East Coast Main Line nationalised again

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Rail services on the East Coast Main Line are being brought back under government control, following the failure of the current franchise.

Operators Stagecoach and Virgin Trains will hand over control from 24 June.

The Department for Transport will run the service until a new public-private partnership can be appointed in 2020.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said it would smooth the transition to a new operator, but critics said it was evidence of private sector failure.

Mr Grayling said the franchise had failed because Stagecoach and Virgin Trains had "got their bid wrong", overestimating the profitability of the line.

It is the third time in a just over a decade that the government has called a halt to the East Coast franchise.

It's not mentioned in the article - but, apparently, they're planning to bring back the 'LNER' brand. This name hasn't been used in 70 years, but it should still be recognisable to a lot of people: they were the company that ran the Flying Scotsman :) .

Anyway, this isn't the first time the East Coast franchise has been nationalised. I wonder why it keeps failing :-/ ?
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