Tapatalk for SMF Plugin - Release Announcement and Changelog

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3:03 AM - Mar 22, 2010 #1

SMF 1.1.11 - Version 0.9.4

Hi all,

Here is another update of SMF plugin with fixes few issues currently pending:

- failed to create new topic in SMF 1.1 (appeared in "TN Euros" forum)
- php error_log issue (http://www.tapatalk.com/forum/showpost. ... stcount=20)
-failed to load Private Message (appeared in "TN Euros" forum)
- image tag not parsed correctly (http://www.nessr.net/smf/index.php?topic=16066.0)

We aware that the "Edit" post feature still not working on some SMF forums and we are working on a fix too.

Let us know if any of the pending issues are not fixed and we will continue work on it.

Thanks again for your patience to keep this project going.. :)

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8:16 AM - Mar 25, 2010 #2

Tapatalk SMF Plugin 0.9.5 released

SMF 1.1.11 - Version 0.9.5

- fixed Reply issue
- fixed New topic double post issue
- fixed PM viewing issue

known issues:
- Edit topic doesn't work

We are very close to make it a 1.0 release! :cool:

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4:30 PM - Mar 29, 2010 #3

Tapatalk SMF 1.1/2.0RC Plugin version 0.9.6

SMF 1.1.11 - Version 0.9.6

This update added:

- Ability to Edit own post
- Ability to show Inbox notification badge when entering the forum
- Ability to show inline images (on-going fixes)

Pending issue:
- UTF-8 support for Greek and other languages

As usual please let us know any issue you encountered and we will incorporate into the upcoming build. Enjoy!

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4:33 PM - Apr 19, 2010 #4

Tapatalk plugin for SMF (version 0.9.8) released

SMF 1.1.11 - Version 0.9.8


** we have updated the MOD packaging to conform with the official SMF customization team requirement. Please make sure you have completely removed / uninstall the previous version before attempt to install this update

This update resolved:

- Private Forum verify issue
- other minor encoding fixes


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5:31 PM - Apr 21, 2010 #5

Tapatalk plugin for SMF (version 0.9.9) released

SMF 1.1.11 - Version 0.9.9

This release fixed the Reply issue and with few other minor bug fixes. Getting another step closer to final 1.0 release! ;)

Strongly recommend to all SMF owner to update this package.

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6:26 AM - May 17, 2010 #6

Tapatalk plugin for SMF (version 0.9.11) released

SMF 1.1.11 - Version 0.9.11

Tapatalk plugin for SMF (version 0.9.11) released!!

--Edit will return <br> when edit post
--show smily text instead just removing it.
--some PM issue
--some security issue

--support moderator edit post

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8:39 AM - Jun 21, 2010 #7

Tapatalk Plugin for SMF 2.0 RC3 released!

SMF 2.0RC3 - Version 0.9.11

In order to make tapatalk SMF plugin more stable, we have rewritten the plugin for SMF 2.0 RC3. Please note that if you are running SMF 1.1.11, we strongly recommend you to upgrade the forum system.

We are going to release this plugin as version 1.0 if there are no major issues are found.

This new package fixed all the known bugs reported for SMF 2.0. It also contains a lot more features as below:

* added forum status icon display as default
* added abillity to list participated topic (pending app update)
* added forum notification support (pending app update)
* ability to Search
* added online user avatar and their current state in Who's Online screen
* detail user profile fields display

Please try it and give us as much issues as you come across, providing the error log would help too.

PS: if you already installed privious plugin and want to update it to this new version, please backup file 'Source/Subs.php' before you uninstall old one, after uninstall please restore this file and then install the new package. (The old package have a minor issue when uninstall)

Make sure the /mobiquo directory and all php files underneath are set as 755 permission!

We don't have specific release date for SMF 1.1.11 plugin update. Again we strongly encourage you to update your forum system to 2.0RC3 as we can witness it is a much better system than the 1.1.11 version.

Tapatalk Team

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9:40 AM - Jun 22, 2010 #8

SMF 2.0RC3 - Version 0.9.12

Just update the package and it fixed below issues:

1. fixed get topic and login can not work when mod 'SimpleSEF' is installed
2. fixed redirect board can not work correctly issue

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1:47 PM - Jun 26, 2010 #9

Tapatalk plugin beta 0.9.12 for SMF 1.1.11 released

SMF 1.1.11 - Version 0.9.12

This update is for a major bug of PM.
Here are the changes:

1. update tapatalkdetect.js to ignore Opera
2. fix 'Re:' missing in subject
3. fix major bug related to PM

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8:00 AM - Jun 30, 2010 #10

Tapatalk plugin beta 0.9.14 for SMF 2.0 RC3 released

SMF 2.0RC3 - Version 0.9.14

update log:

1. fixed Core Theme board icon did not display issue
2. fixed forum can not verify when forum is not open to guest
3. add config for mod conflict problem

For mod conflict situation.
If your forum installed some mod which changed code in file like 'Load.php' and called function defined in the mod, tapatalk may not work.
In this case, you can config these functions in mobiquo/config/config.txt, and it can help pass the function call problem.
However, we can not guarantee this can fix all mod conflict with tapatalk and the mod features may not work in tapatalk.
We set some known conflict functions already as an example, you can add more seperated by comma.
Here is the default setting in config:
mod_function = annoyuser, AnnoyUser

Normally, you'll get 'Forum Error' when you have mod conflict problem, you can find it in mod install file with the changes if you just installed a few mod and config it in tapatalk 'mod_function'. Or you can just post in tapatalk issue report forum, and we'll help to idendify the problem. In every next release, the plugin will contain all known conflict function list as default in config file and the same problem should not happen again.