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EIDOS mulls series changes

Lara Croft is famous the world over, but Lara as we know her many never be the same again. "We need to look at everything as we develop the enxt game," says Eidos CFO Robert Brent.

Brent attributes the oncoming change to worse-than-expected sales of Tomb Raider: Underworld, which reportedly sold 1.5 million fewer units and over $25 million dollars less than what was expected. Brent points to waning interest in the adventurer's exploits in the U.S. as the culprit. "Europe was fine, but America was not as anticipated. You would normally expect Tom Raider sales to be split half and half between Europe and North America, but this time America was considerably below that."

Eidos is reportedly considering changing Lara's curvaceous look to apparently make her more friendly to female gamers, as well as changing the gameplay. We contacted Eidos for confirmation on this point, but received no reply as we went to print.

Ironically, it is Lara's last makeover - when the series was handed over to Crystal Dynamics (Legacy of Kain) for Tomb Raider Legend - which helped resurrect her in the video game realm. Legend sold over three million units worldwide.

This may not be true, but if it is, Eidos has completely lost it! Lara is not there problem -- not in the lest!
It's the levels and game play! How blind can they get! :blowup:
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It's easier to point blame at something or somebody else rather than take responsibility for bad decisions and short comings. I would say that bad sales are a direct result of releasing a bad game.
There's been a ton of negative reviews about the game which influence people, (I for one), into taking a second look at whether or not to buy it.
Is changing her appearance again going to boost sales? No, the way she looks wasn't the issue. What gets me is, these guys make these interview videos about the game, sitting there praising themselves for a job well done, showing all their excitement about upcoming projects, when all the while, the empire is crumbling around them and they can't or don't want to see it. I watched that one about Beneath the Ashes, and I wanted to jump in that screen and just start slapping people.
Unless some other company takes over and gets back to the old formula, I'm afraid this is the end.

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It's depressing. It mostly is going to result in Lara's funeral and I don't mean one of those fake ones too.
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