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Technetium wrote: On a forum that has been migrated from phpbb, none of the people on that forum can change their profile information.

This includes the administrators and server owner.

Please explain?
It should work as everything are migrated - can you advise us the URL and we can look into it?

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After making that post, the forum admin found a way to solve the problem--turns out the Registered Users group, which everyone had, didn't have that permission. Sorry, false alarm.

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Can I have a full backup of my forum so I can change hosts? I don't want to use this tapatalk trash.

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My Site Doesnt Have The Look And Feel In The Manage Settings Please Help

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I can't make a word in a link anymore

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Where is the procedure to request a backup to migrate to a new host?

The main benefit of tapatalk is supposed to be mobile compatibility, but without the app, the mobile version of the site is atrocious, and I refuse to request my board members download an app.

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thugadon wrote:My Site Doesnt Have The Look And Feel In The Manage Settings Please Help
Can you create a new thread for this issue or submit a support ticket we can help you either way.

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winter wrote: Can you create a new thread for this issue or submit a support ticket we can help you either way.

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Chrisw wrote: Hello and welcome to migration support.

Please take a moment to read the FAQs, your question might already be answered in here and it will save you some time.

Help! I am seeing ads on the board I paid for.
If you see ads on an ad-free board, please post here at support, and we'll remove the ads for you ASAP.

- Will we get more text formatting options?
Yes you will. Our improved text editor is very close to being released at this time.

- Will we be able to customize our forums?
Yes, you will be able to customize your forums, you will also be able to add CSS, upload your logo or banner, etc...
For banner sizes, please read ... d-t20.html

- Is it true that we will only be able to access the forum via our phone, and not via our laptop of desktop?
This is absolutely not true. You will still be able to access your forum via your desktop and laptop like you always have. This is not going to change.

- Why is the hide my online status not working?
It is working, but keep in mind that you will always see yourself on line. Others will not. If your name is in italics in the who's on line section, then you are hidden from others.

- Will our old skins be on our new board and will we still be able to use them?
No. It is a different system on the new platform, your old skins will not work there. You have access to the CSS on the new platform. You will find a good number of useful codes in this forum: ... n-f100021/
Please do NOT use that forum as a help forum, it is a tutorial forum, nothing else.

- When will my board be moved?
It is impossible to tell when your board will be moved. There are tens of thousands of boards to be moved, we cannot pinpoint an exact day or time for each individual move. If you'd like to move rather sooner than later, feel free to put in a priority move request. Just make a post here at the support forum with your request.

- Can I go back to the old platform?
Sorry, that is not possible. All boards are being upgraded. Soon, the old platform will be no more.

- Can I request for my move to be postponed?
Please only ask to have your move postponed if you see issues on the test version of your board that need attention, or if you have a specific reason to ask a delay.

- I can't log in at the support forum
If you have never posted at support before, then you're not a member and will need to register an account. You can use the same email to register that you used on your original board registration. You can also use the same username. In fact, I strongly suggest it, that way I know who you are :)

- I sent an email to support 2 days ago and I haven't heard back, what happened?
Due to the upgrades, our help desk and emails are backlogged. Please allow extra time for responses during the upgrade process.

- Will I get faster responses if I send a couple emails and post here at support as well?
Please make this support forum your primary support hub. Unless you have login problems, legal problems, or payments problems, all support questions should be asked here at the forum.
If you send an email, please don't bump it up. All emails are processed in order of arrival, oldest first. Each time you respond without having received a response from us,. your email will go to the end of the queue again, thus greatly prolonging your waiting time.
Perhaps this should be update?
Defy tyranny......

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Hi, we still had gold status when we moved over, and there are people complaining that they're seeing ads on the board. Can I get some help with that?