Tapatalk for phpBB Plugin - Release Announcement and Changelog

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26 Jan 2015, 10:18 #71

phpBB 3.0.X - Version 4.8.0 released
  1. Added option to auto-approve users in Tapatalk registration settings.
  2. Optimized Tapatalk ID Auto SSO system.
  3. Fixed miscellaneous smartbanner bugs.
  4. Changedtxt based config file to a php based file.
  5. Strengthen security/encryption of server connection between forums and Tapatalk

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29 Jan 2015, 14:32 #72

phpBB 3.0.X - Version 4.8.1 released
  1. Fixed user permissions issue on some forums.
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04 Apr 2015, 19:41 #73

phpBB 3.1.x BETA Version 1.1.0 released

Hi all. We were working very hard during last month to give all of you a better plugin for phpBB 3.1.x and here is the result. It is still in BETA, as we are still testing it and we know there is minor issues pending, but by popular demand, we finally taked the decission to give all of you this beta release. You can download it here [Please download 1.1.1 instead]

The plugin is almost rewriten from scratch, so, to install it, you should uninstall completly the previous one before install the new one as described here. Once installed, don't forget to configure your apikey in the Tapatalk settings of your forum.

This plugin supports all features available at Tapatalk; unread, subscription, timeline, forum navigation, search, private messages, full editing functionality, multiple quotes, upload attachments, single sign on, push notifications, advance moderation and other features I sure missed to mention...

All Tapatalk team hope you will be happy with the work we do in this plugin. And for sure, we are awaiting your feedback to improve it.

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05 Apr 2015, 09:45 #74

phpBB 3.1.x BETA Version 1.1.1 released

Fixed some incompatibilities with php version < 5.4

You can download it here https://tapatalk.com/files/plugin/tapat ... v1.1.1.zip

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06 Apr 2015, 12:12 #75

phpBB 3.1.x BETA Version 1.1.2 released

- Fixed issue that prevent private messages to be show in android.
- Fixed issue that can make ios app crash when watching timeline.
- Improved BBCode support, now the images, colos, bold, italic, quote, etc.. should render correctly in app.
- Fixed issue in post edit that can cause post BBCode corruption.

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07 Apr 2015, 12:08 #76

phpBB 3.1.x BETA Version 1.1.3 released

- Solved issue that make android app crash when click attach button in post editor.
- Solved issue with inacurate dates in topics/posts
- Improved compatibility of BBCode. (youtube, url, lists...)
- Solved issue that cause avatar not show in some places.
- Solved issue that prevent go to last unread work properly.

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13 Apr 2015, 09:51 #77

phpBB 3.1.x BETA Version 1.1.4 released

- more bbcode supported
- solved issue that prevent create a topic with attachemnts

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13 Apr 2015, 13:40 #78

phpBB 3.1.x BETA Version 1.1.5 released

- solved issue that can cause some forums not show timeline, unread forum list etc..

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13 Apr 2015, 16:14 #79

phpBB 3.1.x BETA Version 1.1.6 released

- solved issue with some character

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14 Apr 2015, 11:15 #80

phpBB 3.1.x BETA Version 1.1.7 released

- added notification tab