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August 15th, 2018, 6:06 pm #491

I really like that layout with just the paper terrain and counters. I almost expect it to be animated.

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August 20th, 2018, 10:26 pm #492

euansmith wrote: I really like that layout with just the paper terrain and counters. I almost expect it to be animated.
Way beyond my skills, but now that you mention it; it does look like the animations for the "Battleground" style TV series where little unit icons move about the field!  That is actually my portable battlefield for when I have to go to my friends house for a game instead of using my table.  It all flat packs and fits right in snuggly in a laptop bag or backpack with room to spare.

Today, I have some The Games: Blood and Spectacle to share with you all today!  

After the conclusion of the Munera games in Subhartha, Metallus was pleased to be booked in Leptis Magna. The consul of the city had heard of the exploits of the men from the colony of Leptis Magna and was curious to see them in action. Metallus booked passage on a coastal galley and quickly made way from Subhartha to Leptis Magna in the province of Africa.

Once there, he was greeted warmly by the cities council and treated as a bit of a celebrity. This pleased Metallus greatly. However, his pleasure led to caution. The Consul wanted the men of Leptis Minoris for their ampitheatre. However, they were to test their metal against the Consul's own Gladiators from the Gladiator school the Consul had invested in. 

This made Metallus' politic instincts twitch. His men needed to be skilled in the arena, but was it better to let the Consul's Gladiators win the day? How would the Consul react if his own Gladiator's lost? How would the crowd react to the show? Caution would need to be the order of the day. 

For this series of The Games, I thought it would be fun to have a different set of rivals than the usual Picked Men of Quintillius. As much as I love to see Juggartha tear up his opponents, the world was starting to feel too small with only two Gladiator troupes constantly squaring off. I have enough Gladiators painted now for more than one Troupe, so this seemed like a good time to try them out.

This School in Leptis Magna would be called the Ludus Massinissa after the pre-Roman ruler of the area. The Ludus would include only Barbarian warriors of the following types:

2 Heavy- Murmillo and Hoplomachus
2 Medium- Provacatur and Dimechaerus
2 Light- Both Retarius
- In addition, I would start them with the “Baths” Professional servants. This would allow the Ludus Massinissa to re-roll a gate dice.

That should give a good show. The Ludus Massinissa (642 Troupe Rating) would enter the arena as Underdogs to the Ludus of Leptis Minor (750 Troupe Rating).

The day of the games, the people of Leptis Magna eagerly bought tickets for the event between the cities' consul and these men of the colony. The Consul himself was to be the editor of the games in honor of the grand history of the town and their loyalty to Caesar in Rome. It was a day that would surely be spoken about before the upcoming elections.

You can read all the details and see all the carnage here: ... es-of.html

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I have been playing a ton of Blood Bowl with the family lately.  It started with my daughter and I, but soon it even infected my wife!  She wanted to play too!  

We have humans, orcs, skaven, chaos, dwarfs, and even a Dark Elf team that is yet to be assembled.  Most of them are from the new teams, but we have 3 classic teams in there too! 

You can find all sorts of Blood Bowl going on at my blog..... and there is more to come.

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The forces of the evil Galactic Empire have deployed their winter weather thunder troopers to the ice world of Thoth.  In a lightning strike they managed to take control of the enemies’ anti-aircraft unit and hold the troopers of the native forces as hostages.  However, the natives have mobilized to mount a rescue mission.     

Rampant Galaxies is a game design for 3mm to 15mm scale games for a different scale of combat.  It would work great with any of the Epic and Not-Epic lines, micro-armor, GZG's lines, Spartan's lines, Dropzone Commander models, etc.  It is a generic system where you customize simple unit types with the use of Sci-Fi traits to make the units more distinct.  It also uses a command point system so the player needs to think about what they are trying to accomplish each turn and provide resources accordingly and give the point of attack the right focus.  The Turn sequence is a modified alternating phase activation, with shooting coming before moving, and movement being staggered by unit type.  In addition, there is an activation roll to simulate the friction of sci-fi combat so not all units will always perform as intended.    


Thundertroopers of the Evil Galactic Empire

3 Terror Trooper Infantry- 18 points
Infantry- Counter-measures, armored, Elite

2 Big Walkers- 16 points
Vehicles- Pursue, Armored, Transport, Walkers

2 Chicken Walkers- 14 Points
Vehicles- Pursue, Walker, Armored

Points= 48

Armored Task Force

2 Infantry- 6 points

2 Tanks- 18 points
Vehicles- Pursue, Armored, Armor Piercing, Tracked

2 APC- 12 points
Vehicles- Pursue, Tracked, Transport

2 IFVs- 14 Points
Vehicles- Pursue, Tracked, Armored

Points= 50 Points

The attacker sets-up the terrain per the guidelines.  The defender places one unit in the approximate center of the board.  Place a single “NPC” model with the unit.  In this case it will be the anti-aircraft unit of the armored company.  The defender deploys the rest of their force on any one board edge of their choice with one model touching the edge.  The Attackers can deploy on any other board edge touching the edge as well.
The attackers must secure the NPC.  They can take the NPC by eliminating the Unit accompanying it with shooting or assault and then moving  the NPC into their Zone of Control.  The unit with the NPC may not leave the board and if they retreat/rout the NPC is left behind.  The NPC can be passed off between enemy units this way many times.  The attacker must then try to move the NPC off the board.  The game last 8 turns, one hour, or until one side is destroyed/routed.  If the attackers have moved the NPC off the board, they win. 

I am not using any complications this battle.    

Outdoor, Snow world
You are fighting outdoors on a snow world.  It is covered in snowdrifts, barren rocks, and frozen ponds.  The terrain could be sand, snow, or worse!  Moving up and over dunes /hills is considered difficult terrain.

The board had a ridge on one side and a river on the other.  The river flowed between two large hills.  All hills and the river are rough terrain.  In the center of the board is the captured AA unit being escorted by a squad of Thunder Trooper infantry. 

On one side comes the planetary defense forces.  On the left flank is two APCs with troopers escorted by a tank.  The IFVs are next and then another tank is the far flank.  The Thundertroopers are the two heavy walkers in the center with troops onboard, while the chicken walkers are on both flanks.  The Thunder Troopers are the defenders with the armored column being the attackers. 

You can read all about it at the blog: ... escue.html

I finally have a good reason to stock up on Vanguard miniature 3mm models! 

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I was very excited to continue using the Nano Metal toy superhero figures to keep building and playing games of Super System. Typically, all this metal models need is a few touch-ups for paint and a wash to be ready to play. They can be found easily at big box retailers and do the trick just fine for these types of games, allowing for fun games on a budget.

I divided my models into two teams. The Union of Semi-Professional Heroes A.K.A. The Union versus The Black Hearts. You can read all about the current line-up of The Union and the Black Hearts in a previous blog post. After the Black Hearts raided a museum and stole several artifacts of ancient and historical South-East Asia, they were confronted by the Union as they made their escape in the desert. Today's adventure is a continuation of the ongoing rivalry between the two factions.

The Nihilist flipped open the briefcase and turned for him to see. For a brief moment, the glitter and flash of uncut diamonds flashed in the dim light.

“Look, it is worth your while to help us out. I have been told you are one of the best smugglers uncut diamonds can buy.”

The other man cast a long thin shadow. He craned his neck and it looked unnatural as he peaked into the container. A filthy blanket wrapped around him as his dark eyes glinted at the sight of the gems.

“I can get you out of country unnoticed easily enough. However, you do realize where you go is a deadly jungle hell hole run by a murderous militia?” The man squawked.

The Nihilist and Metal Head exchanged the briefest glance. “We understand. That's why we are coming to you.”

The man shuffled forward awkwardly in a tattered blanket. His hand shot out and slammed the case closed. A metallic, claw like set of fingers closed on the handle. MetalHead stepped forward and planted his large hand on the case firmly and shook his head slowly.

Nihilist hissed through her mask, “Do we have a deal?”

The man's head twitched forward in what she assumed was a sign of consent. Then he slowly looked up above them. With a speed that surprised the two Black Hearts he stepped back and tore the blanket from his shoulders. As it drifted away, the man raised a red helmet to his head, and a huge pair of mechanical wings stretched outward from his body.

“Company!” he squawked. The two villains turned quickly to see Mr. Amazing flying down from the darkening horizon. MetalHead eagerly crashed his fist into his palm, while Nihilist raised her delicate hood.

The caped hero hovered at the edge of the wooded clearing, “What do we have here? An unexpected catch?”

From the edge of the woods stepped the Riverine and his fellow Union pal, Safeguard. “We came to shut down Buzzard's smuggling ring, but it looks a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!”

Metalhead grinned at the newly arrived heroes, “Let's Rock.” he muttered. However, the Nihilist placed a restraining hand on his bicep.

“Remember, our job was to secure the Buzzard's help. Not smash up The Union. We have the Buzzard, now we need to make our escape.”

With a quick grunt MetalHead nodded his reluctant agreement. The Nihilist turned quickly to their new fellow Black Heart he was now hovering, buoyed by the soft whooshing of micro-jet technology, “It looks like you are one of us now. Come on!” She started running towards their hidden burrowing machine.

Riverine rolled his eyes, “We can't let them get away..... again!” He sprang into action. His fellow Union hero, Safeguard close behind him.

“I knew we should I have asked Red Streak to come,” muttered Safeguard.

We have two new cast members today! For The Union we have Safeguard. Safeguard was a scientist and inventor whose family was killed tragically as collateral damage during a super-villain throw down. He vowed to protect those who could not protect himself and spent years creating the Safeguard armor. It allows him to project protective force bubbles around himself and others to keep other from harm. His appearance to protect civilians at various super-powered slugfests soon brought him to the attention of The Union, and he was recruited by the Riverine.

For the Black Hearts, we have the infamous smuggler and mercenary the Buzzard. Buzzard was able to acquire a suit of specialized flying gear from a smuggling operation that went wrong on the edge of Tajikistan. The former owners of the suit may have been the Soviet Union, Chinese Military, Islamic rebels, or worse. He didn't know or care as he used it to escape capture by a United States military raid. The suit allows him to fly and since he has equipped it with various upgrades to help him stay ahead of his competition and pursuers.

The Forces

The Union (of Semi-Professional Heroes)
Mr. Amazing- Brick- Stupendous Man Archetype
The Riverine- Brawler-The Shield Slinger Archetype
Safeguard- Blaster- Guardian Archetype

The Black Hearts
Nihilist- Mentalist- The Empath Archetype
MetalHead- Brick- Immovable Object Archetype
Buzzard- Blaster- Death from Above Archetype

The Black Hearts are starting on any board edge up to 12 inches in. The Heroes can start at the closest board edge. The Black Hearts need to get Buzzard off the opposite board edge to win along with one other Black Heart to operate the machine. He can not be captured by The Union. The Union must capture Buzzard first, any other captures are a bonus.

The board is to be a wooded clearing. There are rocks and small copse of trees scattered about. It is assumed the edge of the board is surrounded by thick forest and impenetrable, except for where marked for the Buzzard to escape to the Black Hearts waiting machine.

The Black Hearts are in a small group, where they were conducting there business before being interrupted. The Union are along a board edge within 12 inches and directly opposite where the Black Hearts need to escape the board.

You can read up on the outcome of this battle at the blog: ... eport.html