Tapatalk is Privacy Shield Certified, Guest posting in Tapatalk App, Two Columns View and more...

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Dear Tapatalk Groups Admins and Moderators,

Tapatalk is Privacy Shield Certified

Yes we are! As of Sept 2018, the US Department of Commerce has accepted Tapatalk self-certification as Privacy Shield compliant. The team has worked hard to stay ahead of the curve in data protection and security by ensuring that our internal data practices meets the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Standards. We believe that Privacy Shield is the most straightforward way to show compliance with transfer personal data policies.

To get the Privacy shield certification, we have updated our Privacy Policy which provides greater clarity and detail about the information we collect, how we use it, and how we comply with Privacy Shield Principles. You can view more from our official Privacy Shield announcement on this link.

We believe that with this Privacy Shield certification, we can convey how committed we are in valuing data privacy and security to building a great community.

Guest Posting in App

If you have enabled Guests to post to your forum, they can do it now from both your forum website and Tapatalk App. This feature is supported on Tapatalk app iOS 8.0 (scheduled to be released the third week of September) and Android 7.4.3 or higher. By default, guests are not allowed to post. To change your settings to allow guest posting, follow the instructions from this tutorial

Two Columns View

We made some enhancements on the home page to support two-column view on Desktops. We moved certain sections from the bottom to the upper right column for greater visibility, and save time scrolling to the bottom of the page. Sections that moved to the right column include Statistics, Donations, Who is Online, Premium Subscription and Birthdays. If your screen size is 990px or smaller, it will switch back to old style where all these features are found discreetly at the bottom of the page.

Coming up Next…

Members Tab

We will add “Members” tab alongside the Forums, Discussions and Messages, tabs. The new Members tab consolidates various member related screens into one single place, including the Who’s Online, Recently Joined, The Team, User Invitation and Contact Us. We hope this will give you more control and visibility to the happenings of new members, as well as helping your members find useful information and interact with the group leader (The Team) more effectively.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has been one of the most requested enhancements. Soon we’ll enable Dark Theme so your browsing can be a bit more easier on the eyes especially when your staring at your screen for a long period of time. We will release a tutorial soon on how to enable Dark Mode as soon as it is online.

Stay tuned for more to come.

Tapatalk Team