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Welcome to Tapatalk Groups Indexed Tutorial. Here you’ll find tutorials for some of the most common support questions. 

Registration / Account Management
Tapatalk Global Login *updated 6/6/2018
Activating Accounts *Admin/Mod
Ownership Transfer *Admin/Mod
Log-in Problems *Admin/Mod
Account Approval by Admin *Admin/Mod
Tapatalk Groups Homepage *updated 6/6/2018
Logging in *updated 6/5/2018
Purchase Subscription and Upgrades *Admin/Mod updated 8/15/2018
Accessing Admin, Moderator Control Panel and Tapatalk Console *Admin/Mod updated 08/07/2018
Payment and Billing *Admin/Mod *updated 08/15/2018
Batch Import New Members *Admin/Mod
Single Invite User *Admin/Mod
Accessing Tapatalk Console *Admin/Mod
Force Update Email
Conrolling Guest Access *Admin/Mod

Setting up your Forum/Look and Feel
Forum Basics - Creating your own Group
Forum Basics - Customizing Look and Feel *Admin/Mod *updated 08/07/2018
Forum Basics - Renaming Group/Forum Name *Admin/Mod *updated 08/07/2018
Forum Basics - Managing Categories and Forums/Sub-forums *Admin/Mod
Forum Basics - Create and Delete Categories/Subforum *Admin/Mod
Banner, logo, and cover photo upload dimensions *Admin/Mod
Creating a Customized Welcome and Birthday Email *Admin/Mod *updated 08/07/2018
Add Favicon for your Group *Admin/Mod *updated 08/07/2018
Customize Profile Fields *Admin/Mod
Board Features *Admin/Mod
Adding Background Image

Profile Management
Changing Username *updated 8/22/2018
Unfollowing a Forum *updated 6/6/2018
Hiding my online status
Multi-Profile Log-in
Managing Notification Settings with Tapatalk ID

Forum Management
Forum Basics - Pending Member
Donation *Admin/Mod 
Managing Administrators *Admin/Mod
Gold Points and Ad Removal *Admin/Mod 
Promote Administrator *Admin/Mod
Convert Gold Points to Cash *Admin/Mod 
Ad-Free *Admin/Mod
Ad Revenue Share *Admin/Mod *updated 08/15/2018
Setting Forum Permissions *Admin/Mod
Analytics and Monetization Chart *Admin/Mod 
Ranks and Titles *Admin/Mod
Premium Membership *Admin/Mod updated 8/15/2018
Sending Mass Email *Admin/Mod
Chatroom *updated 08/07/2018
Add and Remove Custom Domain

Migrated Forum
Migration Checklist *Admin/Mod

Forum Basics - Sorting Options
Adding Attachment
Sending Mass PM *Admin/Mod
Sending Private Message
Post a poll thread
How to reply without quoting
Custom Smilies
Creating and Managing Global Announcements

Ban user by username, IP or username *Admin/Mod
Allow/Disallow Anonymous viewing *Admin/Mod

Legend: Admin/Mod Strictly for Admin/Mod use only