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Why should I lie to you? To you? I don't even know who you are....Your approach is ridicolous.
If I told you I saw it in more tan one place....consider that Domovideo was quite well distributed in Tuscany (expecially the western side, around Lucca and in the area between Viareggio-Lucca-Pisa-Pontedera and hinterland) because at one time Domovideo's vhs were printed in Porcari or Capannori, (I can't remember now, but it's easy to check) and this serie was quite common in the documentary section of videostores in that area and in the whole Tuscany in general. Come on, I really can't believe what's wrong with this was one of the many, useless, uninterestind and unsearched, unwanted vhs that store could had. Maybe only documentarists, schools, teachers or those into fishing and sea life could find some interest in this title.
I throw away dozens of documentaries on Durium, CHV, Domovideo, GVR/CVR because nobody was interested in documentaries...I had Folco Quilici's "Sixth Continent", "Brother Sea", "Ocean", "Men and sharks", "Il relitto del secolo", "Grida dal fondo"....I just bought them because they were listed on the Poppi-Pecorari guidebook of italian movies. Just because of that. And when time to sell my vhs came, I was forced to throw them all away because NOBODY (I repat it: NOBODY) was interested in documentaries except the same 2-3 shitty titles: "New Guinea, Cannibal's island", "Faces of death", "Mondo di Notte" (ISA Film) "AIDS" (Peter Grandl's)....

That's why nobody has this..but this can be good for any other documentary of the same serie or any other documentary printed by other label: because until now very very very very few people spent their time having a look in the documentary section. Yes, searching for the same titles: "New Guinea", "Faces of death", "Mondo di notte"...I've NEVER seen this title in want lists for years, never. And now it seems everybody want it. How can it be?
Once old vhs shops shut down, once they closed I guess the few (ok it wasn't a totally widespread serie but definitively not rarer than hundred of other titles) copies available were destroyed or thrown away or given away for a couple of bucks.
If at the time somebody asked me to buy it, I wouldn't have paid even 1 euro because until 6-7 years ago I knew NOBODY who was even far interested in this title or similar documentaries...come on...

Actually I really can not understand why this documentary because so "cult" in the last year when - for 25 years - nobody couldn't care less about it.

Mega rare? Don't be ridicolous....I know at least a couple of places where they had it, all in my area. In Prato there are at least two places where I saw them: Transvideo and Fiscella's wareouse. Then in Pontedera and in San Miniato Basso and in Porcari near Lucca where Domovideo's vhs where heavily distributed as they were printed in Porcari at one point of their story.

The problem is that NOBODY - and I repeat: NOBODY - couldn't care less about this vhs until a couple of years ago or even less.

And checked online shops and stores worldwide.
But don't you consider that at least a good 60% of retail and vhs stores DID not have a website? Come on....let's be serious....

This serie was not too difficult to find and - as I told you - I know a couple of places where you can find them. Well, at least, until 6-7 years ago when I stopped searching for vhs but I was still actively re-building catalogues for VHS label. I was behind Videoarcheologia website and I can 100& swear that I found that title and that serie 3-4 times at least and, of course, it never came to my mind the idea of buying that title or that serie. Why? I was not interested, nobody was far interested at the time, it's just a fashion that boomed in the last year thanx to a couple of shocked "researchers", nothing more nothing less.
That title was just one of the countless and useless documentaries that you could find in the less interesting section of any vhs store: the documentary section.
And if I remember well, at Fiscella's warehouse the whole serie was gathered in a Box Set too. Or I may be confuse it with the other "fundamental" documentary serie by Domovideo with red should go to that warehouse and have a look...maybe with 5 euros you can get it.

And I know it for sure as I wrote down the catalogue number when I was re-building the Domovideo full catalogue that was supposed to go on Videoarcheogia website. I spent 4 years in searching every video store in my region (Tuscany) searching for every videoshop. And - believe me - at that time not even a 20% of shops had a online page nor an email. And after that a good 90% of them shut down and disappeared. What you can find nowadays is not even a 1% of the vhs shops you could find until 6-8 years ago.

MEGA make me laugh

You want to buy it? Try with them: ... fault.aspx

It seems they have the vhs...and they were just the very first two result I found searching on google...

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CARI MOSTRI DEL MARE (1977) a.k.a FRIENDLY MONSTERS OF THE DEEP mega rare underwater mondo movie on DVD. Language: Italian. Subtitles: Non. Duration 93 min. Any question to pm or email: