You can now earn Ad Revenue with Tapatalk Groups

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February 12th, 2018, 11:15 pm #1

Dear Tapatalk Group Owner and Moderator,

The year has just started so we are not stopping on giving you more new features!

Earning Ad Revenue with your group

We are excited to launch the Ad Revenue Sharing Program! If you enabled advertisement in your Tapatalk Groups, you will have the opportunity to keep a percentage of the Ad earnings. Revenue Sharing is converted to Gold Points and is deposited daily to your account which can be used within Tapatalk to purchase upgrade, and in a near future, you can also convert to cash by linking up your Bank account with us.
Basic gold points generation history is provided under the Gold Points section in your Tapatalk Console. However, to see trends and other advanced analytics, we’ve added the detail report for Basic and Premium Tier customers in the Tapatalk Console. Advertisement in Tapatalk is typically in much higher quality than many other sites as we incorporated the latest advertising technology alongside with a much better ad targeting.
To learn more about this new feature, check out our tutorial thread

Favicon Support

Favicon or the small, iconic image shown in browser's address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list is now supported. You only need to subscribe to a paid tier (Basic or Premium) and this feature will become available. If you are a migrated forum and your existing forum already support this feature for free, you don’t need to upload a new one since the same logo will be utilized.

Moderator eMail improvement

The team has redesigned the email communication template for moderators. Changes on the format are applied to emails for New Group, New User, Pending user, Topic and Post needing approval.

Refined Tapatalk Groups login page

Tapatalk Groups login page is now straightforward where the "Login with your existing forum account" and Sign up button is shown on top while the (Tapatalk ID) TTID login button at the bottom.

Welcoming more networks to Tapatalk Groups

InvisionFree: One of the original and biggest forum network is now in Tapatalk. Our migration team is excited to announce the near completion of forum migrations from InvisionFree. InvisionFree forums have joined over a dozen of other networks that were migrated to Tapatalk Groups in 2017.
Network54: Test migrations from the Network54 platform are currently in full swing. Some Network54 forums have seen their final migration already. We’re happy to welcome another group of great forums.

Stay tuned for more to come!
Tapatalk Team