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Cilalı İbo Teksas Fatihi Video review

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the movie I review today is Cilalı İbo Teksas Fatihi (1971)
directed by Mehmet Dinler

disk info:
Direct transfer from my video decent video quality
turkish audio
runtime 77min

a movie starring turkish commedian Feridun Karakaya aka Cilalı İbo. Cilalı İbo is a combination of charly chaplin & louis de funès + turkish humor. I can imagen if you understand turkish, the guy is pretty funny in compare with kemal sunal who keeps repeating his same jokes. the movie takes place in "modern" times .... so 1971 partly in turky and new york. alott of scene's are filmed on the streets of new york. the movie moves very fast + it is a commedy, so it is difficult for me to make a detailed review. the movie is to hactic and spontane .... to write down everything that happens will just make a big confusion.

you might wonder if the movie takes place in modrn time, how come it is a western? .... well .... the first 15min of the movie take placer in texas, and it is just like a tukish western, even some famous turkish western acters are in the movie, and also the last 15min are western .... in between the movie plays in new york. the movie also uses soundtracks from italian westerns. the title song of the movie played by Selcuk Alagöz remendid me alott of the music of Guido & Maurizio De Angelis. I also believe Selcuk Alagöz were part of the turkish psychedelic rock scene. even that the soundtrack of this movie is very pop and sweet.

for people who like end 60 psychedelic rock, please listen to this turkish music .... it is so unknown and I can imagen the scene was very small in turky at the time!

I find it very interesting that the movie is linked to a very alternative turkish music scene. in the movie their are also so bands playing, they play pop music, their is NO psycedelic music in the movie.

the quality of the film is good, so is the sound. movie moves fast, scene's in new york are very refreshing in compare with the stiffness of other turkish movies. looks like all the scene's on the streets are filmed very spontane. their is also some nudety in the movie, overall a very unconventional turkish movie

I couldnt hear/understand/find most of the carachters names ..... maybe teh didnt had any? american actress Deborah Winters is in the movie! one of her first roles she ever played ..... she plays a stripper and is naked! think not many people know this
a few names are mentioned on the poster and I have no idea who they are; Gabriella Merlin & Rose Mary dont sound like turkish names, can imagen that they are the 2 girls thatw ere evry short in a new york street scene? Gülten Ceylan should also be in the movie ..... I couldnt spot her. their are 2 girls that I cant name, one of them is the girl on the poster of the movie. she is wearing a blonde wig and has blue eyes, no idea if the allready used blue contact lenses those days??

for introduction:
Good =
Bad = :angry:

Feridun Karakaya = Ibo Cilali

Feridun Karakaya = Ibo Cilali's Grandfather

Feridun Karakaya = Ibo Cilali as Zorro

Feridun Karakaya = Ibo Cilali as Django

NubarTerziyan = Ibo Cilali's Grandfather Partner, The Texaner

Turkish Hipster band

Girlfriend = FatmaBelgen

Singer / Covergirl = ?

Singer 2 = ?

:angry: Hüseyin Kutman = Jackson

:angry: Kazım Kartal = Sabata

:angry: sabata and his man

:angry: Nesrin Nur = Bad Girl

:angry: Atıf Avcı = Al Capone and his man

:angry: Deborah Winters = Evil Stripper

The Movie:

The movie starts with a texas cowboy looking for ibo. ibo is praxticing with his 70's hipster band. the texas cowboy finds ibo and starts talking with him. he tells him the story of ibo's grandfather (flashback). how he started in the usa, how he didnt have any money. he had all kind of jobs, even as a construction worker. for some stranger reason ibo's grandfather ends up in jail .... think it had to do with 2 woman he harassed on the street. in jail ibo's grandfather starts gabbeling witht he other inmates. in no time he won all their money. one of the inmates tells him, he should try his luck in texas, alott of rich people their. as soon as he is out of jail he is of to texas. in texas he goes to a bar, were we arrive in a western ..... even some modern kids are also walking around. he gets in contact with some people who tell hi he should go looking for gold if he wants to get rich. so of he goes, in the desert he meets up with the texaner, he safes his life, some indians want to attack the texaner. together they go back in town with a huge back of gold. they start celibrarting, sabata wants to get his hands on the gold, but without any luck. ibo's grandfather and the texaner are now the big man of town. each time sabata and his man are thrying to attack, but without any luck. sabata and his man are working for jackson, but jackson allways want to stay in the back ground. Ibos grandfather and the texaner are having the time of their life, champagne non stop, food and girls every were.
ibo's grandfather decides to go back to new york, their he gets in contact with al capone and his man, soon also in new york he is a very big man. al capone is in contact with sabata. they put a bounty on ibo's grandfather and try to assassine him. and their the flashback ends.

the texaner wants ibo to come with him to new york.
in new york ibo gets a visit from the spirit of his grandfather. al capone's man are trying to get ibo, some benny hill scene's take place. some other funny scene's take place aswell. ibo coems in a room were Deborah Winters is half naked on abed, so tries to hopnotise ibo with her dance and some weird soun. she gives away a free strip-tease show, ibo's friend comes in and shoots Deborah Winters. they find a intercom in Deborah Winters room. they overhear a conversation of al capone and jackson. ibo has to go to texas to find out what is going on.

arrived in texas ibo is dressed as django enetring a cowboy bar. sabata and his man are checking out django ibo. soon some shot out takes palce. ibo has to run for his life and runs upstairs in hides in a room. in the room is a huge girl just taking a bath. ibo jumbs in the bath and hides under the soap foam. sabata's man are entering the room, but cant find ibo. they order the girl to get out of the bath. the girl takes a towl to cover herself and ibo. ibo hides in a closset and enters a secret room were a zorro costume hangs. ibo turns into zorro. entering the bar as zorro, ibo defeats sabata and his man. now ibo has to go after jackson, jackson went of in the desert. ibo captures jackson and as zorro, ibo ingraves a ibo signature on jacksons for head. than kills jackson.
so everything is good again, ibo is flying back to turky. again in the turkies airport, ibo is picked up.... and it looks like ibo's grandfather is also their???

the end

I didnt make a dvdr sleeve for the movie...cause I have it on tape.....