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A list of Terrain Specialties events run at Con of the North 2009.

Games Workshop Bring & Battle
Bring your painted Warhammer 40K and Fantasy army, grab an opponent and spend the evening battling on themed tables provided by Terrain Specialties. You can join in this event at any time throughout the evening and play one-on-one, multiplayer mega-battles or Apocalypse games. A great opportunity to test your 40K army before Sunday’s Rogue Trader Tournament.
System: Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy

Izium Bridgehead Offensive, May 1942
In May 1942, Soviet forces launched an offensive against the German 6th Army in hopes of breaking through to Kharkov.  The 226th Rifle Division and 36th Tank Brigade met with initial success and advanced over 10km to capture the village of Nepokrytaia.  However, the German counter attack was fierce, and elements of the 3rd and 23rd Panzer Divisions mounted an attack to roll back the Soviet gains.
System: Arc of Fire WWII

Rumble in the Jungle
Deep in the forbidding jungles on the death world of Karkariad lie the ruins of an ancient civilization whose secrets await those with the will to brave the deadly jungle and the strength to defeat their enemies. Participate in this king of the hill type scenario by bringing a 400 point painted force made from any unit categories. Limit of 1 HQ and 1 Elite. No model with more than 2 wounds. No bikes, jetbikes, destroyers, special characters, or anything with an armor value. Deep Strike and equivalents will not be used.
System: Warhammer 40K

Games Workshop Open Gaming
Terrain Specialties will provide multiple table of themed terrain and you provide your own army to play against other GW gamers. You can join in amytime throughout the time slot and play one-on-one, multiplayer megabattles or Apocalypse games. This is a great opportunity to test your 40K army before Sunday's Rogue Trader Tournament.
System: Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy

Pieces of Eight
After defeating the British at last years COTN, Pirate Captain Santiago has set his good eye on the Spanish fleet. The two fleets have met while searching for treasure on a group of uncharted islands. There’s rumored to be plenty of loot, but neither side is willing to share. Hoist the Jolly Roger! This game uses modified Pirates of the Spanish Main rules for fast and exciting fleet battles.
System: Pirate of the Spanish Main (Modified)

Dusk of the Dead
Fleeing the zombie outbreak, a group of survivors has run out of gas on a deserted country road.  They've abandoned their vehicle and spotted a farm just off the road, but dusk is upon them and zombies are closing in.  Can they reach the house and find supplies that will help them survive the night? Take control of a survivor’s fate in this zombie skirmish game.
System: Zombie Skirmish Home Rules

Dreadnought Arena
Win the coveted title of Most Dreaded! Bring a painted: Space Marine, Chaos, or Ork Dreadnought; Killer Kan Mob; Sentinel Squadron; Wraithlord or Warwalker Squad; Carnifex (max 1 biomorph); Talos; Crisis Team; or Penitent Engine Squad. No special characters or VDR. No point limit. Any codex-legal upgrades allowed. Weapons & upgrades must be modeled.
System: Warhammer 40K

Battletech 101
Never played Classic BattleTech before? Always wanted to learn? Getting rusty? Or just looking for something fun to do? Learn how to play or refresh your skills in Classic BattleTech. Then test your skills in some simple scenarios. All miniatures, record sheets, and dice provided. And of course beginners are welcome!
System: Classic Battletech

Take the High Ground…
Recon elements clash in a strategic location. Your job -- take and defend the best positions in anticipation of a larger battle to follow. The results of this scenario will affect "…And Hold It!" which follows. Pre-Clan. All miniatures, record sheets, and dice provided.
System: Classic Battletech

…And Hold It!
Reinforcements arrive and the fight is on! Hopefully your recon (in "Take The High Ground") was successful. (Players need not have played the previous scenario.) Pre-Clan. All miniatures, record sheets, and dice provided.
System: Classic Battletech

Break Through and Run
The Imperial fleet, lead by the Phantoms Space Marine chapter, must run the Chaos blockade around Helzane IX to bring desperately needed reinforcements to the already weakened ground forces.
System: Battlefleet Gothic

40K Rogue Trader Tournament
Don't miss the excitement of the 8th annual Con of the North 40K Rogue Trader Tournament, sponsored by The Source Comics & Games. This will be a 24 player, 3 game tournament using 1500 point armies constructed under the Standard Mission Organization. This tournament features trophies and prizes provided by The Source Comics & Games. As this popular tournament traditionally fills up, pre-registering is recommended. For the complete set of this year's RTT rules and guidelines see the full page listing in the Con of the North pre-registration book. For the latest CotN RTT updates and registration confirmation, visit: Email questions to:
System: Warhammer 40K

Speed Painting
Sure you can paint minis, but can you do it in a half hour? Join us in the Terrain Specialties area for a fun speed painting contest. The Source is providing figures and prizes. Each contestant will have a half hour to paint their figure. Entries will be judged by popular vote in a separate category along with the general painting contest entries.

Painting Contest
Terrain Specialties presents the CotN 2009 Painting Contest. Enter your favorite painted gaming figures and show off your painting skills! Voting will be done on a ballot system by your fellow convention attendees. Painting contest prizes provided by The Source. Categories include: Sci-Fi Unit, Fantasy Unit, Historical Unit, Single Figure, and Open Category. Even if you won't be entering any figures be sure to stop by and vote for your favorites.
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