Tapatalk for XenForo Plugin - Release Announcement and Changelog

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21 Dec 2015, 14:42 #51

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 2.4.11 released

- improved compatibility with PHP7
- solved compatibility issue with old xenforo versions that do not support spam functions
- solved issue with double url when using XenForo->options->messages->Auto-embed Media and add link to content
- updated smartbanner code and connection classes to last version

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08 Jan 2016, 13:29 #52

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 2.4.12 released

- Solved some issues with php7
- Updated core plugin to improve compatibility with BYO apps.

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12 Jan 2016, 11:44 #53

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 2.4.13 released

- solved bug with php7
- solved issue with timestamp in post view in android versions

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30 Jan 2016, 14:12 #54

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 2.4.14 released

- solve issue with ignore user functionality

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14 Mar 2016, 15:31 #55

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 3.0.0. BETA released

We are glad to announce this beta release of the next generation of plugins we are been working hard during past months. We are focusing our efforts on make a faster plugin with more features. This plugin includes:

- All features from previous versions.
- Support for two factor authentication.
- Support for smartbanner and other improvements for our BYO5 program.

Despite we call it beta, this plugin was working fine during past 2 months in our support forum. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Installation notes: As this plugin is brand new, the installation in this case require to remove (not override) completely the old mobiquo folder and the library/Tapatalk one and install these from the zip. The xml installation can be done as always. Once this done, please check in your xenforo admin panel the Tapatalk options and the new Tapatalk Mobile App Deep Linking

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17 Mar 2016, 11:17 #56

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 3.0.1. BETA released

- solved issues with new BYO5 smartbanner
- solved issues that appears in xf error log. if you still see any warning tell us and we will solve asap.

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22 Mar 2016, 13:52 #57

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 3.0.2. BETA released

- solved issues founds in error_log by forum admins.

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22 Mar 2016, 13:53 #58

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 3.0.3. BETA released

- solved more issues founds in error_log by forum admins due other plugins conflict. Thanks to all of you that are giving help on detect these ;)
- solved issue with smartbanner and BYO not working correctly.

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31 Mar 2016, 15:21 #59

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 3.0.4. BETA released

- solved issues found in error logs. There is still one issue about some \x01,\x97 characters that cause some post/messages save fail. Is not directly plugin issue, but we added more debug info when these errors appears so if you have one of them after install this beta, please send us the xenforo error log.
- improved support for twitter indexing
- minor smallbanner cosmetic changes

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05 Apr 2016, 11:22 #60

XenForo 1.x Plugin Version 3.0.5. BETA released

- We found the issue with the characters, is a problem with some emoticons in android app, we are going to fix that.
- Refactor of the push notifications code. Now it should not slow down the normal forum post actions.