Tapatalk ID (Single Sign On to all Tapatalk Groups)

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Howdy wrote: These are not hard to tackle problems. Let us help you to sort them out. 
On which form do you have these problems? URL?

1. Forums are set up... just name. Won’t let me log in. I don’t understand at all how to get them functioning. There’s not much on tapatalk that’s simple or clear. 
Were you trying to log in via the App or the website? Did you use a Tapatalk ID to log in or forum ID? Can you PM me the detail? I'll get your accounts sorted out 

2. My hubby and I both have unique user names and can’t even find each other in search. I found one friend. She didn’t e en know how I found her. Ive yet to find anyone who understand how tapatalk works. 
What names couldn't you find through the search? Was it on the App or the Web. On which forum? You found a friend and she didn't even know how you found her. Do you know how you found her? You'll find plenty of Tapatalk Savvies here on the support forum. Don't be shy to ask any questions. 

3.  Why are there not simple simple learning guides on this app plus it keeps telling you to go to a desktop. Why do I have a mobile app if I need a desktop to run it? 
Can you tell us where you see a message that keeps on telling you to go to a desktop? Perhaps send us a screenshot. 

We have a tutorial board for site owners if you didn't notice. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tutorial/
We'll continue to add more user related tutorials but in terms of App features and functions, a lot of them are very self-explanatory and intuitive. 
Thanks Howdy!

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So, we now have no choice but to have a Tapatalk ID? Apparently so, because when I tried to check something on a private board that I Admin. I was given no choice. It was do it or log out, no way to close the pop-up.
Now I have an ID that I have no idea what it has done for me.

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I don't have a TT ID for my main username/password on the boards that I administrate. You just need to click on the "click here" bit instead of the Login with Tapatalk ID bit of the login screen.

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WOC    Well 'click here' doesn't appear any more - the only option I got when I got logged out yet again was to sign in with my TT ID

I don't see why we should be forced to create and use a TT ID if we don't want to - I was perfectly happy signing in without it

I wonder what is the purpose of this Tapatalk ID - it really doesn't appear to do anything & certainly doesn't get you into the groups any faster as it was claimed to do??

Update:    Well seems the 'click here' to sign in as an alternative to the Tapatalk ID sign in has now reappeared on this Help Forum so I don't know what is going on -

Seems I can log into my sites with my usual group ID but if I want to go into the ACP I have to re -authenticate myself and the only option is to use my Tapatalk ID
This is absolutely ridiculous - why can't I log into my ACP with my usual ID as I have done before??


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WOCModerator wrote: I don't have a TT ID for my main username/password on the boards that I administrate. You just need to click on the "click here" bit instead of the Login with Tapatalk ID bit of the login screen.
No, you see that option was not there. I had no choice. Yes, I know what you mean because it is what I have been doing all along, but that time, there was no choice. As I said, it was sign up or log out, those were my only choices.

So, now I have this and I clicked the option in the drop down menu under my handle for every board I am a member of. I guess that I thought that meant when I signed in again, I would be signed into all of them, but I wasn't. I had to sign into every board tonight. After signing into each board, I checked the menu. The option is gone, so I assume that means the board is properly connected. So, what does this ID do for me?