Koko (gorilla who learned sign languages) dies aged 46

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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/ ... ad-aged-46

Koko, the gorilla that learned sign language and formed several celebrity friendships while in captivity in the US, has died aged 46.

The female western lowland gorilla, who gained fame for her mastery of “gorilla sign language”, died peacefully in her sleep at the Gorilla Foundation’s preserve in California, the foundation said.

Originally named Hanabi-ko – Japanese for “fireworks child” – after being born at San Francisco Zoo in 1971, Koko learned a rudimentary sign language through a researcher, Dr Francine Patterson. Koko reportedly understood about 2,000 words of verbal English.

The subject of numerous documentaries, Koko also appeared on the cover of National Geographic, in a picture that the primate took of herself in a mirror. Koko adopted a kitten called All Ball and when the feline was hit and killed by a car in 1984, Patterson was filmed asking Koko what had happened. Koko signed in response: “Cat, cry, have-sorry, Koko-love.”

R.I.P. Koko :( . What a remarkable gorilla, understanding such a broad vocabulary.

I wonder whether we'll see the likes of her again?
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I didn’t even know she was sick...