Piston diversity

Piston diversity

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From the LD Riders list:
Good day fellow LDR obsessed individuals.

I’m prepping an attempt to do a Piston Diversity ride here in the next
month or so. I’m very fortunate to have access to a 1, 2, 3 and 6 cylinder
motorcycles, but a 4 cylinder does not occupy a space in my or my friend’s
garage. I’ve looked into renting a 4 cylinder locally, but the cost is
absolutely astounding as most business have a 250-300 daily mile limit.

Now for the big ask:

Do you have a 4 cylinder LDRish bike that you’d be willing to let me
borrow? We can obviously work out the details, whether it be you using my
K75 (3 cylinder) for your own Piston Diversity, me giving you a kidney, or
straight cash.

I live in Rochester, MN, so someone close would be nice too (big ask #2)

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Thom seems to be reachable at trainwiththom at gmail.com

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