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Taylor Hayes ~ Appreciation is meant to provide fans of The Bold And The Beautiful, and more particularly, fans of Dr. TAylor Hayes, an enjoyable and positive place to post their thoughts and opinions. It's aim, then, is to facilitate discussion. As a result, there are several rules that need to be followed:

I. No Poster Bashing. Please refrain from posting demeaning, negative or hurtful comments or threads about individuals on this or other boards. Remember that we all have differing opinions, and so I would ask that we all respect one another.

II. No Actor Bashing. There is a fine line between disliking a character, and transferring that dislike onto a real person. While character bashing is allowed, actor bashing is not: remember, these are real people with feelings.

III. Rumours About the Private Lives Of Cast Members. Please refrain from gossip about the private lives of the individual cast members.

IV. No Profane Language.

V. No Spam.

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