Hotel Feedback for Review Mtg on Sat Mar 15

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Hotel Feedback for Review Mtg on Sat Mar 15

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09 Mar 2014, 22:38 #1

Con of the North will be holding a review meeting at 2 PM (or perhaps immediately following the election meeting starting noon) on Saturday, March 15th.

I will be attending and can pass along any feedback/suggestions attendees submit before then...

(This topic is for things under control of, or intrinsic to, the hotel.)


For example:

Was the food service OK? (This was one of the main reasons for leaving the Holiday Inn.)

Major parking problems?

Were you unable to get a hotel room? Otherwise where did you end up staying?

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10 Mar 2014, 14:39 #2

The hotel was a massive improvement over the Holiday Inn. I'd be pleased to keep the venue there for next year.
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