Brandon (currently a Vancouver Canuck - that's my local NHL team), Brody, and Brett, have all seen NHL time.
- 95th pick Jonathan Gruden is the son of marginal NHLer John Gruden.
- 103rd pick Jacob Pivonka is the son of career Washington Capital Michal Pivonka (who is Czech), but he represents the United States.
- 163rd pick Simon Kjellberg's dad is former Nashville Predator Patric Kjellberg.
- 171st pick Nikolai Kovalenko is a second-generation draftee of his franchise; his dad Andrey, who had a decent if brief NHL career, was drafted by the Quebec Nordiques, the forerunners to today's Colorado Avalanche, who drafted him.
- Christian and Cole Krygier, twin sons of Todd Krygier, who had a 9-year career with Hartford, Washington, and Anaheim, went 196th to the New York Islanders and 201st to Florida respectively.

There are some other interesting notables in the draft:

- Consensus first-overall pick Rasmus Dahlin went to Buffalo as expected.
- Vancouver Canuck pick Jett Woo (who has a badass name too!) is the highest-ever draftee of Chinese extraction. He went 37th overall. And apparently he's got some grit, too! Another Chinese Canadian, Austin Wong, was taken with the third-to-last pick by Winnipeg.
- Two players of Armenian descent were picked this year: Semyon Der-Arguchintsev went to Toronto (76th) while Vancouver picked Artyom Manukyan (186th).
- Washington pick Alex Kannok-Leipert is the first Thai-born NHL draftee, but he grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan.
- ... =277764372 Rotherham native Liam Kirk makes history by becoming the first player both born AND trained in the UK to be drafted in the NHL draft. He set under-18 scoring records in the EIHL in Great Britain this season, and it's expected that he'll go in the CHL import draft and spend a season or two in the Canadian major-junior system before turning pro again.

It'll be interesting to see who jumps right in next season, in any case.

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