These are the Forum Rules.

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RULE 1: Differences of opinion must stay civilized, no name calling.

RULE 2: Off Topic subjects to be discussed here, not on main forum</a>

RULE 3: Criminal airgun activity reported in the media is not welcome here.
Such as newspaper articles, TV reports, Internet articles on police
plots etc. discuss them on OT here:
<a href="" ... um/580260/
<a href=""></a>

RULE 4: Don't complain about the way the forum is run or why posts got deleted. Email for explanation or read these rules.

RULE 5: Private "For sale" items go on the classifieds. No exceptions.
               <strong>NOTE</strong>. The classifieds is for Air gun related items only.

RULE 6: Do not Troll.

RULE 7: Instigating with the purpose of drawing people into highly
argumentative situations and wasting of bandwidth is a cause for
deletion and/or banning.

RULE 8: DO NOT reply to trolls. THIS IS A MUST.

RULE 9: No Personal attacks, racial slurs, foul language or insults and no
offensive pictures.

RULE 10: No unauthorized dealer promotions.

RULE 11. LDC and moderator discussion can NOT be addressed on this
forums, PERIOD. Such discussions on legality, how to, buy from, perfomance etc. is NOT welcome here.

RULE 12. Anything posted of illegal or unethical nature will be deleted.
Tasteful Hunting pictures are welcome when accompanied by the
hunting or pest eliminating story. "Tasteful" will be interpreted
by the administrator or anyone of the moderators. Put GRAPHIC on message line.


RULE 14: Only honest and ethical dealers and tuners can be mentioned in
posts. This forum actively supports and encourages progress in our sport through
innovation. Therefore no one who dishonestly exploits the creative work or
trust of others can be allowed to profit from exposure here.


It is the policy of this forum to NOT allow any kind of personal attacks on Dealers, Tuners and individual air gunners.

Continuous harassing or targeting of a business owner because your personality happens not to agree with his will not be tolerated.

If the merchandise you received from such business was not as promised then you have the right to contact the dealer and rectify it. If you do not get satisfaction, email the owner of this forum, before making any post.

Violators of this policy will be immediately banned.

Thank you for your cooperation
Forum Admin.

All rules are interpreted and invoked by the Forum owner and moderators and are final.

In closing, we believe that the forum should operate in the spirit of the Late James Kitching.
We will preserve its freedom of expression and openness in the hope that we will sustain the camaraderie that is prevalent amongst our members. This is the only way Airgun ideas and innovations could thrive.

The Forum Administrator.

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