Upgrade your forum classifieds to a Managed Marketplace, Network54.com and Zetaboards migrations, and more!

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Dear Tapatalk Groups Admins and Moderators, 

Now that the GDPR support work is almost completed, we want to take this opportunity to update you few exciting things happening in Tapatalk Groups. 

Earn More Gold Points with Tapatalk Marketplace 

We are excited to launch Tapatalk Marketplace - a peer to peer marketplace that integrates with your forum. 

The new Marketplace provides you and your members a better way to list, browse and purchase items in your classified section. And, because Tapatalk acts as an escrow agent, your sellers can be confident they will get paid, and your buyers can be confident they will receive the item as described in the listing. The Marketplace content stays on your forum and we inherit the moderator settings so it's in line with your practices, and works for both FS and WTB. It also gives you a way (if you choose) to earn Gold Points from the transactions. 

If you want to preview Tapatalk Marketplace, it is now available in Tapatalk Support Forum 
You can even purchase our T-shirt, and if you implement Marketplace, we will refund the cost of the t-shirt. 
Please contact rob@tapatalk.com if you want to learn more and try it in your Group. This feature will be gradually launched in all Tapatalk Groups. 

IP Check to reduce/prevent spam 

We have integrated an IP check to reduce and prevent spam in your forum. This can be managed from your Admin control panel where you will have the option to ban users by name, IP or email address. 
To learn more about this feature, check out our Tutorial thread

Network54.com forums Migrating to Tapatalk Groups 

We continue to work on new features and improvements, shaping the Tapatalk Groups Platform for you and with you. We want to welcome the Network54 forums to Tapatalk Groups. Say hi to the admins from Network54 when you see them in our support group! 

Zetaboard forums Migrating to Tapatalk Groups 

The test migrations from Zetaboards to Tapatalk Groups are in full swing. Many zetaboards admins have received their preview and we've received great feedback so far. Meanwhile, our team is preparing additional features to make the transition as comfortable as possible, including the CSS and Javascript support. Stay tuned! 

Tapatalk Team