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Welcome to the Terrain Specialties forum!

In order to post on the Terrain Specialties forum, and to have access to other forum functions, we do require that you register for the forum so we can validate your membership. This is to eliminate spammers gaining access to the forum as much as possible. Once you register and are validated by the forum admins, you will be able to post to the topics on the Terrain Specialties forum.

This forum is intended to be a place to gather and communicate regarding events run by Terrain Specialties as well as for general discussions regarding gaming, terrain, painting, or event ideas.

Let us know your thoughts on past events we’ve run, upcoming events and tournaments, and things you’d like to see us do in the future. Did we host an event in the past that you'd like us to rerun? We'd love to hear that too.

We assume most discussion will be related to Con of the North and gaming around the Twin Cities in MN, but it doesn't strictly have to be. Just keep it friendly and easy-going.

Thanks, and see you on the forums.

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This forum is a companion communication vehicle to our separate Yahoo Group located at:

Other contact methods include: conofthenorthrtt@yahoo.com

Some pictures from games run by Terrain Specialties.

So many games, so little time.